Austin Airport WiFi Guide 2024 | AUS Airport FREE WiFi

It is one of the popular international airports based in Austin Texas. And known for being a class C airport covering quite a bit of area to serve the whole metropolitan community of greater Austin.

We are talking about Austin Airport. User experience at this particular airport is pretty mixed up according to many who visited the spot. But that’s not entirely true for the internet available there.

Now, the WiFi performance there as well as the availability might be something you are curious about. Let’s help you with a brief guide on Auston airport WiFi.

Austin Airport Wifi Details

Here’s the sneak peek of information on WiFi available at Austin airport that should help you.

Information TypeDetail
Airport nameAustin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)
Focus city forAllegiant Air
WiFi CategoryComplimentary/Free
RequirementNeeds To Watch Sponsored Video
Duration Limit4 Hours
WiFi ProviderBoingo

How To Connect to Austin Airport WiFi?

  • You must use a device that is WiFi-enabled.
  • Turn on the WiFi settings on your device.
  • Now scan for network and you should find the one called “Boingo”. Choose it and the network shall get connected.
  • There are no Austin airport wifi passwords for you to use to connect to the network.
  • And you can then launch any browser of your choice to open it.
  • You should find a Boingo option that got a complimentary Wifi option. Select it.
  • A short commercial video will start playing, watch it.
  • Finally, you can use the WiFi for 4 hours.

What To Expect with Austin Airport WiFi?

Austin airport receives mixed feedback in terms of the overall experience from those who visit it. But on average, most would appreciate the WiFi performance.

There’s enough duration limit and those who arrive a few hours before the flight won’t have much problem with it.

However, if someone decides to spend a night inside the airport, then buying additional mobile data for browsing and streaming would be more convenient.

Because there is a duration limit that might keep you under tight usage. And so, that’s your best bet, purchasing some working plan.

Otherwise, the complimentary WiFi provided by Boingo should be sufficient.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Austin Airport WiFi free limitlessly?

You can use the AUS free wifi login by simply watching commercials again and again. The provider Boingo at Austin airport works that way.

What’re the names of the available networks?

There’s only one and it’s the Boingo hotspot. And there’s complete coverage that a user can be within to enjoy the service.

What to do if one cannot connect?

Since it’s a Boingo airport wifi service, you will require contacting the customer care of Boingo. You can also send an email regarding the issue.

Can one charge their mobile at Austin airport?

If you run out of battery power by using WiFi, then you can simply use the designated mobile charging station at the airport to get it back.

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