10 Ways to Pass Time on a Long Flight & Not Get Bored!

Being excited for your next flight only happens when it’s your first time or perhaps 2-3 times more after that.

Because there’s no doubt, flights, especially the ones that are too long, will feel a bit boring after a while. And so having some backup plans already in your mind, on how you’d like to pass the time on board is a great preparation idea.

Today, we would love to make you explore, almost 10 ways to pass time on a long flight. From entertainment to being nitty with your trip planning, there are some fabulously helpful ones. So, make sure you stick till the end.

10 Ways to Pass Time on a Long Flight in Different Categories

Entertainment, learning something new, getting pending work done, skincare to napping, giving one’s creative side a try, talking to a stranger, planning for the trip ahead, getting window-out pictures, and even simply contemplating life goals. All of that will get you through a long flight.

1. Keeping Yourself Entertained!

The first way that comes to mind is obviously through some sort of entertainment one can get their time passed on a flight. Now you can actually pick from a variety of options when it comes to this.

Try A Recommended TV Show or Movie!

A movie can easily get you through 2-3 hours and good thing you don’t have to actually do anything here. Or you can also choose to binge-watch any recently recommended TV show that due to your busy life you missed out. You want to make sure:

  • TV Show/Movie is already on your device.
  • Your device has a full charge.
  • You are carrying good headphones.

2. Learn Something Helpful

Now if you are not the type who would not mind wasting time watching moves or listening to music, then a little bit of learning onboard should sound like a great idea.

Anyone wondering how to pass time on a long flight, probably 14-15 hours long, can spend it learning a new language. Maybe one of the places you are traveling to. There are Duolingo, Babbel and other apps to help you here.

3. Go Through Pending Minor Work

All that offline admin work that was pending now can get sorted as you have enough time on board to work on those. And that will be a productive person’s favorite route most probably.

You can work on that email that needs to be sent offline. Or even try going through a document that needed some checking. It’s also a great time to jot down some work feedback.

Most workaholics will answer you with this idea when you ask them how to survive long flights in the economy. And if the onboard Wi-Fi connection is good enough, VOILA!

4. Contemplating Life & Goals

This is not anything major. But sometimes so necessary. You could be having some thoughts unsorted. Maybe a memory that needs to be lived because something happened. Or simply going over your goals and life as a whole.

Sometimes we get so busy with our everyday hassles, that such bare minimum contemplation gets forgotten about.

And maybe, this long flight is finally some spare time you can spend simply just thinking and contemplating. The unpopular opinion is that we all do need such time once in a while.

5. Revisit Your Creative Side

Another thing that often gets missed out due to living a hassling life is trying something creative. You were awesome at art but after landing on a 9 to 5 job there’s hardly time to revisit the hobby.

Or perhaps you use to spend to being a genius when it comes to knitting and designing one-of-a-kind clothes. But managing the household barely left you with enough time.

Well, now you have some onboard. Bring along the tools and let this free-on-board time be well spent on a hobby you once were in love with (or perhaps still do, find out!).

6. Take Care of Yourself!

A sleep-deprived person will hardly think about what to do on a 15-hour flight. Because that is just perfect to finally get some sleep.

Even if you are not sleep-deprived, plan to stake a nap for at least a few hours. You definitely want to go over what to wear on a long flight, because if you are going to sleep only something comfy to wear will help. Your body will thank you for that awesome nap.

Those who love journaling can bring a notebook to write on the board. Jot down your thoughts and just like that, you’ll make good use of all that time. 

7. A Conversation with Fellow Flight Taker

You definitely require knowing a bit about how you talk to a stranger on a plane to conduct this idea. Random conversations can even lead to lasting friendships, or at last helpful networking.

And most importantly, you won’t even release how easily all those long hours go away while telling and listening to stories the other end has to share.

8. Body Movements Here & There

Once in a while, make sure you are moving your body. Long hours on board mean having to sit for quite a while. And throughout that period, light stretching and little strolls should be included to keep your body slightly off from a total sedentary curse.

9. Get Sharable Pretty Snap

And one easy idea on how to spend time in-plane would be simply taking lots of snaps. Especially this is an ideal first-time flyer will love. Because you must share this big experience with all your friends by simply keeping those pretty snaps posted.

You can get so many beautiful Instagram shots, sunset snaps, detailed map shots, landmark pictures, and whatnot. Knowing a bit about the right composition and exposure will work as one of the fabulous picture-related travel hacks for long flights.

10. Think About Your Trip

Spend some time organizing what you want to do after landing at the destination if you’ve not already had it. This free time can be well used by going through all the activities you want or would like to do on this trip. Jot those down!

Wrapping Up

And those were mixed categorized 10 ways to pass time on a long flight we wanted you to know about! Now before we leave, one thing that you can avoid doing on flights that take a bit long is clock-watching.

Yap, the whole fascination begins knowing exactly which part of the world you are in at that moment is huge!

But if you do this, again and again, realizing you are still far from your destination, while not really enjoying the flight, it will just trigger more disappointment. So better to not do it at all!

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