Southwest Airlines Carry-on Size, Weight, Fees, Policy, Limit & Restrictions 2023

Planning to go on a trip? What comes to your mind when you start planning for your trip? You must be thinking of your baggage. Now when you decide which airline you’re travelling with, you have to know their baggage allowance policy so that you can pack your baggage according to it. Now you want to travel on Southwest Airlines, so you want to know their baggage allowance. Be tension free and go through this. You will find all the information you want to know.

Are you curious as to how much weight you can carry? If you’re travelling with family and friends, you probably want to know how much each of them can take on their own. They are not all the same age. Infants, children, and adults each have their own weight list. You can carry a carry-on bag on Southwest Airlines. But you have to maintain their dimensions (10cm+16cm+24cm) and the bag weight is not fixed here, but it should fit the bin on the ceiling. The maximum weight for checked baggage is 50 pounds, and it must not exceed that. The maximum dimension is 62 inches. If you cross the baggage limit and want to carry more, you have to pay 75 USD per item.

Carry-on luggage Allowance Limit

Curious to know how much weight you can carry in your carry-on? Handbags are permitted on aeroplanes. However, each carry bag must be under a certain weight restriction. That is something you must keep in mind when carrying your carry-on bag. Southwest Airlines has a specific size chart for carry-on allowance. You have to maintain the weight and dimensions for that. Your carry-on baggage must be light enough to store under the bin ceiling. 

                      Baggage           Size of Baggage
             Standard Baggage            10+16+24 inch
              Personal Backpack            18.5+8.5+13.5inch
  • Maximum dimensions include wheels and handles. 
  • While carry-on luggage has no weight limit, it must be light enough to fit into the overhead bin without assistance.
  • You can bring one additional standard article for your child’s possessions if you’re flying with a baby on your lap.
  • Your carry-on allowance does not include a jacket, umbrella, diaper bag, duty-free items, or assistive devices (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, strollers, child restraint seats, and so on).

For infants and children

Infants are considered under 2 years old and children are considered 2 to 12 years of age. 

  • Infants can take an optional baby stroller bag or car seat from Southwest Airlines. They have to purchase it for 17 USD, a one-time fee. The dimensions of the bag or stroller are 42+20.5+12.5in. 
  • An infant can travel for free within the United States as long as the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight. 
  • A medical certificate is needed for an infant. 
  • If an infant is travelling on an international flight, the infant has to pay taxes.
  • A child of 40lbs or less needs a CRS (Child Restraint System). 
  • Children over 2 years old need a seat of their own, and they will get the standard baggage policy. 

Carry-on Allowance items

You can carry some of your personal belongings in your carry-on luggage. Those items are:

  • One book of matches per passenger.
  • electronic cigarettes. As long as they’re stowed and unused in your carry-on luggage.
  • Snacks for food to eat are on the board. All foods must be wrapped or in a container.
  • Infant care items. 
  • coat or other outerwear.
  • Strollers with a deflated diameter of no more than 25.5 cm (10 in) and a length of no more than 92 cm (36 in).
  • A restraint system for children (if a seat has been purchased for your child).
  • 25cm + 30cm + 14cm is the maximum size for a small purse (10in + 12in + 5.5in). Your carry-on allowance will include larger handbags.
  • Any sharp object is not allowed. 
  • Cameras are allowed in your carry-on bags.

Checked-in Baggage Limit

Baggage allowance depends on the flight you want to take. For different types of flights, you will get different weight allowances. 

If you’re travelling on Air Canada, they have some limitations on weight in all itineraries. Weight and size restrictions for all itineraries are:

  • Maximum Weight: 22.67 kg (50 lbs.).
  • maximum dimension of 62 inches.
  • You can take two pieces of baggage with the given limitations. 

Over-weight Allowance

Before going on a trip, you must be very excited about it. You start packing up your things with that excitement. Sometimes it crosses the baggage limit. In that situation, you can carry the extra baggage at an extra cost. The cost depends on which country you’re travelling to. Additional checked baggage fees will apply if your checked baggage exceeds the allowance permitted by your individual booking.

  • Overweight items weighing from 23kg to 45kg are considered overweight. You have to pay an extra 75 USD for that. 
  • Oversized items over 62 inches will be considered oversized items and you will have to pay for them. You have to pay an extra 75 USD.
  • If it is more than 45kg, it will be considered as air cargo. 
  • Passengers who work in the military, if they are travelling on their active day, will not be charged for their extra overweight charge. 

Restricted and Prohibited Items

When you’re travelling on an airline, you cannot carry everything you want to. You have to maintain rules and regulations. Air Canada has some restrictions. The restrictions of Air Canada are: 

  • Each passenger may carry a maximum of 20 batteries, but not more than that.
  • Flammable liquids are not permitted in carry-on luggage or checked luggage. Gasoline, petroleum spirits, oil-based paint, lacquer, stains, shellac, oils, wood alcohol, lighters, and heating fuels are just a few examples.
  • Bleach, bleaching powder, and peroxide are not allowed in either carry-on or checked-in. 
  • Acid or any kind of chemical thing is not allowed on Air Canada Airlines. 
  • Oil-based paint and latex paint are prohibited on Air Canada Airlines. 
  • Arsenic, weed killer, and other toxic liquids are not permitted on the plane.
  • You can carry sports items in your checked baggage but not in your carry-on baggage. 

