EL AL Inflight WiFi Guide | Does EL AL Have WiFi? Free or Paid?

Internet communications have become an integral part of human life. No matter where you go, the internet keeps you connected with the rest of the world. The situation is indifferent even on the aircraft, to make your journey smoother, EL AL inflight WiFi plays an important role.

EL AL Airlines provide WiFi services to their passengers at an affordable price. Their WiFi services start from just $3.99, within which you can use WiFi on your mobile phone or tablet to stay connected with your friends and family.

EL AL inflight WiFi has opened the doors for you to stay connected to the world even from the farthest longitude. The revolutionary technology has made it possible for aeroplane passengers to browse through social media and attend to important emails and messages while travelling.

EL AL Airlines Facts

Airline NameEl Al
Wifi providerViaSat and Live TV
HeadquarterCarlsbad, California, United States
Phone Number1-855-313-4111
Website Linkhttp://www.viasat.com/
Social Media LinksFacebook 

How Much Does EL AL Inflight WiFi Cost?

Here is a chart to demonstrate to you different plans and their costs for EL AL Inflight WiFi-

Cost ($)3.99 to 5.996.99 to 14.9912.99 to 24.99
ServiceInstant messaging, emails, browsing free portals.Enjoy BASIC plans, watch short videos, and browse sites.Enjoy the SOCIAL plan, watch videos, and music, and enable VPN.
DeviceMobile Phones and Tablets.Mobile Phones and Tablets.Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Tablets.

Payment Method For EL AL Inflight WiFi

You can pay for the EL AL inflight WiFi through your international credit cards. The credit cards that ViaSat accepts are:

  • VISA
  • JCB
  • MasterCard

How to connect EL AL inflight WiFi?

  • Turn on WiFi on your device and select EL AL WiFi Network.
  • Open your browser and go to: wifi.elal.com
  • Choose your desired WiFi plan, pay, and start browsing.

FAQs Regarding The EL AL Inflight WiFi

What Is EL AL Inflight WiFi?

EL AL inflight WiFi is an internet connection that keeps you connected to the world even at 40,000 feet above the ground. International flights from/to North American and European countries have access to this service.

How Does EL AL Inflight WiFi Work?

EL AL Inflight WiFi runs with the help of the ViaSat Ka-band Satellite technology. Aeroplanes have antennas fitted to receive signals from the Satellite and give you an amazing browsing experience that matches your data connection or broadband WiFi speed.

When Can I Connect To The Network?

When flying to Israel, you can access the WiFi 45 minutes after your flight has taken off and can use it until landing. While flying from Israel, the WiFi will be active after 25 minutes from departure, and you can use it till 45 minutes before landing.

Can I Activate Video Calls With EL AL Inflight WiFi?

No, you can not activate video calling or voice calling facilities. Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Messenger video calls, and voice calls are not available in EL AL inflight WiFi.

Is EL AL Inflight WiFi Safe?

EL AL inflight WiFi is always alert and prioritizes protecting your data while using the connection. Your information is well protected while you are using the internet service.

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