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Travellers are facilitated with free WiFi in all terminals of China Southern Airlines, and they also offer inflight WiFi, which the passengers can purchase according to their needs. China Southern Airlines WiFi is free for passengers flying in First Class and Business Class. 

China Southern Airlines WiFi is a paid inflight WiFi facility for the passengers to enjoy online entertainment while onboard. If you are flying in First Class or Business Class, you can avail the facility for free.

After boarding the plane, passengers will find an ‘Inflight WiFi Guidelines’ in which they can find the available packages, mileage, and instructions. Please keep on reading to know more about China Southern Airlines WiFi. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to know about China Southern Airlines WiFi and more.

China Southern Airlines At A Glance

Airlines NameChina Southern Airlines
HeadquarterBaiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Origin CountryChina
WiFiInflight WiFi available (paid/free)
WiFi ProviderChina Southern Airlines (CZ)
Contact Number95539-2-1 (airport phone)
WebsiteChina Southern Airlines (in English), China Southern Airlines (in Chinese)
Social MediaFacebook  Instagram  Twitter

China Southern Airlines WiFi Attributes

China Southern Airlines WiFi has two varieties for paid and complimentary WiFi facilities. Their connectivity process and accessibility are also different; however, both the WiFi users will enjoy a fast network just as a home broadband connection.

Passengers in Economy and Premium Economy Class can connect to the China Airlines WiFi through the China Southern Airlines App.

You can connect to the inflight China Southern Airlines WiFi once the altitude is over 10,000 feet. When the altitude drops, the WiFi connection will automatically disconnect itself. Let’s look at the paid China Southern Airlines WiFi packages and their required mileage.

Paid Inflight WiFi PackagesNeeded Mileage
Exclusive WiFi Internet Package3000 km
Internet Access Package For Individual Use500 km
Exclusive Monthly Package (for domestic and international flights)30,000 km
Exclusive Monthly Package (for domestic flights)8800 km

Connect To The Paid China Southern Airlines WiFi

Here are the steps to get yourself connected to China Southern Airlines WiFi-

  • Make sure your device is in flight mode during takeoff.
  • Once the crews say it is okay to use your phone, take it out.
  • Turn on your WiFi network from the settings while keeping your phone in flight mode.
  • From the available WiFi networks list, choose SSID-CSAIR.
  • Open the web browser and go to
  • Now click on ‘Connect to Internet’ and follow instructions.
  • Provide your personal information for verification.
  • Now the ‘Mileage Redemption Package’ should appear on your screen. 
  • Buy a WiFi package according to your mileage requirement.
  • Enjoy Inflight China Southern Airlines WiFi.

For First Class and Business Class passengers, this process is not the same. You do not need to worry about mileage or buy any packages to access China Southern Airlines WiFi. You can connect directly to China Southern Airlines WiFi by following these steps-

  • Go to the web page and choose ‘First Class/ Business Class.’
  • Log in with your seat number and ID number (only provide the last four digits).
  • You will be connected to China Southern Airlines WiFi.

For Economy and Premium Economy Class, download the mini China Southern Airlines App and provide your email ID or phone number to access.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is China Southern Airlines WiFi Available Inflight?

Yes, China Southern Airlines WiFi is available inflight.

Is China Southern Airlines WiFi Free?

China Southern Airlines WiFi is free for terminal and passengers boarding in First Class and Business Class. For the rest, it has to be purchased.

What Devices Can Be Connected To China Southern Airlines WiFi?

You can connect any device that allows WiFi access, including smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

What Is The Name Of The China Southern Airlines WiFi Hotspot?

The name of the China Southern Airlines WiFi hotspot is CSAIR.

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