Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees

Virgin Australia is an Australian flagship airline company that many people prefer to choose for journeys within Australia. If you are going to ride with this airline you should be aware of the baggage allowance and restrictions that this airline follows.

The economy and economy X ticket holders are eligible to bring in a single standard bag worth about 7 kg in total. The total dimension of the bag cannot exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. In addition, they can also bring in another small personal bag or laptop bag for important documents, laptop and baby food if needed.

Carry-on Allowance

The carry-on baggage allowance for passengers is established on the basis of the seating class types. Virgin Australia has three main classes which are: Economy, Economy X, and business class. Of course, other than these classes several other cardholders also exist but they are given the same privilege as business class ticket holders.

  • All seat classes can carry a single standard carry-on when they enter the aircraft. This is same for all seating classes.
  • The dimension of the bags cannot exceed the total size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.
  • The total weight of the bag must be within 7kg.
  • In addition, the passengers can bring in another small hand bag or laptop bag for their daily necessities.
  • If the passengers want they can bring in two small bags of 7kg total instead of one single standard bag.

If a passenger requires medical instruments, they are allowed to bring in crutches, wheelchairs and such equipment free of charge and restrictions. 

Checked-in Baggage Allowance

Virgin Australia has different baggage policies for checked baggage depending on the seating class and whether you will be taking an international flight or a domestic flight.

Do note that if you have a light economy-type ticket, you are not allowed to check in any bags for free. This is applicable for both domestic and international flights. In addition, the special cardholders are given the same privilege as Business class users

Domestic Flights:

ClassNumber of bagsWeight
Choice1 bag23 kg
Flex1 bag23 kg
Business2 bags23 kg each bag or 46 kg in total

International flights:

ClassNumber of bagsWeight
Choice/Flex1 bag23 kg
Business/Silver/Gold2 bag23 kg each bag or 46 kg in total
Platinum3 bag32 kg each bag or 96 kg in total

In addition to the above baggage allowance you must also make sure to follow the following policies for all lasses and flights domestic or international:

  • None of your checked bags must exceed the total linear dimension of 140 cm or 55 inch.
  • Make sure none of your bags exceed the limit of 32 kg.
  • If you stick multiple items together and not inside your baggage, they will still be counted together with your baggage.
  • Unaccompanied baggage will be sent to the cargo section of the aircraft when transported. 

Infants who come with or without their own seats are allowed to check-in a single 23 kg bag along with 3 other infant items like strollers, buggies, etc. For children above 6 years of age, the same bag allowance is allocated but they can bring only 2 of these items.                                                         

Additional Baggage Fee

The baggage fee for additional bags is applicable for all seating types unless you are already eligible to bring in 3 bags. These fees differ depending on where you are going to buy the extra baggage rights from. The following is the baggage fee for domestic flights.

OnlineGuest contact centreAirport
40 USD60 USD100 USD

For international flights, the fee depends on whether you are going to buy your rights from Australia or New Zealand along with the place from where you will be buying the right from.  The extra baggage fee for international flights is given below:

Departing fromOnlineGuest Contact centreAirport
AustraliaAUD 60AUD 100AUD 160
New ZealandNZD 60NZD 100NZD 160

If your bag is overweight then you need to pay an extra amount of fee as well. The rate per bag depends on whether your flight is an international flight or domestic.

  • For domestic flights a baggage fee of 50 USD is applicable for all bag/s that exceed 23 kg. This is limited to a 32 kg threshold after which your bag will no longer be transported.
  • For international flights AUD 100 is applicable for rides from Australia and NZD 100 is applicable for rides from New Zealand.

Special Equipment

If you have some sporting equipment like snow skis, golf clubs, bats, etc you will need to make a booking beforehand. In addition, a watch person is only allowed to take single special equipment with them. If they want to take more they will need to pay extra. Of course, the same checked baggage policy is applied to this special baggage.  

If you have a bike with you, you must ensure that dissemble the bike and package it accordingly in a sealed box along with your name and phone number.  Do make sure that your bike doesn’t run on electricity. If it does you are not allowed to carry the battery even if it is removed and turned on.

Restricted Items 

Do note that you are not allowed to take any sort of liquid other than water when you are flying with Arabia. In addition, there are some other banned items and contrabands that have been restricted in accordance with the airport rules. These items are applicable for your checked-in baggage and carry-on bags.

  • Sharp or pointy objects like knives and harpoons.
  • Chemicals or Poisonous fluids including pesticides, as well as shampoos, detergents, and other similar substances.
  • Matchboxes and lighters or any sort of fire hazardous objects of any type cannot be in any of your bags.
  • Stunning devices like tasers and batons can stun and harm the human body.
  • No fruits can be carried either in your bag or on your person. It is prohibited even in liquid form.  
  • Delicate items like jewelry and glassware that could break easily on the least contact.
  • Medicines and drugs unless you have the right prescription to prove that you need them.


What is the extra baggage fee if your bag exceeds the allocated weight of 23 kg?

On a domestic flight, you need to make a payment of 100 USD from the airport for each of your bags above 23 kg. International flights differ depending on the starting point and are either 100 AUD or 100 NZD. 

What to do if you lose an item from the bag?

If you lose any item from your bag contact the authorities within 24 hours so that they can find it for you.

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