Iberia Baggage Allowance, Fees, Limits & Policy

If you are intending to make trips within Europe or routing between Europe and the eastern coast of the United States, Iberia airlines could be a massively popular option for you.

Particularly because of the huge safety features and policies it offers, many have Iberia airlines to give a very attractive deal for the passengers.

While you are thinking of buying a ticket on Iberia airlines, you should have a clear idea of the baggage allowance it offers. If you have a 1P mentioned over in your ticket, you are allowed to check-in 1 baggage with a perimeter of 158 cm and a maximum weight of 23 kg. If the 1P is not written on your ticket, you are not allowed to check in any bags by any means.

Carry-on luggage allowance

Iberia airlines have 3 types of seating options for economy class passengers which are respectively called: Basic, Optimal, and Flexible.  All three type of seating option has the same carry on policy. The passengers are only allowed to take a single standard handbag along with them. The maximum dimensions for the carry on must be within 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm and have a maximum weight of about 10 kg.

Iberia aircraft do not come with any overhead baggage compartments in many of them aircraft. You need to keep the handbag under your seat at all times unless you need something from it.

If you have the business class tickets, you are also entitled to 2 standard handbags and 1 personal bag. The business class seats come with an overhead compartment and you can definitely use that to your advantage.  

DetailsEconomy classBusiness-class
Number of bags1 standard bag2 standard bags and 1 personal bag
Weight10 kg maximum.30 kg maximum. Each bag must not exceed 10 kg.
Dimensions56 x 45 x 25 cm56 x 45 x 25 cm- standard bag 40 x 30 x 15 cm- personal bag

In addition, all seat types from both classes must take note of the following policies:

  • The bags must fit the baggage gauge underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment.
  • In cases where the baggage does not fit the designated places you may be asked to check in some or all of your hand baggage, free of charge.

Items which you are allowed to carry in your hand baggage

There are several items that you are allowed to carry within both classes as long as you are allowed to take in a carry-on. This is not restricted to any seat types:

  • Small hand bag or purse.
  • Laptop computer.
  • Digital or video cameras.
  • Baby bag with food.
  • Mobile phones
  • Watches both analogues, digital and smart.

Along with the items you are allowed to take in your carry-on there are also some other objects which are completely restricted to bring along. These usually include anything sharp, or pointy that is deemed as dangerous by the international community.

If you want to take any drugs or medicinal substances with you, you must carry the appropriate prescription to which you must show to the airline authorities.

Checked-in baggage

If you have any large baggage to check into the aeroplane carrier, there are several policies that have been imposed by the Iberia airline higher-ups. These points are noted down below as follows:

  • If your ticket indicates 0PC (Basic economy seats), you are not allowed to check-in any suitcases.
  • As long as you are a special card holder unique to the airlines, you can get over the imposed rules since you are given that privilege.
  •  The other two Economy classes are allowed to check in a single bag while business classes are allowed to check in 2 of them.
  • You will need to pay a fixed fee for each baggage up to 32 kg. If the bag exceeds 32 kg, it will not be allowed to be transported.
DetailsEconomy ClassBusiness Class
Number of bags12 (cardholders can check-in 3 bags)
WeightA maximum of 23 Kg.Each bag must have a maximum of 23 kg.
Dimensions158 cm (height+ width+ length)158 cm (height+ width+ length) for each bag.

Fees for Extra baggage

If you exceed the baggage allocated weight, you will need to make some extra payments. If you notify the authorities, 48 hours before your flight you will be given a 50% discount for your extra weights. However, the maximum load is 32 kg. If it further exceeds that no transportation will be allowed.

RouteClass1st bag `
United States, Mexico and CanadaBusinessFree
United States, Mexico and CanadaEconomy€75 / $100 / £65
Latin America, Asia and South AfricaBusinessFree
Latin America, Asia and South AfricaEconomy€100/$110/£80
Domestic, Europe, North Africa and
Middle East
Domestic, Europe, North Africa and
Middle East

Special equipment transportation

If you want any sort of special equipment like strollers, sporting equipment or medical instruments you will need to notify the authorities beforehand. If you intend to check them in, you will need to make some special payments. However do note that anything electrical, like electric bikes, will not be taken on board even if the battery has been removed.

Restricted items

  • Nothing sharp or pointy like knives or harpoons.
  • No fire arms or explosive items that can be considered a fire hazard.
  • Chemical or toxic fluids like pesticide.
  • Drugs or medicine, unless they are notified beforehand.
  • Any electrical battery operated large items that could be a life hazard.


Does Iberia airline charge for the allocated baggage allowance?

If you are allowed to take baggage, you will not need to pay for any of them as long as they follow the required policy. If you have a Basic economy seat, where you are not supposed to take any bags, you can purchase baggage rights at $55-$85 for the first bag and $170 for 2+ bags.

What is the policy followed for excess baggage?

You need to make extra payments for the baggage with excess baggage which differs from the routes you are taking. However, if the weight exceeds 32 kg, the bag will not be transported.

What to do if you lose an item from your carry-on?

If you lose any item from your carry-on while you are inside the aircraft, notify the stewards of your loss so that can find the lost object. If you forget to notify them when you are inside, contact the airline representative within 48 hours about your lost item issue.

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