Do South African Airways Have Inflight WiFi & Inflight Entertainment?

South African Airways is the first African airline to join the world’s biggest airline alliance, Star Alliance. Founded in 1934, South African Airways is the national airline of South Africa. The airline uses O. R. Tambo International Airport as its main hub. Accordion to Skytrax, South African Airways ranked as the second-best airline in Africa in 2021. 

To keep the passengers entertained, South African Airways has a high-tech inflight entertainment system with tons of the latest content. But currently, South African Airways is not providing any inflight wifi service. 

Details about South African Airways 

Name South African Airways 
Alliance Star Alliance
Parent CompanyDepartment of Public Enterprises
Headquarter Johannesburg
Main HubO. R. Tambo International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiNot Available 
Passenger Destinations10
Social MediaFacebook

South African Airways Inflight WiFi:

South African Airways serves linking flights to approximately 40 destinations throughout Africa, North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Oceania. None of the aircraft of South African Airways is wifi facilities equipped. South African Airways does not offer any inflight wifi service to the passenger. But passengers flying with South African Airways can pass time enjoying a wide variety of content in the upgraded inflight entertainment system.

South African Airways Inflight Entertainment:

South African Airways A330 aircraft has a high-tech inflight entertainment system with 10-inch touch screens in Economy class and 15-inch screens in Business class. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies from varieties genres, series, documentaries, and classical to pop music with a touch on the screen installed in front of the seats. 

The business class of South African Airways has complimentary daily newspapers, inflight magazine Sawubona, and the latest business magazines in the side pocket of the seats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does South African Airways have any inflight wifi?

No, Any flights of South African Airways do not have any inflight wifi service.

Can I stream Netflix using South African Airways wifi? 

As South African Airways does not offer any inflight wifi service on any of their flights, streaming Netflix will not be possible on board. 

Does South African Airways have any onboard call service?

As South African Airways aircraft are not equipped to provide any on-air call service, you can not send messages or make phone calls onboard.

Can I use WhatsApp using South African Airways wifi?

Inflight wifi service is not available on any flight of South African Airways. So you can not use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or any kind of social media app onboard.

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