Does Porter Airline Have Inflight WiFi?

Porter airline is a Toronto-based regional airline. Porter Aviation Holdings is the parent company of porter airlines. It regularly operates scheduled flights between Toronto and various locations in the United States of America and Canada. 

Porter Airlines started its operation in 2006 and on March 18, 2020, it suspended all of its flights due to the ongoing Corona pandemic crisis. After 18 months of suspension, Porter finally started their flights from September 8, 2021. In July 2021, Porter airline announced that it will expand its destination throughout the Caribbean, Canada, and the USA from mid-2022.

Porter Airlines doesn’t provide any free or paid inflight wifi services on any of their flights. As any aircraft of Porter airlines doesn’t have built-in entertainment systems, you will not get inflight entertainment facilities while flying with Porter Airlines.

A Quick look at Porter Airlines:

Name Porter Airlines
Parent CompanyPorter Aviation Holdings Inc
Headquarter Ontario, Canada
Main HubBilly Bishop Toronto City Airport
Inflight Wi-FiNo
Inflight EntertainmentNot available
Social MediaFacebook
Customer Service 1-888-619-8622

Porter Airlines WiFi:

Any aircraft of porter airlines are not equipped to provide any wifi services on board. Porter airlines do not offer any paid or free inflight WiFi service on any of their aircraft. In July 2021, Porter airlines announced plans to expand their services on various destinations but they did not mention any upcoming inflight wifi services.

Whether economy or business class, you will not be able to enjoy any internet-based services while flying with Porter airlines.

Porter Airlines inflight entertainment:

Porter airline’s Bombardier Q400 & Embraer E195-E2 aircraft don’t have any in-build entertainment system. You will not get any inflight entertainment on any flights of porter airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do porter airlines have any free wifi services?

No, porter airlines don’t offer any free wifi services.

Do porter airlines offer paid inflight wifi?

Porter airlines don’t provide any paid inflight internet packages.

Can I have wifi services with premium plus on Porter airline?

None of the aircraft of porter airlines has wifi facilities. Unfortunately, you will not get any wifi service with premium plus on Porter airline.

How can I connect to wifi on porter airlines flights?

As there is no internet service on any of the flights of porter airlines, you can not connect to wifi onboard.

Does Porter Airlines have Inflight Entertainment?

Any aircraft of porter airlines are not equipped with inflight screens. So you will not be able to enjoy any movies, games, or songs onboard.

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