Swiss Air Wi-Fi & Inflight Entertainment Guide 2024

Swiss Airline which is Switzerland’s flagship airline company offers onboard Wi-Fi connection in three of its airplane fleets namely, A330, A340, and Boeing 777. So if you want to get your work done or exchange some quick emails, you can get it done on board. 

While the Wi-Fi service isn’t free for most passengers, you can purchase the connection on board while you are inside the aircraft. There are various options for Wi-Fi connections depending on your need and the budget that you are willing to spend with the cheapest being around 9 CHF.

Who can use the free onboard Wi-Fi?

Only first-class passengers are eligible to receive a 50 MB complimentary Wi-Fi card when they buy the ticket. It is easy to use this card since all you need to do is follow the instructions and connect to the Internet manually or use the QR code. 

In addition, there are plenty of air hostesses on board who will be willing to help you connect to the complimentary Wi-Fi in case you can’t connect to it. 

There are also various Wi-Fi vouchers that you can receive by completing offers from the airline company or booking your Wi-Fi needs beforehand. 

Which ISP does Swiss Wi-Fi employ?

Panasonic is the primary and only Internet Service Provider for the onboard Wi-Fi. The system they have installed uses the standard TCP/IP, so you will not have to worry about having any connection issues, particularly when connecting through the VPN.

Panasonic uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to authenticate all data that is transferred to and from your device. This ensures that no data can be hijacked or manipulated. However, since the Wi-Fi is provided via a public server, it is not 100 per cent safe.

Swiss Connect Wi-Fi plans and prices

Swiss Air offers three different Wi-Fi plans depending on your needs. Compared to other flagship airline companies, the pricing might be a little too expensive. However, the fixed broadband speed of 146.81mbps sets it apart from all other onboard Wi-Fi-providing airlines.

The four plans have been drawn in the table below along with the details that you would need to know before you can consider purchasing them. They are as follows:

20 MBCan be used to check your inbox and send mails.CHF 9.00
50 MBFor chatting through social media apps and texting.CHF 19.00
120 MBAny sort of surfing on the Internet and chatting.CHF 39.00
220 MBStreaming a single video online or heavy browsing.CHF 59.00

In addition, make sure to note down a few more things if you are going to purchase the service:

  • The applicable countdown begins when you first start sign-in. It cannot be paused or stopped midways. It will turn off automatically when the time limit ends.
  • There is no refund policy for these options.
  • If your connection is interrupted, you will not be compensated.

How to connect to the Wi-Fi service?

Connecting to the Wi-Fi service is very easy. Even if you can’t follow the steps properly or are confused about something, you can ask the air hostess for help.

  1. Turn on your phone.
  2. Connect to the Swiss Wi-Fi through your Wi-Fi tab.
  3. Open your browser for signing in and follow the payment instructions.


Does Swiss Wi-Fi support Netflix?

 While you can connect to Netflix while using the onboard Wi-Fi, you should stream sparingly since the internet limit will drain quite fast.

Can you use Zoom from the onboard Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use Zoom from the onboard Wi-Fi and attend any meetings or conferences.

What is the complimentary Wi-Fi limit?

Only first-class passengers are allowed to receive a complimentary Wi-Fi offer with a limit set to 50 MB.

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