Brussels Airlines Inflight WiFi Guide 2023

The flag-carrier airline of Belgium, Brussels Airlines is also a member of Star Alliance and the International Air Transport Association. Based at Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines serves scheduled flights to over 100 destinations around Europe, Africa, and North America. To keep the passengers entertained throughout the journey, the airline has an inflight entertainment system in every travel class. But Brussels Airlines does not have any inflight wifi service yet. 

A Glance at Brussels Airlines:

Name Brussels Airlines
Alliance Star Alliance
Parent CompanyLufthansa Group
Headquarter Brussels Airport, Machelen, Belgium
Main HubBrussels Airport
Inflight Wi-FiNot Available
Inflight EntertainmentYes
Passenger Destinations121
Operating Aircraft39
Social MediaFacebook

Brussels Airlines Inflight wifi service:

Based in Belgium, Brussels Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Europe. All the major European airlines like Scandinavian Airlines, Air Europa Airlines, Aegean Airlines, etc. offer inflight wifi service to the passengers. Despite being a large Europe-based Airline, Brussels Airlines does not provide any inflight wifi service on any of their flights and travel class. Passengers will not be able to use social media or do any internet-based tasks while flying with Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines Inflight Entertainment:

Brussels Airlines offers inflight entertainment to all of their business, premium economy, and economy class passengers. Business-class passengers of Brussels Airlines can enjoy movies, documentaries, and movies on board on their own personal 15.6” HD screen installed in their cocoon area. A 13.3” HD touchscreen with an integrated USB power plug and a 10.1” screen is installed in front of every passenger seat in the premium economy and economy class of Brussels Airlines. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies, award-winning documentaries, hyped TV series, and music on the inflight entertainment screen of Brussels Airlines free of charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Brussels Airlines have inflight wifi?

No, Brussels Airlines does not offer inflight wifi service on any of their flights.

Can I stream Netflix on Brussels airlines flights?

As Brussels Airlines does not provide any inflight wifi service or roaming network service on any of their flights and travel class, you will not be able to stream on Netflix, amazon prime, or any other such platforms.

Can I make phone calls on Brussels Airlines flights?

Brussels Airlines is not partnered with any service that provides inflight mobile service. So you can not make phone calls or be able able to send texts while flying with Brussels Airlines.

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