Korean Air Baggage Allowance, Carry on Size, Weight, Fees & Policy

Korean Air is known as a leading international air service that has 126 destinations. Korean Air’s headquarter is located in Seoul, South Korea, and flies to 45 countries. Therefore, to fly with Korean Air for your next trip you need to check out this proper guideline on Korean Air carry on baggage and other baggage policy. 

Are you looking for a Korean Air baggage allowance? They allow a maximum of 18kg carry-on baggage and 32kg checked baggage within 2 bags for their prestige class. On the other hand, the economy class limits their weight up to 10kg carry-on bag and 2 checked baggage of 23kg. The maximum carry-on dimension for both classes is 20 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm. 

Korean Air Carry on Baggage Allowance 

Korean Air has divided its baggage policy based on two major classes: Prestige class and Economy class. Apart from that, they also have a lap infant baggage policy for ensuring the ultimate comfort of the passengers. 

Prestige Class(First)

The maximum weight limit for the first class is 18kg or 40lb. You can bring 2 pieces of carry-on luggage along with one small bag for personal items. The ultimate dimension for Korean air carry on baggage is 20 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm, (length x width x height). 

Allowance 2 pieces + 1 Small Personal Item 
Dimension 20 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm  or15.7 x 7.9 x 21.6 inches
Total Dimension115cm/45in or less
Combined Weight Limit 18 kg (40 lb) 

Economy Class 

The maximum carry-on baggage allowance for economy class is 10kg/22lb. In this weight limit, you can bring one piece of the bag along with one personal item. The size should not exceed 20 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm. 

Allowance 1 piece + 1 Small Personal Item 
Dimension 20 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm  or15.7 in x 7.9 in x 21.6 in
Total Dimension115cm/45in or less
Combined Weight Limit 10 kg (22 lb) 

Korean Air Checked Baggage Allowance 

The checked bag policy is also divided into two classes. 

Prestige Class(First)

For every business class passenger, Korean air has allocated 2 pieces of bags within 32 kg and the size of  158 cm or 62 in. However, the maximum weight for the passengers of Asia and Europe is 30 kg. 

Allowance 2 pieces 
Dimension 62 in/158 cm
Combined Weight Limit 32 Kg 

Economy Class

The passengers of economy class are allowed to carry a maximum of 23kg/50 lbs within the size of 107 in/273 cm. The limitation for the luggage is two pieces. In the case of Asian and European flights, the baggage limit is up to 20 kg. 

Allowance 2 pieces 
Dimension 107 in/273 cm
Combined Weight Limit 23 Kg 

Musical Instrument 

Korean Air allows musical instruments under some conditions. So if you want to bring your musical instrument, then you need to consider the facts mentioned below. 

  • The case of your musical instrument must be within 115cm or 45inches. The dimension should not exceed 20 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm
  • Small musical instruments like Violin, double bass, and the cello can be carried but within the given dimension and weight. 

Korean Air Baggage for Lap Infant 

In the case of international flights, you can easily bring 1 piece of bag for your infant up to 10 kg within 115 cm /45 inches. In addition, you are also allowed to bring one baby car seat and one stroller. In the case of domestic flights, you can only bring one stroller and one car seat as your infant’s carry-on baggage. 

Flights International Domestic 
Bag Allowance 1 piece No Bag 
Weight 10 kg …..
Size 115 cm /45 inches…..
Others 1 car seat & 1 stroller1 car seat & 1 stroller

Korean Air Overweight Baggage Fees 

Korean Air charges for overweight and oversized luggage. The rate for excess baggage depends on the route and weight range. Let’s check out the Korean Air extra baggage fees from the table below. 

Route America, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia Korea, Asia 
Excess Weight (23kg- 32kg)$100$50
Excess Weight (33kg-45kg)$200$100
Excess Size (158cm-203cm)$200$100
Excess Size (204cm-292cm)$400$200

Restricted Items In Korean Air Carry on Baggage 

Like other airlines, Korean air has also some regulations to choose carry-on items. Some items are strictly prohibited and some are partially allowed. So let’s check out their restricted and permitted items. 

For liquids or gel-based items, 

  • Korean air allows any sort of liquids and gels but in a minimum quantity. For example, food, beverage, sprays, lotion, creams, and gel or liquid-based cosmetics. 
  • You can carry a maximum of 100 ml of container for liquids that are sealed in a plastic bag. 

For electronic devices, 

  • Any sort of Lithium-ion battery is restricted for carry-on baggage. 
  • MacBook Pro with battery fire hazard is not allowed 


  • You can carry a maximum of one safety matchbox or lighter 
  • Any sort of personal medicine items are allowed
  • Make sure that the quantity of dry ice is less than 2.5kg per person. 
  • In the case of powder-based items, the maximum quantity is 350ml per passenger.

Korean Air Storage Policy 

In the case of storing the carry-on baggage, you need to follow the mentioned regulations below.  

  • Your carry-on baggage must be stored in the overhead bin. You can also put them under the seat.
  • If you put the bag under your seat, then it should be kept horizontally 
  • In the overhead bin, you need to keep your carry-on baggage vertically. 
  • Don’t put your bag or personal item on the seat next to you 
  • Try to be careful not to drop while keeping or removing your carry on baggage in the overhead bin 
  • Before leaving the aircraft, make sure that you have brought all your baggage items along with you


Does Korean Air weigh carry-on?

Yes, Korean Air weighs carry-on baggage. However, the baggage should be small in size to fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. 

Is Korean Air strict with baggage policy?

They are strict about their baggage policy. They offer a variety of baggage according to their available classes. So, make sure that you have packed your baggage carefully.

How much charges Korean Airlines for extra baggage?

For international flights, it charges $50-$175 for excess baggage weighing up to 23kg to 32 kg. If your extra baggage exceeds the weight of 32kg-45kg, then it will charge $75 – $200. In the case of oversized baggage of 158cm – 203cm maximum will charge $75 – $200.

The Final Verdict 

If you have booked your next trip with Korean Air, then it is very important to acknowledge their baggage policy first. As Korean Air’s carry on baggage policy is slightly different from the other airlines, you need to have a proper idea before packing your bag. Therefore, our mentioned guidelines will help you to pack your carry-on luggage in the right dimension and proper weight.

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