Does Breeze Airways Have WiFi Onboard? [LATEST UPDATE]

Breeze Airways is a low-cost American airline based in Utah. The airline serves regularly scheduled flights to over 27 domestic destinations. Breeze Airways commenced its operation in 2021. The newly launched airline is still developing its services including planning on serving inflight wifi. Breeze Airways are planning to introduce high-speed inflight wifi service at a low price on its Airbus A220-300 fleet.

Facts about Breeze Airways:

Name Breeze Airways
HeadquartersCottonwood Heights, Utah, USA
Inflight Wi-FiNo
Focus citiesCharleston
New Orleans
Passenger Destinations27
Operating Aircraft20
Social MediaFacebook

Does Breeze Airways have WiFi?

Breeze Airways authority has assured that all of its Airbus A220-300 will be equipped with high-speed wifi connectivity by the end of the year 2022. Airbus A220-300 aircraft of Breeze Airways will be serving flights from the east coast to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Viasat’s Ka-band satellite-supported inflight wifi service will be provided to Breeze Airways flights. Breeze Airways and Viasat both of the companies have confirmed the collaboration to bring high-speed onboard internet solutions to the passenger. 

As Breeze Airways is a low-fare airline, the pricing for the inflight internet will be at a nominal price. The founder of Breeze Airways, Neeleman confided that the details are not ensured yet but pricing for the inflight wifi can start at 5 USD. 

Breeze Airways is aiming for a high-speed satellite-supported connection, so passengers will be able to enjoy online streaming and high-quality internet speeds onboard.

How to connect to Breeze Airways inflight WiFi?

Breeze Airways is not offering any inflight wifi currently. But Breeze Airways has confirmed that in cooperation with Viasat high-speed inflight internet will be provided in all of their Airbus A220-300 fleets. 

Breeze Airways inflight entertainment:

Airbus A220-300, Embraer 190, Embraer 195 none of these aircraft of Breeze Airways have an inbuilt entertainment system. Passengers will not be able to enjoy any movies, series, or songs while flying with Breeze Airways. Breeze Airways authority has ensured about the upcoming inflight wifi but it is not confirmed yet if the breeze airways inflight website will have an entertainment library or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Breeze Airways have free inflight wifi?

Breeze Airways currently is not providing any inflight internet service. According to the Breeze Airways authority by the end of the year 2022, some of the aircraft of Breeze Airways will be equipped with high-speed inflight wifi. 

Can I stream Netflix using Breeze Airways wifi?

Currently, none of the flights of Breeze Airways has inflight internet service, so you can not stream Netflix onboard. But Breeze Airways is working on a high-speed satellite-supported inflight wifi connection. After the start of the inflight wifi service, passengers will be able to do heavy browsing tasks such as online streaming.

Can I use iMessage using Breeze Airways wifi?

As there is no internet service on any of the flights of Breeze Airways, you can not use Facebook, Instagram, or iMessage onboard.

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