A Proven Guide To Oman Air Inflight WiFi Guide 2024

Based in Muscat, Oman Air is the state-owned airline of Oman. The airline serves domestic and international flights to over 50 destinations. Oman Air is one of the most deluxe airlines in the world.

Oman Air offers 3 hours of free inflight wifi connectivity to their first-class passengers. Business-class and economy-class passengers can also get the wifi connectivity of Oman Air by purchasing the available internet packages.

Details about Oman Air

Name Oman Air
Parent CompanyOman Aviation Group
Headquarter Muscat, Oman
CallsignOMAN AIR
Main HubMuscat International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Free & Paid)
Passenger Destinations50
Operating Aircraft50
Social MediaFacebook

Oman Air Inflight Services:

If you are planning to fly Oman Air, undoubtedly you will get a luxurious experience. An inflight entertainment system is installed in all Oman Air aircraft’s first-class and business class. Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 Aircraft of Oman air is equipped with inflight wifi facilities. Passengers flying in one of the Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 Oman Air Aircraft can enjoy inflight wifi service regardless of the cabin class.

Oman Air Inflight Wifi Service:

Oman Air’s inflight wifi service is only available on their Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 Aircraft. Oman Air offers varieties of packages to satisfy passengers’ different needs. Oman Air’s inflight wifi service starts from $4 for 30 minutes to 

$39.9 for the entire flight. Here are the details of all Oman Air Inflight wifi packages:

PlanPriceTime PeriodData AllowanceFacilities
Package-14 USD30 minutes5 MBsSocial Media messaging
Package-2 11.90 USD1 hour10MBsSocial Media apps, Email, Browsing
Package-324.9 USD3 hours30 MBsSocial Media apps, Email, Browsing
Package-439.9 USDFull Flight150 MBsSocial Media apps, Email, Browsing

First-class passengers will get a 100 MBs date allowance free of charge for 3 hours. After the complimentary time, they have to pay according to the plans mentioned above.

How to Connect to Oman Air Inflight WiFi?

  • Turn on your phone or turn off the airplane mode after the airplane reached 30000 feet.
  • Enable wifi on your device
  • Connect to the Oman Air wifi SSID
  • Open your device’s default browser
  • Tap on the terms and conditions box after reviewing them.
  • Purchase your preferable package 
  • Enjoy surfing!

If you want to get the best speed of the inflight wifi you can refrain from streaming videos, sending pictures, having multiple backgrounds running apps, and using a VPN.

Oman Air Inflight Entertainment: ARIA

Oman Air has installed a newly upgraded inflight entertainment system ‘ARIA’ to give the passengers an elegant experience. All the first class and business class of Oman Air have a 17-inch monitor installed for inflight entertainment. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies, all types of music from classical to modern, Hollywood to foreign language movies, audiobooks, and games using the system’s touch monitor panel. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Oman Air have inflight wifi?

Yes, Oman has inflight paid wifi service on their Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 Aircraft.

Does Oman Air economy class have wifi service?

Oman air inflight wifi is available in every class (The first class, Business class, and economy class) of Boeing 787 and Airbus 330 Aircraft.

Does Oman Air have free inflight wifi?

Only the first-class passengers of Oman Air will get complimentary wifi connectivity for 3 hours. Business and economy class passengers have to pay a certain amount of money based on the packages to get the Oman AIr inflight wifi connection.

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