Japan Airlines Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees 2023

For trips all over Japan, or even from Japan to many places in the world, Japan airlines could be your best choice in getting a getaway for a holiday that counts.

If you are someone thinking of buying a ticket from this airline for your next trip, make sure to get all the answers to your questions regarding the baggage allowance, fees, and penalties cleared.

The first thing that you should be aware of is that economic ticket holders are only allowed to check-in2 bags, each of 23 kg, free of charge. The maximum dimension of each bag must be within a perimeter of 203 cm. If the total size exceeds either the weight or size, you need to pay an extra charge if you want to have your misplaced bag checked in.

If you manage to notify the authorities beforehand, you will be eligible to receive a 50 per cent discount for your oversized or overweight bag/s.       

Japan Airlines Carry-on baggage allowance

JAL has a policy of 1 carry-on baggage per person irrespective of seat class. In addition, they are also applicable to bring in one handbag or laptop bag, with necessary documents, baby food or medicine. An important point to notice is that the total weight of both bags must never exceed 10 kg or 22 lb.

Length + Width + HeightA maximum of 115 cm or 45 inches.
Size limitsW: within 55cm×H: within 40cm×D: within 25cm
(W: within 22in×H: within 16in×D: within10in)
Maximum weightCannot exceed 10 kg or 22 lbs.

Please take heed that if the bag exceeds the restrictions that are put on them by JAL, for being overweight or oversized, or even not fitting the correct compartments due to certain limitations, you may be asked to check it into the cargo compartment.

Where to store your carry-on?

Due to safety reasons, you should always keep your bag in the overhead compartment or under your seats. This would help avoid the following situations:

  • Baggage should not be placed on a lap during takeout since it might fly out of hand in sudden turbulence and cause injuries.
  • Even if your bag still remains on your lap, the contents may fly out and block the path of a passenger. This is particularly important during emergency exits since it could cause the path to be blocked.
  • Baggage may prevent you from getting up into a proper brace position during emergencies if they are placed in front of you.

Special baggage and cases you can carry with you on Japan Airlines

ItemRestrictionsExtra notes
BicycleThe maximum weight of the bicycle must not exceed 23 kg.If it is an e-cycle, it will not be welcomed on board under any circumstances, even if you remove the batteries.
Buggies and strollersA maximum size of 15 x 30 x 100 cm dimensions.If the size exceeds the restrictions, you will need to check them into the aircraft carrier.
Musical instrumentsIf the instrument is within 115 cm it will be allowed inside. Aircraft with fewer than 100 seats can only accommodate musical instruments of 100 cm.If you need to bring in a bigger instrument, you will need to purchase an extra seat beforehand.
Sporting equipmentSmall sporting equipment less than 23 kg is allowed inside but requires the purchase of an extra seat if it has large dimensions.If the weight exceeds the restrictions, you will need to bring them in through other special means.
Fishing rodsYou can only bring in a single rod or optimal weight.More than one rod will not be allowed inside.

Japan Airlines Checked baggage allowance

JAL has two economy class seat types, a single first-class type, and a business class type. All four of these seating options come with different policies and restrictions. While the economy class passengers can take two bags each; first class and business class passengers are allocated to take three bags per passenger.

In addition, take note of the following points for safe transportation:

  • Please switch off any electronic devices that are inside your checked bags.
  • Do not carry any valuables like jewellery and a large number of cash funds inside your checked baggage.
  • Do not carry any fragile items like pottery and glass products. This might cause damage to the items when they are being handled by the airlines staff.

The policy which JAL follows for its checked baggage allowance is drawn in the table below:

ClassNumber of bagsDimensions per bagNet Weight
Economy2203 cm23 kg
Premium Economy2203 cm23 kg
First3203 cm32 kg
Business3203 cm32 kg

  If you have an infant with you who is travelling in his/her seat, the same baggage allowance as yours will be followed. If the infant does not travel in his/ her seat, the bag will have the same weight requirements as the adult accompanying them. The dimensions, however, will change to a total maximum of 203 cm.

Japan Airlines Excess Baggage Charge

If the luggage is well ahead of the allocated weight that has been set by the airline authorities, you will need to pay an extra depending on the route that you have taken in your travel.

 Between Japan and Asia, Guam, OceaniaBetween Japan, Asia, India, Oceania and Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Middle East, AfricaWithin Japan (when International Conditions of Carriage apply)
Per extra bagJPY 10,000JPY 20,000JPY 5,000
Exceeds size dimensionsJPY 10,000JPY 20,000JPY 5,000
Exceeds weight restrictions23 kg – 32 kg = JPY 6,000
32 kg – 45 kg = JPY 30,000
23 kg – 32 kg = JPY 10,00
32 kg- 45 kg = JPY 60,000
23 kg – 32 kg = JPY 1,000
32 kg – 45 kg = JPY 15,000

Japan Airlines Pet carrier protocols

If you are someone who wants to travel with your pets, JAL has certain policies for passengers like you. For starters, JAL only allows some specific pets inside their carriers that are considered 100 per cent safe by their professionals. These are usually common pets like cats, dogs, chipmunks, hamsters, etc.

Unfortunately, this allowable pet list does not extend to exotic pets like snakes, parrots, or toads. While it does accept dogs, it has ceased to accept dogs from certain countries due to the high risk of rabies.  If you want to take a dog with you on your flight, it is safer to have it vaccinated and bring along the vaccine certificate as well.

The aircraft has a very short quota for pet transportation. So if you are going to check on your pet, the authorities will be asking a lot of questions and details regarding various information and species of your pet.   

Please note that you will need to pay an extra amount if you are going to take your pet with you on the aeroplane. As long as you are willing to follow the protocols, the pet transportation will not go array under any means.  

Japan Airlines Restricted items

Like most other airlines, JAL also has a list of items that are considered restricted. If you are found with these contrabands, your bag will be seized and not transported by any means. These items include:

  • Sharp and pointy objects that could be used to cause a puncture anywhere. Any knife that is longer than 6 cm will not be allowed inside.
  • All drinkable liquids must be inside a container in quantities not more than 100 ml. Toxic liquids, fluids, and chemicals including shampoos and pesticides cannot be carried inside your carry-on bag. The total fluid content inside your bag cannot exceed a litre. This amount cannot exceed by any means.
  • Any tools that are labelled as fire hazards like lighters and batteries cannot be kept inside your bag under any circumstances.
  • Self-heating and cold pack meals are restricted items inside the airline.
  • No amount of firearms or sports equipment that has to do with hot weapons like archery bows, arrows, etc cannot be transported by the airline in accordance with the airport security protocol.
  • Expensive items like fragile urns and glassware should not be checked inside your bag since they can break easily. You have been warned about this. Even if they break while the transportation, the airlines cannot be considered responsible for such problems. If you must bring them along with you, pack them inside your handbags so that they can be by your watchful eyes.


What are the carry-on bags that JAL allows its passengers to carry inside?

JAL allows you to take a single standard bag and another personal handbag or laptop bag for all your necessities and important documents. These bags must be within 23 kg of maximum size.

How much is the extra baggage fee?

The extra baggage fee from JAP airline depends completely on the route you are taking and can be anywhere from $60 to $600.

What is the international luggage weight limit?

The international luggage weight limit is set at 45 kg. Your bag will not be transported if it exceeds that size. 

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