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While naming the most popular airlines in Italy, Alitalia appears at the top. Alitalia is preferred by most tourists visiting Italy, and the airline offers an inflight WiFi network for their passengers.

You can browse through your social media, send and receive text messages and emails, and make your flight enjoyable with Alitalia WiFi. Choose from Alitalia WiFi packages which start from just $2.

Alitalia WiFi is provided by Panasonic, and it is available in certain Alitalia aircraft. You can choose from Alitalia WiFi packages according to your needs and stay connected with the world from the moment you board the plane until landing.

Alitalia WiFi Attributes

Airline NameAlitalia- Transporto Aereo Italiano S.P.A
HeadquarterFiumicino, Rome, Italy(Leonardo da Vinci) (FCO / LIRF)
WiFiInflight WiFi Available (Paid)
WiFi ProviderPanasonic
Contact Number00 39 06 65649
Social MediaFacebook  Instagram  Twitter  Linkedin

If you want to know more details on Alitalia WiFi, then this is the right place. Here we will cover everything that you need to know about Alitalia WiFi, how much they cost, package details, and more.

Alitalia WiFi Cost

Alitalia WiFi costs vary for each of their packages. There are four Alitalia WiFi packages, and these are Lite, Flexi, Flex Plus, and Business. However, if you are flying in their Magnifica or Premium Economy Class, you will get complimentary Alitalia WiFi service. Let’s take a look at Alitalia WiFi packages and their cost.

Package NameData LimitCost ($)

For Magnifica and Premium Economy Class, the Alitalia WiFi services are-

  • Magnifica- FLEX 50 MB
  • Premium Economy- LITE 10 MB

How To Connect Alitalia WiFi?

Follow these steps to get connected to Alitalia WiFi-

  • Keep your mobile phones in airplane mode and turn on WiFi from the settings.
  • Make sure your other devices (tablet, laptop) have WiFi access and turn on WiFi.
  • You will see a list of available WiFi networks.
  • Select “AlitaliaWiFi” from the list and select the network.
  • Open browser and open Alitalia WiFi portal homepage.
  • Buy Alitalia WiFi package as per your requirement.
  • You will be connected.
  • Enjoy the Alitalia WiFi network throughout your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Alitalia WiFi Available?

Yes, you can access Alitalia WiFi inflight.

Can I Access Alitalia WiFi For Free?

No, you have to purchase a package to use Alitalia WiFi after boarding the aircraft.

Can I Access Alitalia WiFi After Departure?

You can access the Alitalia WiFi network soon after boarding on the plane till it lands. You will not have Alitalia WiFi access after leaving the aircraft.

Who Is Alitalia WiFi Networks Provider?

Alitalia WiFi network is provided by Panasonic.

Are There Any Limitations On Alitalia WiFi?

Your data limitation depends on the package you choose for Alitalia WiFi.

Which Alitalia Aircraft Have WiFi Access?

Alitalia WiFi network is available for their Airbus 330 and Boeing 777 planes.

Can I Get Daily Subscription For Alitalia WiFi?

Yes, Alitalia WiFi has daily subscription services available.


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