Turkish Airline Baggage Allowance in 2024 [Step by Step]

Turkish Airlines offers comfort to all their passengers and hence there are many different baggage options that are available on the airlines. You have the privilege to take some of your baggage with you inside the cabin if it meets the requirements. Turkish Airlines will offer you a free baggage allowance for international and domestic flights. 

Normally Turkish airlines provide 1 carry-on or handbag that can weigh 8 kg and the dimension of the carry-on bag is 55x40x23 for the economy class it also provides 2 checked bags (23*2= 46kg) for economy class. That means normally economy class adult & Child pax are getting (8+46) 52kg bags in total. Infants are allowed to carry two collapsible baby carriages. If someone needs an extra bag, he/she can purchase it at the cost of USD 1.35 per Kg from the airport counter or online too. 

Below is more information on security, weights, size and cost of your luggage while using Turkish Airlines. 

Turkish Airlines Carry-on Size guideline

  • Your carry-on must be of a size and weight that fits in the top locker or under the seat.(23x40x55 cm and 8 kg)
  • When you are packing your carry-on, you must check twice to ensure that all boxes and packages you are carrying in your luggage are tightly closed. 
  •  If you are travelling with an infant, you may take as much liquid or solid infant food as needed for your flight with you. 
  •  You can carry both solid and liquid medicines in your hand luggage, provided they are in their original packaging and the doctor decides that you should take them with you.
  • Cosmetic products that are liquid but small in size are allowed in the carry-on



This link will lead you to the cabin baggage calculator, which will help to find out how many carry-on items Turkish airlines are willing to let you bring.

Weight Policy of Turkish Airlines 

For Business class, Turkish airlines allow free baggage of 30 kg and for Economy class, it is 20Kgs. Infants aged 0-2 years are allowed to take free luggage of 10 kg and one baby carriage. The maximum number of luggage the business class can carry is two, which would weigh 32 Kgs at max each and for economy class, it is also 2 but 23 Kgs maximum each. Infants are allowed to carry two collapsible baby carriages/buggies. For extra baggage, there is a charge of USD 1.35 per Kg. 


For calculating the extra amount of pay you need to make for the baggage you want to carry on your international flight, use this link https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/free-baggage/baggage-calculator/index.html

Size of luggage allowed by Turkish Airlines

  • In economy class, you can take on board one piece of hand luggage per passenger with dimensions not exceeding 55x40x23 and weighing a maximum of 8 kg, and one piece of personal luggage per passenger with dimensions not exceeding 40x30x15. 
  • If you choose to travel via Business-class you can carry two hand luggage if the size and weight of your luggage is a maximum of 55x40x23 and 8 kg (16 kg in total). Along with this, they can take one personal item as a passenger bag which must not exceed 40x30x15.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage 

  • When travelling on domestic flights, you can check in 15kg in promotions, 20kg in economy class and 30kg in business class. 
  • The Checked baggage from Turkish Airlines cannot be more than 158cm in size or have a weight of more than 32kgs. 
  •  On international flights via Turkish Airlines, the free allowance for economy class is 20 and for passengers using business class, it is 30. 
  • On international flights, you are allowed to check in 2 pieces of luggage weighing 23 kg each in Economy Class and 2 pieces of luggage weighing 32 kg each in Business Class.

Baggage Size, weight & Fee at a Glance

Now I will describe carry on & Checked baggage details for domestic & international flights  for economy & Business passengers with the cost of extra baggage

Below information is for International Flights using Turkish Airlines:

Travel ClassNumber of BaggageFree baggage allowance in KGMaximum baggage size in cmExtra Baggage fee for 23-32 kg (in USD)
Economy223*2 15880
Business232*2 15880
Infants (0-2yrs)1+1 baby carriage11580

Below information is for Domestic Flights using Turkish Airlines:

Travel classFree baggage in KG (Adult)Free baggage in KG (Child)Extra Baggage fee per kg (in USD)
Economy PrimeFly251012
Economy ExtraFly201012
Economy Ecofly151012

How To-minimize extra luggage cost?

“MyBaggage” allows you to transport 30 kg / 66 lbs per suitcase or baggage at a discounted rate. You will also have the option of paying extra for even heavier bags if you need to, and you can add as many items as you want to your booking. Checking in with My Baggage allows you to bring a lot more with you than if you relied on just a few checked baggage. Here is the link to my baggage: https://www.mybaggage.com/contact 

Items prohibited from being carried in flight

  • Firearms or any kind of sharp items like scissors, a pointed umbrella or a pocket knife are not allowed in the cabin and hand luggage. 
  • Toy guns and pistol-shaped lighters are also prohibited onboard aircraft or in hand luggage. 
  • Sports items and items are similar to Golf, cricket, basketball etc. Bats and other similar items will not be allowed in the cabin or carry-on baggage. 
  • It is also restricted to transport materials that are flammable or inflammable, such as camping stoves, in the cabin or in hand luggage. 
  • Other sharp objects that cut and pierce, like sewing kits, are also restricted to bring in the cabin or carry-on baggage.


What happens if my carry-on bag is slightly overweight?

The luggage you bring must be of a size and weight that can fit the luggage compartment or under the saddle. With dimensions 23x40x55 cm and 8 kg. Anything above that which does not fit cannot stay inside.

How to avoid baggage fees?

My Baggage offers an excellent, low-cost alternative to airline baggage, with fast and convenient baggage transportation allowing you to move hands-free. 

How strict are Turkish airlines about the carry-on size?

The carry-ons you will be bringing into the plane must fit in the overhead locker or under the seat or else it would not be considered a carry-on.

Will Turkish Airlines consider a backpack as a carry-on?

According to Turkish Airlines, it will be considered a carry-on if the backpack fits the guidelines mentioned above.

Will there be any compensation if my luggage gets damaged?

If you have incurred any expense for the airline’s baggage delay, then you can make a claim for compensation with all the evidence within a 21-day period to receive it.

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