Delta Airlines Carry On Size, Personal Item Size, Weight, Fees, limits & Restrictions

Delta Airlines has been operating in the aviation industry for over 96 years. This Atlanta-based air company has both domestic and international flights. Delta Airlines conducts its flight operation in more than 1000 destinations in over 60 countries. Decided to fly with Delta Airlines? Then, you must understand the baggage policy of Delta Airlines.

If you are flying with Delta Airlines, you can carry one carry-on item and one personal item (Purse, Briefcase, Camera Bag, Laptop Bag) without a fee.  The size of carrying on bag dimension is (Length + Weight+ height): 22” x 14” x 9” or 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm. The maximum size for a carry-on bag is 45 inches (linear dimension), and the maximum size for a checked bag is 62 inches (linear dimension) and weighs up to 50 pounds. Basic economy class and main cabin have followed the standard checked bag rules, but you can get the first 2 checked bags free on the premium and business.

Delta Airlines Carry-on Size

Carry-on baggage refers to the items that passengers can bring with them on an aeroplane. If you are planning to fly with Delta Airlines, you don’t have to pay for carry-on bags. Delta Airlines offers one carry-on item and one personal item free of cost. Personal items include a purse, laptop bag, or similar size bag. Other kinds of bags like roll-aboard suitcases or large bags can bring as carry-on only if it fits in the overhead bin space.

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These are the requirements for the size and weight of carry-on bags:

Size RequirementsWeight Requirements and Restrictions
  Maximum size (Combined Length + Width+ height ) : 45 inches or 114 cm   Maximum size (Individual Combined Length + Width+ height): 22” x 14” x 9” or 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm.  There is no maximum weight restriction except for some flights.   Changi International Airport (SIN), Singapore: Maximum weight should not be exceeded more than 15 pounds or 7 kg.   Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), Beijing, China: Maximum weight should not be exceeded 22lbs or 10kg (only for domestic flights).   Pudong International Airport (PVG), Shanghai, China-: Maximum weight should not be exceeded 22lbs or 10kg (only for domestic flights).    

What is considered personal items on carry-on?

You can bring only one item with you as a personal item with the carry-on bag mentioned below:

  • Purse
  • Briefcase
  • camera bag
  • diaper bag
  • laptop bag (laptops must be checked at the security point)
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Delta Personal Items Size

As you will carry personal items like a backpack, laptop bag, camera bag, purse, briefcase etc with you. So it must fit under the seat in front of you.

There is no specific weight mentioned on the personal items. But you should keep in mind that the maximum size for a carry-on bag is (Length + Weight+ height): 22” x 14” x 9” or 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm. So your personal item should not exceed that size. The combined length is 114 cm or 45 inches. So don’t worry about it.

What items are free to Carry-on?

The following items are free to carry on a bag, you don’t have to pay for these items :

  • Jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Food or Drink( purchased after passing the security checkpoint)
  • Duty-free merchandise.
  • Special items like a wheelchair, stroller, child safety seat, and crutches.

What items are allowed in a limited way in carry-on?

The following items can be carried in a carry-on bag but are subject to certain restrictions.

  • Liquids like aerosol, toothpaste, gel, shampoo, or beverage items.
  • You can carry liquids up to 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres.
  • You have put them into a single quarter-size zip-top plastic clear bag.

Info Alert

Some airport has a program that allows your duty-free items in a carry-on bag. If any airport security checkpoint doesn’t have such a program, you may or may not get the chance to transfer those items to your checked luggage. Under this circumstance, your items might be confiscated.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Checked bags are transported in the plane’s cargo area. Delta Airlines checked bags fees depend on many factors such as flight class, destination, departure time, etc. You should measure your baggage size and weight before getting into the airport.

Delta Airlines Checked  Baggage Size & Fees

 Delta’s checked baggage fees are $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second bag, 3rd bag will cost $150 and 4th and every additional bag will cost $200. You have to pay these fees if your bags weigh up to 50 pounds and measure 62 inches (Length +Weigh+ Height) in linear dimension.

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Delta Airlines Baggage Measurement &  Standard Fees Chart :

Checked Baggage  Fee
Max Size: 62” ( linear dimension) Max Weight: 50lbs
First checked bag$30
Second checked bag$40
Third checked bag$150
Fourth (+)checked bag$200

Passengers can carry a maximum of 10 checked bags on the flights of Delta or Delta Shuttle and a maximum of  4 checked bags on Delta Connection Carrier Flights.

Info Alert

The first checked bag fee is exempted for the members of Delta SkyMiles and Delta SkyMiles Medallion, American Express Credit Card. A standard checked bag fee is applied after the first bag for the above-mentioned cardholder.

Baggage policy for Economy Class

Delta Airlines’ baggage policy is determined by multiple factors like ticket fare, flight class, and flight destinations. Passengers with the fare of  Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Comfort+ are entitled to the following baggage policy. If the maximum requirements for a checked bag exceed then you have to pay an excess baggage fee.

