Air China WiFi: A Simple and Convenient Way to Stay Connected in the Sky

China’s most important airline company Air China has started to offer their passengers WiFi facility inflight since 2011. They are the first Chinese airline to offer inflight WiFi networks to its passengers.

Air China inflight WiFi is free, and you can surf several selective websites for unlimited hours while traveling using your laptops, tablets, and any other device that can access WiFi. However, Air China does not allow mobile phone usage even in airplane mode.

Air China is among the most prominent airline companies in China and reaches more than 200 destinations worldwide. The company first started its operation on 1st July 1988 and has been in the aviation industry ever since.

Not only that, Air China, along with the WiFi service, is offering inflight entertainment by providing magazines, the latest newspapers, several classic movies, a variety of games, and a hundred music CDs, which will satisfy your inflight entertainment needs.

Some Air China Attributes At A Glance

Airlines NameAir China
HeadquarterBeijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone Shunyi District, Beijing
DestinationUAE, Germany, Bangkok, USA, Vietnam, Russia, India, South Korea, and 200+ others
WiFiYes (Free)
Usable DeviceLaptop, Tablet
WiFi ProviderN/A
AddressXidan Civil Aviation Building: No.15 Chang’an West Street, Beijing, PRC China
Phone Number1-800-882-8122
Social MediaFacebook
WebsiteAir China

There are lots of queries found online regarding the Air China WiFi service, and we are here to clear all your confusion. Continue reading to know everything you need to know about Air China WiFi, its cost, restrictions, limitations, and more.

How To Connect Air China WiFi With Your Device?

Here are the steps to get yourself connected to the free Air China inflight WiFi-

  • Your device (tablet, laptop) must be able to access WiFi.
  • Turn on WiFi from your network settings.
  • Select Air China WiFi from the available WiFi networks.
  • You will be connected to the network and can enjoy unlimited data usage throughout your flight.

Some Of Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Air China Provide WiFi Facility?

Yes, Air China has an inflight WiFi network available for their passengers.

Is The Air China WiFi Secured?

Air China WiFi is 100% secured. Air China has listed certain websites for you to browse to ensure your privacy and security.

Does Air China Have Other Entertainment Facilities?

Yes, apart from the Air China WiFi network, the airline provides newspapers, magazines, movies, songs, and games for their passengers.

What Are The Costs Of Air China WiFi?

You do not need to pay to avail Air China WiFi network. It is absolutely free of cost.

How Many Devices Can I Connect to the Air China WiFi?

You can connect as many devices as you want to the Air China WiFi, including multiple laptops, and tablets. However, Air China does not allow the usage of mobile phones even in airplane mode.

Are There Any Limitations To Usable Data?

No, you can use as much internet as you like, and there are no limitations to the usable data.

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