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Travelling is now not only a hobby but also a necessity. People may travel for diverse purposes. It can be a business tour, Family tour, Educational tour, religious tour, Job tour, relationship tour and so on. On the previous day, people travelled by land and water. Airlines revolutionize the travel industry. with the evolution of time, Airlines are upgrading day by day. Two of the main things, people need to know when travel is about their baggage size, weight, policies, extra weight fees etc and another one is connecting airlines wifi to their cell phone to be connected to the outer world, business, friends and family.

Airlines baggage is very confusing to many. Travellers do not know about carrying on size, checked bags, overweight fees, baggage restrictions, prohibited items, and so on. As a traveller, I was also confused and search on google but there were very weak resources that can help people. I inaugurated this website with the aim of helping people with accurate baggage information for adults, children and infants. Sometimes, peop[le also travels with pets, musical instrument, explosive items, I will describe airlines’ policies about them.

Another important thing is airline wifi that I will write about. I will write details of specific airlines’ wifi, how to connect them, cost & Plans, frequently asked questions. People also search for this but there are limited resources over the internet.

We also cover airports wifi of all over the world. Travellers wait in airports and they need wifi to connect with friends and family. To make this easy is also our concern!

Other than that, we also publish articles on travel information to make you aware in our blog section

The main objective is to help people, more specifically travellers to travel without the hustle and more productively.

Airlines Fact Mission: Over mission is to help travellers by providing specific information on airlines’ baggage policy, Airline’s wifi and airports’ wifi connectivity.

Airlines Fact vision: Our vision is to create a platform for travellers to get all the information needed for their smooth travel.

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