Adult Passengers:  (12 – beyond)Child Passengers: (2-12)Ticketed Infants Passengers:  (aged 0 – 2)
Max Size (including wheels and handle): 62” inchesMax Size:62”( length + weight + height)Max Size:45” ( length + weight + height)
  Max Weight: 50lbs or 23kg.            Max Weight: 50 lbs or 23kgMax Weight:22lbs or 23kg .
2 checked bags are free. (up to 50lbs or 23 kg)A child’s safety seat or stroller can be checked free of cost.Safety items, seats, or strollers can be checked for free.

Info Alert:

Infants can also travel without tickets, on the lap of parents, or in any child restraint device beside the seat. In such a case, parents with unticketed infants are allowed to carry one checked bag up to 23 kg and a collapsible stroller or safety seat for free.

Baggage fee for Business, Premium, and First-class:

Passengers of business, Premium, and first-class will get some extra maximum size and weight facilities. The first two checked bag is free for these class and fares. However, the additional bag fee will vary according to the flight destination.

Adult Passengers:  (12 – beyond)Child Passengers: (2-12)Ticketed Infants Passengers:  (aged 0 – 2)
Max Size (including wheels and handle): 62” inchesMax Size:62”( length + weight + height)Max Size:45” ( length + weight + height)
  Max Weight: 70lbs or 32 kg            Max Weight: 70lbs or 32 kgMax Weight:22lbs or 23kg .
2 checked bags are free. (up to70lbs or 32 kg)A child’s safety seat or stroller can be checked free of cost.Safety items, seats, or strollers can be checked for free.
  3rd checked bag fee may vary from $100 to $285.    3rd checked bag fee may vary from $100 to $285.    If infants are travelling unticketed then they are entitled to 1 checked bag up to 23 kg
4th + additional bags will cost $200 to $285.4th + additional bags will cost $200 to $285.No more than 1free checked bag for infants.

Delta Airlines Oversize and  Overweight Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines have a specific baggage policy for excess and overweight bag. If your bags don’t meet the maximum size and weight limits, then you have to pay additional charges for each way. You may be entitled to the additional fee in one or all of the following cases-

  • One for any extra bag
  • One for overweight
  • One for exceeding size restrictions.
  • Excess baggage policy also varies to flight destinations.
  • Both domestic and international flights have different excess baggage policies.
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Excess Baggage Fee for Domestic Flights (within the U.S.)

In delta Airlines, you get two checked bags free up to the maximum size and weight restrictions. If you are flying domestically  within the U.S., Virgin Island, or Puerto Rico, then this excess baggage policy is for you:

Bag CategoryFees and Rules
Third Checked Bag  $150(each way)
Bags 4 to 10  $200 ( each bag)
Overweight Bag (More than 100 lbs or 45.36 kg is not permitted)  51-70lbs ( 23kg-31.75kg) -100 USD /CAD71-100 lbs (32kg-45.36 kg)- 200 USD /CAD
Oversized Bag (More than 80” or 203cm is not permitted)63” – 80” or 161- 203 cm ( linear dimension) – 200 USD /CAD

Info Alert

When exiting Canada or Europe. CAD and EUR amounts will be changed.

Excess Baggage fee for International Flights

Rules and regulations will differ from travel destination to destination when you are on an international flight. Every passenger will get the first and second bag free of cost. From the third and every additional bag, up to 10 will charge an excess fee. Excess  Baggage policy for international flights is given below:

Travel BetweenFees and Rules (Each way)
U.S./Canada/ Mexico (including U.S., Virgin Island, or Puerto Rico) to/from – the Caribbean3rd bag: 150 USD /CAD4 to 10 bags: 200 USD /CAD  
Mexico/Central America/Caribbean to/from – Mexico/Central America/Caribbean3rd bag:125 USD 4 to 10 bags: 200 USD
U.S./Canada to/from – Central America ( excluding GUA, SAP, SAL)3rd bag:180 USD /CAD4 to 10 bags: 200 USD /CAD
U.S./Canada (including U.S., Virgin Island, or Puerto Rico) to/from – U.S./Canada (including U.S., Virgin Island, or Puerto Rico)3rd bag: 150 USD /CAD4 to 10 bags: 200 USD /CAD
South America( excluding selected flights) to/from – U.S./Canada/ Mexico/Central America/Caribbean3rd bag to10: 200 USD /CAD (each)
U.S./Canada to/from – Guatamala City3rd bag:200 USD /CAD 4 to 10 bags: 285 USD /CAD(each)
Asia to/from Everywhere4 to 10 bags: 200 USD /CAD / EUR (each)
Brazil to/from Everywhere else4 to 10 bags: 200 USD /CAD (each)
North/Central/South America – Europe /North America4 to 10 bags: 285 USD/ $330 CAD/ 240 EUR (each)
  U.S./Canada to/from – GUA,SAP,SAL  3rd to10th bag : 200 USD /CAD (each)  
Delta marketed flights between Brasilia Airport to/from Miami or Orlando4-10 Bags: 200 USD /CAD (each)  
All other International Flights4 to 10 bags: 200 USD / EUR (each)

Oversized baggage on International Flights

If you are travelling with more than 62” ( including height+weight+length ) then you are entitled to the oversized fee irrespective of the travel routes. Delta Airlines doesn’t allow more than 80” or 203 cm in any international flights.

