Norwegian Air Baggage Allowances, Size, Weight & Extra Baggage Fees 2023

If you are thinking of making a trip to Europe, Norwegian Airlines might be one of the best choices of airlines that you could fly in. While not all airbuses and crafts have the most stable structures, they are still very safe, particularly when the airline company deals with a lot of high-end customers.

If you are curious about the baggage allowance of Norwegian airlines for your next trip, or simply checking the baggage you will be allowed since you have already bought tickets- this is the right place you could get the answers for all your queries. So if you want to satisfy your zealous minds keep scrolling down to read.

Hand Carry-on bags

Norwegian airlines have three types of tickets which are respectively called LowFare, LowFare+, and finally Flex. All three of these aeroplanes seats have different restrictions and baggage policies. However, there are some points that the passengers of all three seats should remember. These are as follows:

  • Everyone must bring an airport shopping bag in addition to the carry-on that they are generally allowed.
  • Pack only important necessities like medicines and valuables in your under-seat bag.
  • Please check for restricted items before packing your bag.
  • As long you do not exceed the allowed stats, you can also bring in gift bags or boards, instead of your standard bag.

The policies that the airline follows for all three of its seat types are drawn in the table below:

Number of bags1 under seat bag only1 under seat bag 1 overhead bag1 under seat bag1 overhead bag
WeightThe weight limit is 10kgThe bags must have a combined weight of 10 kgThe bags must have a combined weight of 50 kg
Dimensions30 x 20 x 38cm30 x 20 x 38cm55 x 40 x 23cm30 x 20 x 38cm55 x 40 x 23cm

List of other items that you could bring over with you

Musical instrumentsCan be slightly bigger than the carry on standard luggage. The dimensions must not exceed 90 x 35 x 20 cm. If an extra seat is purchased you can take up to 140 x 46 x 30 cm.
Car seat or strollerYou can only bring one car seat or stroller with you of the standard sizes.
Medical equipmentAlthough you are not allowed to take any medical equipment, if you have the appropriate certificates and notify the airline authorities, the airline will provide you with the respirator, ventilator, POC or CPAP machine on board.
Sporting equipmentIf you intend to take sporting instruments with you onboard, you need to purchase permission from the airlines at a rate of 35 EUR (online) 60 EUR (airport). In addition, the total weight must not exceed 23 kg.
BikesIf you are going to take bikes with you purchase the transporting rights at a rate of 35 EUR (online) and 60 EUR (airport). In addition, the maximum rate must not exceed 23 kg.

Bike transportation guidelines

If you are going to take a bike with you in addition to the aforementioned policies, you must also maintain some more guidelines. These are:

  • It must be packaged in a hard case designed for transporting bikes in general.
  • Make sure that the handles are turned around, pedals are taken off, and tires are deflated. If there are any additional parts take them off.
  • If you do not have the hard case with you, you can rent them from the airport.
  • You are not allowed to bring electric bikes, even with the batteries removed.

Sporting equipment guidelines

Just like the guidelines you follow when you take bikes with you onboard, you must also follow some more guidelines if you are going to take sporting equipment with you. Do remember that this is for your safety.

  • Pack all the equipment in a locked hard case.
  • Carry identification and documentation for sporting equipment involving shooting, kendo, or archery.
  • If possible disassemble the parts before packing.

Checked baggage

If you are going to check any large baggage into the airline carrier, do not that LowFare passengers are not allowed to check in any baggage. If they want to check in the baggage they must pay for it separately. Only the other two-seat type passengers are allowed to check-in.

Number of bags1 bag is allowed only2 bags are allowed
Weight20 kgEach bag can be 20 kg. The maximum amount must be 40 kg
Dimensions250 x 79 x 112 cm250 x 79 x 112 cm for both bags

Extra Baggage Fees

A Norwegian airline is very strict when it comes to baggage weighing above the amount that has been allowed. Even if the amount exceeds by only a few single digits, you must follow their policy for the extra fee.

  • Buy a shopping bag costing 50 pounds per overweight bag on domestic flights for your carry on.
  • If you are on an international flight each overweight carry-on will require a bag costing 70 pounds.
  • If your checked baggage exceeds the allowed weight, you need to pay 11 pounds per pound. However, if a single bag exceeds 32 pounds you will not be allowed to take that back.

Restricted items

Even with the various policies, there are some items that are considered absolutely restricted to carry with you. The airline authorities do not allow the transportation of such items.

  • Sharp objects like knives.
  • Chemicals, acids, and fluids like pesticides.
  • Any drugs unless you have the correct prescription.
  • Firearms and explosive fire hazard devices.
  • Water bottle exceeding 100 ml.
  • Electric toys cannot be carried in carry-on baggage.
  • Stunning devices like tasers
  • Workmen’s tools.


What is the maximum weight allowed for bags to be checked in?

The maximum bag that you are allowed to check in is 32 kg. This restriction is set for your own health benefit.

What to do if you lose any item from your bag?

If you lose any item from your carry-on bag please get in touch with the airport officials or contact Backport if there is one in the area you are in.

What if you find out that your bag is damaged?

If you find that your bag has been damaged present the damaged bag along with your identification documents to the airline’s representative immediately.

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