Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

If you have a flight to attend on Aer Lingus airlines, you should have a clear idea of all the regulations and restrictions that they have. It is vital that you know need to know about Aer Lingus baggage allowance, fees, and charges.

Aer Lingus which has certain rules for all the seat classes has a very specific weight and dimension restriction for all passengers. The carry-on must be within a maximum dimension of 55 x 40 x24cm and have a weight of 10 kg.

In addition, you are also allowed to bring a laptop bag or personal bag with dimensions of 25 x 33 x 20cm. If any bag is oversized or overweight, it will be sent along with the checked baggage with a relevant airport baggage fee.

Aer Lingus Carry-on baggage allowance

The carry-on baggage allowance is the same for both flights within Europe and transatlantic flights. A free complimentary option is applicable for both economic and business classes. In addition, you are also allowed to take a personal laptop bag or handbag with baby food and important documents, complimentary for all passengers.

The maximum weight and dimension, however, differ for both domestic and international flights. However, if you have access to priority boarding you can bring in bags with more weight than the one that is allocated. The customers with priority passes include:

  • Silver, Platinum, and Concierge AerClub members only but not their traveling companions.
  • An adult who is accompanying an infant.
  • Customers on the transatlantic route or a connecting flight with an interline partner.
  • Special bookings are made with Plus, Advantage, and Aer Space fare types.
Flight typeStandard carry-onPersonal carry-on
Aer LingusSingle 10 kg bag with a dimension of 55cm x 40cm x 24cm.Maximum size of 25cm x33cm x20cm.
Aer Lingus RegionalSingle 7kg bag with a dimension of 48cm x 33cm x 20cm.Maximum size of 25cm x33cm x20cm.

Aer Lingus Checked Baggage Policy

Aer Lingus makes flights within Europe and transatlantic journeys between Europe and North America. While the saver ticket types are not allowed to check in any baggage, the other ticket types can check in baggage depending on the baggage option that has been chosen when buying the ticket. The options below are for flights within Europe:

Number of bagsWeightNotes
1 bag20kg / 44lbThe most popular choice with customers.
1 bag25kg/ 54lbA large bag when you need more space.
2 bags40 kg/ 88lbTwo bags with a combined weight of 40 kg.

The maximum dimension for any bag must be within a perimeter of 158 cm and the weight of a single bag must not exceed 32kg at any time.

For transatlantic flights, the policies are quite different. While the Saver economy classes are not allowed to check in any bags, the other economy classes can check-in baggage and the business class can check in 3 bags, depending on the options they have chosen when buying the ticket.

Number of bagsWeightNotes
1 bag20kg/ 44lbThe most popular option
1 bag25kg/ 54lbLarger bags for more space
1 bag30kg/ 66lbFor bags that have more space in them.

  The maximum dimension for any transatlantic checked baggage is about 158 cm. In addition, none of the bags can exceed a weight of 30 kg under any condition.

Notes on checked baggage allowance on Aer Lingus

  • You can take a single checked baggage per customer unless it is noted that you can check in 2 bags.
  • Economy saver tickets do not allow any checked baggage.
  • Pooling or sharing of checked baggage allowance is permitted when with a travel companion within the same booking and when checking in together.
  • If you booked through a travel agent, contact them to get to know your checked baggage allowance.

Aer Lingus Restricted items

 There are quite a lot of things that have been posted to be restricted by airline higher-ups. If you are found to be carrying them in your bag, they will be detained and not transported to your destinations. The following is a list of restricted items.

  • Any explosives like lighters, matches, or oxidizers.
  • No radioactive elements, lithium batteries, or power banks.
  • Anything sharp or pointy like knives, or harpoons.
  • Firearms and projectiles can cause serious harm to people.
  • Stunning devices like tasers.
  • Medicines and drugs unless you have a prescription to prove that you need them.

Aer Lingus Penalty fees

If your bag exceeds the allocated weight, you might still be forgiven as long as you are within 32 kg. Above that weight, you need to make a payment of 10 Euros for every kilo if you are traveling within Europe. If you are on the transatlantic route, you will need to make 75 Euros of payment.

If you notify the authorities in advance, you are eligible to receive a 50 percent discount for your extra weight.


Can you take any instruments or equipment along with you?

As long as you notify the authorities beforehand, you will be allowed to take the extra equipment. If you need an extra seat for them, you need to make payments.

What is Aer Lingus’s excess baggage Fee?

If you are within Europe, you will need to pay 10 Euros per kilo. If you are on the transatlantic route, the extra baggage fee is 75 Euros per kilo.

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