Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance, Weight, Fees & Restrictions

Here comes the travelling season. You are waiting this season, aren’t you? Before starting your tour, you must choose which airline you’re going to travel with. You want to know the airline’s baggage allowance. So that you can pack your baggage according to it. Your family members and friends are all excited about packing their baggage, aren’t they? This information will definitely help you.

What’s the maximum weight and dimension limit for each person in Virgin Atlantic (VS) you might want to know? Each person travelling with you will get a limit on their trip. The maximum dimension for hand baggage is 23cm+36cm+56cm and the maximum weight is 10 kg. For, checked luggage, the maximum weight is 23 kg, and the dimensions are 90cm+75cm+43cm. Now if you want to carry extra luggage you have to pay 75 USD per bag. 

Virgin Atlantic Carry-On Bag:

Virgin Atlantic Airlines has a specific size chart for carry-on allowance. You have to maintain the weight and dimensions for that. 

Handbags are permitted on aeroplanes. However, each carry bag must be under a certain weight restriction. That is something you must keep in mind when carrying your carry-on bag. Virgin Atlantic Airlines has a specific size chart for carry-on allowance. You have to maintain the weight and dimensions for that. 

  • The maximum dimension for hand baggage is 23cm+36cm+56cm.
  • Your carry-on baggage must be light enough to store in the container above the head.
  • Maximum dimensions include wheels and handles. 
  • You can also carry your musical equipment with you which can easily fit over your head sit. 
         Travel Class           Weight          Dimension 
    Economy Class          10 kg (one piece) 23cm+36cm+56cm
   Premium Economy Class           10 kg (one piece)  23cm+36cm+56cm
    Upper Class           12 kg (two-piece) 23cm+36cm+56cm

For Infants and Children:

You’re worried about your infants and children because you’re travelling with them? Don’t worry because they have some allowances for their own luggage. Infants are considered under 2 years old and children are considered 2 to 12 years of age.

  • Infants can carry one carry-on bag each, not to exceed 6kg. 
  • A child can carry the same as an adult, which is up to 10kg. 
  • You can carry baby strollers with you without any additional charge. 

Carry-on Allowance items:

You can carry some of your personal belongings in your carry-on luggage. Those items are:

  • One book of matches per passenger.
  • electronic cigarettes. As long as they’re stowed and unused in your carry-on luggage.
  • Snacks for food to eat are on the board. All foods must be wrapped or in a container.
  • infant care items. 
  • You can take reading materials with you.
  • coat or other outerwear
  • Strollers are allowed without any additional charge.
  • Strollers with a deflated diameter of no more than 25.5 cm (10 in) and a length of no more than 92 cm (36 in).

Virgin Atlantic Checked-in Bag:

Baggage Allowance depends on the flight you want to travel on. For different types of flights, you will get different weight allowances.

The Types of flights are:

  • Economy Class
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class 

If you’re travelling on Virgin Atlantic airline, they have some limitations on weight in all itineraries. 

  • Maximum Weight 23kg 
  • Maximum Dimension 90cm+75cm+43cm
                     Travel Class                  Weight (In KG)          Dimension
        Economy Class               23kg (one bag)90cm+75cm+43cm
     Premium Economy Class                23kg ( two bags)90cm+75cm+43cm
           Upper Class              32kg (Three bags)90cm+75cm+43cm

The dimensions and weight may change when you travel between India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cape town and Lagos. 

Infants and Children’s Baggage Allowance:

Infants and children can also carry baggage, but it will depend on their travel class. 

  • Infants and children can carry baggage with them, but not in economy light class. 
  • Infants who will be travelling in their parents’ laps, they will not be allowed to carry checked baggage. They can only carry carry-on baggage with them and the weight limitation is 23kg.

Virgin Atlantic Overweight Bag Policy:

What is the overweight charge per bag? You must be confused about it. Let us help you to remove your confusion. Additional checked baggage fees will apply if your checked baggage exceeds the allowance permitted by your individual booking.

  • If you cross 23 kg in economy and premium class, then the extra charge will be included.
  • Then you’re travelling in the upper class and then crossing the limit of 32, after which you have to pay the extra charge. 
  • You must pay 75 USD per bag, and if you want another bag, you must pay a total of 100 USD.

Sports and Musical Equipment Allowance:

You can also carry sports-related items onto your airline. As you know, football players, cricket players, basketball players, and Olympic players carry their sports items with them.

  • For archery players, they can carry a bow, arrow and target with them, but it must not be too large. (carry-on)
  • Baseball and football players can carry their uniform, one ball and one helmet with them.
  • Passengers provide a carrying case for a tough golf bag which includes clubs, balls, and shoes. Passengers will be given bundled golf bags or golf bags in a squishy carrying case. If your golf equipment crosses over 22kg, you have to pay an extra charge for that.

Restricted and Prohibited Items:

Not all the stuff is allowed on the airlines. You have to maintain rules and regulations. Virgin Atlantic Airlines has some restrictions. 

  • You are not allowed to bring any sharp objects with you on the airline.
  • On the plane, arsenic, weed killer, and other poisonous substances are prohibited.
  • On Virgin Atlantic Airlines, oil-based and latex paints are prohibited.
  • Bleach, bleaching powder, and peroxide are not permitted in carry-on luggage or checked baggage.
  • No acid or other chemical substances are permitted on Virgin Atlantic Airlines.
  • Flammable liquids are not permitted in carry-on luggage or checked luggage; each passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 20 batteries. Just a few examples are gasoline, petroleum spirits, oil-based paint, lacquer, stains, shellac, oils, wood alcohol, lighters, and heating fuels.


Is there any weight limit if you travel in Economy class?

Yes, there is a weight limit if you travel in economy class. The maximum weight in economy class is 23kg. And the dimensions are 90cm+75cm+43cm. You have to maintain the weight limit, otherwise, you have to pay an extra charge for that.

What is the maximum weight limit for carry-on bags?

The maximum weight limit for the carry-on bag is 10 kg. There’s also a dimension for carry-on luggage, you have to maintain that. The dimension for carry-on luggage is 23cm+36cm+56cm.

What should you do if you want to carry extra luggage?

   You can go through the list where you can see the charge applicable per kg of weight. Then you can have an idea about extra luggage. Per bag, you have to pay 75 USD.


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