Does Kenya Airways have WiFi & Inflight Entertainment? [Completely FREE]

The national airline of Kenya, Kenya Airways is a member of SkyTeam which is one of the three major airlines in the world. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the main hub for Kenya Airways. It regularly serves domestic and international flights over 53 destinations.

To keep the passengers entertained, Kenya airways have an inflight entertainment system on all of their flights. Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft of Kenya Airways has inflight KQ Cinema service that allows them to enjoy various contents from their own device. But inflight wifi service is not available on any of the Kenya Airways flights.

Facts about Kenya Airways:

Name Kenya Airways
Alliance SkyTeam
Headquarter Ontario, Canada
Main HubJomo Kenyatta International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiNot Available
Inflight EntertainmentYes
Operating Aircraft38
Social MediaFacebook

Kenya Airways Inflight WiFi Service:

None of the aircraft of Kenya Airways is equipped with inflight wifi facilities. Passengers can not send messages and email, use social media, or do any internet-based task while flying with Kenya Airways. The authority of Kenya Airways did not announce any upcoming possibility of inflight wifi service on Kenya Airways flights. 

Kenya Airways Inflight Entertainment:

All of the aircraft of Kenya Airways have entertainment screens installed in front of the passenger seats. People can enjoy various content on the entertainment system.

Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft of Kenya Airways provides the KQ Cinema App service. People can enjoy 80 movies, 30 documentaries, 55 television programs, and 1,000 music tracks from the comfort of their own device using the KQ cinema app on board. People have to download the KQ Cinema App from the play store before taking off otherwise they won’t be able to enjoy the inflight entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Kenya Airways have inflight wifi?

None of the aircraft of Kenya Airways is equipped to provide wifi facilities. So people can not enjoy inflight wifi while flying with Kenya Airways. 

Can I use Whatsapp on board my Kenya Airways flight from New jersey to Nairobi?

As none of the flights of Kenya Airways has inflight wifi facilities or roaming service, you can not use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or any other social media while flying with Kenya Airways. 

Can I download the KQ cinema app on board?

Kenya Airways does not provide inflight wifi facilities. So you can not download the KQ Cinema app after taking off. To enjoy the inflight entertainment content you have to download the app from the google store before your flight. 

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