Does WOW Air Have WiFi?

Wow Air was one of the cheapest Icelandic airlines for travelling across borders. It was founded in November 2011 and unfortunately had to end its operation in March 2019.

Wow Air did not offer inflight WiFi or any inflight entertainment. They were well-known for their cheap flight rates and had maintained stable airline journeys throughout European destinations.

Wow Air did not offer any WiFi service to their passengers, and it was known for the cheap rates. Founded by Icelandic entrepreneur Skúli Mogensen, Wow Air’s branding was based as a “happy low-fare long-haul airline based in Iceland.”

Wow Air At A Glance

NameWow Air
HeadquarterReykjavík Iceland
Airline CodeWW
Airline CountryIceland
OperationNovember 2011 to March 2019
WiFiNo WiFi
WebsiteWow Air
Social MediaFacebook 

In March 2019, Wow Air stopped all its operations unannounced, which left thousands of passengers stuck in Icelandic airport Keflavik Airport and also in other passengers across Europe and North America.

It is said that that sudden rise in the fuel costs was the main reason for the fall out of this popular airline. As Wow Air was already offering their passengers the lowest possible price, their profits were already thin.

However, the CEO of Wow Air did try to maintain their services by injecting 5.5 million euros from his own account into the company. But the losses were too big.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Wow Air WiFi

Do Wow Air Have WiFi?

No, Wow Air WiFi is not available. They do not offer an inflight WiFi network. Wow Air WiFi is not available for any of their planes. No matter if it is Business Class, Economy Class, or First Class, Wow Air WiFi is not supported.

How Much Does Wow Air WiFi Cost?

There is no extra charge for Wow Air WiFi. Wow Air does not offer an inflight WiFi network, and there is no added cost for it.

Does Wow Air WiFi Have Inflight Entertainment?

No, Wow Air WiFi is not available inflight, and Wow Air does not offer any inflight entertainment. You will not be given any newspaper, magazine, games, movies, or songs. Wow Air is not equipped with inflight screens.

Is Wow Air WiFi Available In First Class Flights?

No, Wow Air WiFi is not available in any of their planes. They do not offer Wow Air WiFi services to their passengers.

Who Provides Wow Air WiFi?

Wow Air WiFi is not available in any of their planes, and there is no inflight WiFi network.

Is There Netflix In Wow Air?

Since Wow Air WiFi is not available, there is no streaming service available on Wow Air flights. Netflix is not available in Wow Air.

How Can I Get Free Wow Air WiFi On Plane?

As there is no Wow Air WiFi available, you can not access any free WiFi networks.

How Can I Contact Wow Air Customer Service For Wow Air WiFi?

For any questions or confusions regarding Wow Air WiFi, you can contact them directly at their customer service number: 866-512-8364. You can also check out their social media and website for any other information.

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