Pet Allowance:

You can carry your pets with you on the Southwest airline.

  • You have to pay 95 USD each way for pet carriers.
  • Two dogs or two cats can be carried in the carrier.
  • Only one pet carrier is allowed per booked passenger on Southwest Airlines.
  • You can get a carrier from Southwest Airlines. You have to take that at 58 USD, including the tax. But you have to keep in mind that the carrier for your pets is nonrefundable if you take that from the airline.
  • The dimensions of the pet carrier are 18.5in x 8.5in x 13.5in.
  • Your pet carrier must be designed especially for your pet. Both squishy-sided and tough-sided carriers are acceptable.
  • Your carrier must be leak-proof and properly ventilated.
  • You have to keep in mind that the carrier has to fit in front of your seat.

Instrument of Music Allowance:

Musical instruments are considered carry-on items. You can carry your musical instrument with you on the airline.

  • The dimensions for musical instrument are10inch+16inch+24inch.
  • On a one-item-for-one-bag basis, an instrument may be checked in place of one piece of the free checked Baggage allotment for each passenger at no charge.
  • You can carry your musical instrument on Southwest Airlines, or you can keep it in the seat space over your head. There will be a space to put your musical instrument or other things. But you have to keep in mind that it cannot block the whole space.
  • If your musical instrument crosses the dimension, you have to add that to your check-in and for oversize, you may pay an extra charge.
  • An oversized or overweight charge will be added if your musical instrument is between 62 inches and 150 inches. Or, the weight of the musical instrument crossed 74kg.
  • The instruments must be soft-sided and in their hold bags to avoid damage.

Equipment For Sports Allowance:

You can also carry sports-related items onto your airline. As you know, football players, cricket players, basketball players, and Olympic players carry their sports items with them.

  • For archery players, they can carry a bow, arrow and target with them, but it must not be too large. (carry-on)
  • Baseball and football players can carry their uniform, one ball and one helmet with them.
  • Passengers provide a carrying case for a tough golf bag which includes clubs, balls, and shoes. Passengers will be given bundled golf bags or golf bags in a squishy carrying case. If your golf equipment crosses over 22kg, you have to pay an extra charge for that.
  • In place of a carry-on or checked bag, a skateboard can be utilized. If the skateboard fits beneath the seat, it does not need to be in a bag or covered, but it must be kept with the wheels up so that it does not roll. To avoid damaging other things, a skateboard must be kept in an overhead storage space with the wheels up and in a bag or with the wheels covered.
  • If properly packed in a bicycle box or hard-sided case, bicycles (marked as nonmotorized and with a single seat) weighing 23 to 45 kgs or measuring 62 to 80 inches in total dimensions may be allowed for overweight and oversize baggage fee of 75 USD per item. To avoid being damaged by other baggage or causing harm to other baggage, pedals and handlebars must be removed and wrapped in protective materials. Limited-edition bicycles will be transported in cardboard or soft-sided cartons. If the customer is a known shipper, bicycles weighing more than 100 pounds and measuring more than 81 inches in length and width cannot be checked as luggage and must be transported as cargo.

Medical Equipment Allowance:

You can carry your medicines with you on Southwest Airlines, but they have to be prescribed by your doctor.

  • You cannot carry any kind of drug which is mixed with medicines.
  • All the medicines you’re carrying must be prescribed by your doctor.
  • For medical emergencies, you should carry your prescription with you.
  • You cannot carry liquid oxygen on Southwest Airlines. If any person requires oxygen frequently, that person cannot travel on Southwest Airlines.

Allowance for human corpses:

You cannot carry human corpses on Southwest Airlines.

  • Cremated human remains will not be accepted as checked luggage by Southwest Airlines. Cremated pet remains may be carried onboard under certain conditions. Under the same criteria as other carry-on items, cremated pets can also be transported on domestic or international flights.
  • Southwest Airlines Cargo accepts cremated or non-cremated remains for transit. For this service, you must make advance preparations. It’s best to book your Southwest Support shipment at least 24 hours ahead of time. You have up to seven days to schedule your shipping.


What should you do if you cross your baggage limit?

If you cross your baggage limit, you can take your luggage by paying an extra charge. Firstly, you have to know the maximum weight and size limit for your luggage. Now if you check that your luggage is overweight, you have to pay $75 USD for that. 

What is the maximum weight limit for carry-on luggage?

There is no weight limit for carry-on luggage, but you have to maintain its dimension. The dimensions of the carry-on bag are 10+16+24 inches. You cannot exceed the weight limit for carry-on luggage.

Can you carry any medical equipment with you?

You can carry medical equipment with you on an aeroplane. If the medical equipment is prescribed by your doctor. You cannot carry overdosed medicines with you or any kind of medicine which is considered to be a drug.

Do military personnel have to pay any extra charges for extra luggage?

Military personnel do not have to pay an extra charge for their extra luggage. They can carry oversized and overweight luggage when they are on duty. They can carry up to 45 kg and 115 inches.

How many bags can I carry in my carry-on luggage?

You can carry two bags in your carry-on luggage, one for your personal items and one for your baggage. You have a baggage limit for both bags and you have to maintain that. For a personal backpack, the dimensions are 18.5+8.5+13.5inches. The standard baggage dimension is 10+16+24 inches.

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