Travel BetweenFees and Rules (Each way) Between 63” – 80” or 161- 203 cm 
                U.S./Canada – U.S./Canada  200 USD /CAD.
Asia/ Middle East/ Australia/India- Everywhere200 USD /CAD/EUR  
North/South/Central America- Europe / Central Africa  300 USD / 345CAD/ 250EUR
U.S./Canada – Mexico/Central and South America/Caribbean150 USD
North America – Africa (except north Africa)  175 USD / CAD
Brazil – Everywhere else   100 USD/CAD/ EUR

Overweight baggage on international flights

Delta Airlines allows up to 70 lb to 100 lb depending on the flight destinations. Any special item checked bag between 50 lb to 100 lb will incur an overweight baggage fee.

Travel Between Travel Between FeesFees
FromTo51-70lbs (23-31.75kg)71-100lbs                     
( 32- 45.36 kg)
U.S./CanadaU.S./Canada100USD/CAD  200 USD /CAD  
North/South/Central AmericaEurope / Central Africa  100 USD /120CAD/85EUR  More than 70 lbs are not allowed
Mexico/ South/Central America/CaribbeanEverywhere100USD/CAD200 USD /CAD
North AmericaSAP/SAL150USD/CAD 
AsiaEverywhere100USD/CAD  200 USD /CAD  
Australia/NewZealandEverywhere100USD/CADMore than 70 lbs are not allowed
All other International destination  100USD/CAD200 USD /CAD  

Special Items

Some items require extra care and attention. Delta Airlines has a special item policy for such items.

Fragile, Bulky, and Other items

Fragile or Bulky items like media bags, human remains, and computers should be packed carefully and must be carried closely with the owner’s seat. The maximum weight for fragile and bulky items is 100 lb as per the flight destination.

Medical Supplies and Wheelchairs

  • Medical supplies are permitted onboard as complimentary items without any cost, as long as they satisfy the size and weight limitations.
  • Several medical devices can be brought on the airline as an “extra carry-on item.”
  • If your supplies/equipment are in a bigger bag with other non-essential goods, that bag may be subject to standard baggage costs.

Musical Instruments

  • The maximum size for Musical Instruments is 150 inches or 381 cm.
  • The maximum weight for Musical Instruments is 165 lbs or 75 kg.
  • Small musical instruments like guitar violin that fit in the overhead bin can be carried as carry-on items.

Perishable items

Perishable items include fresh fruits, meat, poultry, fish, and flowers of varying sorts Non-edible and edible perishable products are permitted on board as carry-on luggage, as long as they do not violate agricultural rules for the destination country.

Sporting Equipment

  • The maximum sizer is 115 inches or 292 cm.
  • The maximum weight of 100lbs or 45 kg

Prohibited Items on Delta Airlines

 The following items are not allowed in any of the delta Airlines Flights at all.

  1. Aerosol Products
  2. Bleach, drain cleaners, or pesticides
  3. Fireworks or Explosive
  4. Gunpowder
  5. Torch or blue flame lighter
  6. Fuels like gasoline
  7. Paints, Stains, or lubricants
  8. Strick anywhere matches
  9. Meals ready for eating
  10. Lithium or lithium-ion batteries.
  11. Items with refrigerants like air conditioning.


Delta Airlines provides reasonable baggage size and fees for both carry-on and checked bags. To have a convenient and relaxed air travel experience with Delta Airlines, you can use or the delta fly app. You can get all real-time information about your bags on the website or bag.


Does Delta Airlines have any restrictions on the size of carry-on luggage?

Delta Airlines adheres to strict luggage and carry-on regulations. Before going on a flight, it’s a good idea to acquaint you with the carry-on luggage restrictions.

How can I get my first checked bag free on Delta Airlines?

Provide your SkyMiles number when booking your ticket, add it while checking in, or look up your itinerary and select “Add Loyalty Program” to include it in your reservation. Then you can get the first bag free at the checkpoint of the airport automatically.

Can I track my checked baggage with Delta Airlines?

Yes, you can check your checked baggage through or Fly Delta App.

Can I get a free checked bag on The Basic Economy flight with Delta Airlines? 

No. Basic economy flights don’t provide any free checked bags.

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