Vueling Baggage Allowance, Weight & Fees Guide 2024

When you are travelling, you should keep certain things in check to ensure that you do not end up losing extra money for no apparent reason. For example, often, people would have to pay steep prices for the additional weight they want inside the aircraft. Sometimes, some air careers would flat out reject the extra weights that you might be carrying in terms of luggage and whatnot.

All of these necessitate you to have a rough idea of what to expect and how much to carry. Therefore, this article will mainly focus on Vueling Airlines and the guidelines and policies associated with it. 

Quick Look-up Table

Carry-on Allowance:  Check-in Baggage:  Excess Baggage Fees:  
Weight limit: 10Kg  Weight Limit: 23Kg  Individual baggage weight bag limit: 32 kg   Accumulated baggage weight limit: 50 kg  
Base price- Free  Base price: 8-32 euros for 15kg  Added fee for each extra Kilo exceeding 23Kg: 10-12 euros      
Dimensions: 55cm X 40 cm X 20 cm  N/AN/A

Carry-On allowance

Each passenger travelling on Vueling flights is allowed to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item. However, do note that there are some weight limitations. For the carry-on bag, the weight must not exceed 22 pounds or 10 Kilograms. In addition, the dimension for the carry-on bags should not be over 55cm X 40cm X 20cm (Height, Length, Width).

A passenger can carry an under-seat bag without any extra charge. However, whatever a passenger chooses to carry, it must fit completely under the seat.

Video cameras, laptops, small briefcases, purses, ladies’ purses, and so on are considered personal items. One thing to note is that the Vueling personnel may wish to further their limit by using the cabin in the aircraft. Therefore, the hand luggage size has to be so that it fits in compartments above or under your seat.

Check-in Baggage

The maximum check-in allowance for a passenger is 23 kilograms. It costs anywhere around 8 to 32 euros for 15 kg of baggage, depending on where the passenger is traveling.

Passengers are also required to address any baggage they are planning to carry during the booking process or, they can also choose to call Vueling directly to notify them of the baggage.

In any case, if a passenger fails to do so and ends up arriving at the airport with extra luggage, then there will be extra fees that the passenger would have to pay (usually 40 euros for each additional piece carried).

Baggage WeightOnline Booking Price
15kg bag8-32€
20kg bag10-37€
25kg bag15-47€
30kg bag25-62€

Excess Baggage Fees

When and if baggage exceeds the limit of 23 kilograms, then an extra charge will be eligible; for each extra kilo, 10 euros is the added charge, and each passenger may carry a total of 50 kilograms.

However, note that while the total weight limit is 50 kg, there’s a separate weight limit for each baggage (32 kg).

Sports Equipment

Passengers traveling on Vueling airlines may choose to check in with sports equipment.

This equipment includes and is not limited to: snowboards, skis, golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles, and windsurfing accessories or equipment. Each piece will cost the passenger 45 euros.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed on Vueling airlines. They allowed pets including dogs, cats, tortoises/turtles, and some birds.  They have to carry it in an approved carrier, and the carrier should not exceed 24cmX29cmX21cm. The weight should not exceed 10 kilograms (or 8 kilograms for some flights).

It is also a requirement that passengers mention their pets during the booking process. An additional fee of 40 euros has to be paid on domestic flights or 50 euros for international flights if a passenger chooses to carry a pet.


The information provided above is correct at the time it is being published. Changes are common in the guidelines and policies of airlines, and they reserve the right to change any of them as they see fit. While the changes are rarely ever drastic, we advise that you take the information as rough estimates as small changes are expected.


Is musical Instrument allowed to be carried in Vueling airlines?

Yes, and it will be counted underhand the luggage allowance. Refer to the Carry-on allowance section for details regarding the guidelines and limitations. If your instrument is larger, you will have to book an additional seat to carry that instrument with you.

What is the baby luggage allowance on Vueling Airlines?

If you are traveling with an infant (age must not exceed two years), then you are allowed to take with you an onboard pushchair. In addition, you can check in 2 extra items, which will be regarded as infant baggage, and no charges will apply.

How safe is it to send luggage via courier?

If you want to send your luggage via courier, you can choose to do so with no added risk.

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