Can You Take A Bar Of Soap On The Plane? – What Do The TSA Rules Say?

Beauty bar soap is an essential self-care item while traveling, keeping you clean, refreshed, and hassle-free. Moreover, the bar soap eliminates the possibility of spilling liquids in your luggage. But the crucial question is, “Can you take a bar of soap on the plane?”

Fortunately, you can! According to the TSA rules, you can carry the soap bar in your checked luggage and carry-on bags.

The most interesting thing is there is no restriction on taking soap bars on a plane, irrespective of the type of bag you carry. You can take any size of solid bar soap with you on your flight.

There is more to explore about this topic. Therefore keep going through this article till the end!

Can You Take A Bar Of Soap On The Plane? – TSA Rules To Know

Yes, you can! It’s good news that the bar-lovers can carry a bar of soap both in their Carry-on Bags and Checked Bags.

TSA considered the soap bars solid. Thus liquid item rules and restrictions aren’t applicable in the case of soap bars. So without worrying, you can take your favorite soap bar in your hand luggage.

TSA also has no specified rules about how to bring your bar of soap. But like the liquid toiletries, you don’t need to bring the bar soap in the quart-size sealable bag.

Nonetheless, to keep your solid soap bar separate from your designer cloth, we recommend keeping it in a beauty or soap saver bag.

Can You Take Soap Bar On A Plane?
Checked Baggage Yes 
Carry On Luggage Yes

Note: TSA officer will take the final decision of whether the soap bar is allowed through the checkpoint or not.

What Size Bar Of Soap Can You Take On A Plane?

The bar soap isn’t liquid. Rather it’s solid, so TSA specified no restrictions on what size bar you can bring. Following the TSA rules, you can bring any size bar through airport security.

According to your wish, you can bring as many bars as in any size. Most importantly, this rule applies to your checked luggage and carry-on bag.

How To Pack Your Bar Of Soap In A Carry-On Bag?

Packing the bar soap in a carry-on bag is easier as the bar has no chance of spilling. Compared to packing bottles, packing bar soap is safer. Simply take a Ziploc container, reusable bag or soap-saver bag to take your beauty bar soap.

However, while packing the bar soap in your carry-on bag, one recommendation is not to leave the soap bar loose. Around your luggage or suitcase, the loose bar soap can get dirty and bounce. Moreover, the loose bar’s scents can rub off on your clothes, and it can cause you irritation.

Anyway, the best way to store beauty bar soap while traveling is to use a soap-saver bag. This type of bag is excellent for light exfoliation and compact storage.

Furthermore, the soap bar remains safe on the bag’s inside. Most soap-saver bags are plastic-free, vegan, zero waste, compostable, and 100% plant–based.

Tips For Traveling With Soap Bars On A Plane

You can travel with a soap bar on a plane. But if you follow some tips, you can smartly speed through the security. Your little carelessness can cause a mess in your toiletry bag due to the soap bars. While traveling with a soap bar, follow the suggestions below:

i. Before Packing The Bar, Allow It To Dry Completely

If you pack a wet bar of soap, it can get mushy, or inside your bag, it can become soft. Therefore if you want to take your used soap bar, first place it in a cool place and let it dry. Also, you can hang the bar to dry in the soap-saver bag.

ii. Avoid The Plastic Bag

Other than using a single plastic bag for taking bars, there are many more options out there. However, when you think the soap bar can make a mess in your beauty toiletry bag, use reusable beeswax wrap. Moreover, you can use recyclable aluminum tin, pouch or washcloth to store your bar.

iii. Break Off The Larger Bar Into Smaller Pieces

Traveling with the larger bar can create uneasiness. Therefore, we recommend easier travel with the bar and increasing its lifespan by breaking off the larger bar into smaller pieces. For instance, using a knife, cut off the larger bar of soap.

What Other Beauty Toiletries Can You Bring On A Plane Along With Bar Soap?

For a long flight, you may need to take many beauty toiletries items to keep yourself hygienic and refreshed during flight time. Before randomly taking the toiletries item, it’s better to know what you can take on a plane along with the solid facial or body soap bar.

Here is the list of toiletries you can bring on your flight. Check the list out:

  • Shampoo bars & conditional bars
  • Organic shaving soap bar
  • Wooden hairbrush
  • Zero-waste laundry detergent
  • Deodorant cream
  • Zero-waste lip balm
  • Bamboo floss
  • Organic reusable cotton rounds etc.


Does a bar soap count as a liquid on a flight?

No! The airport authority doesn’t count the bar soap as liquid because the bar of soap is solid. The liquid items include all drinks, cosmetic items like shower gel and shampoo, liquid/aerosol deodorant, toothpaste, hair gel, hairspray, etc.

What bar soap size is allowed to take on a plane?

According to the TSA rules, you can take any size bar soap in any amount on a plane. Bar soap is solid, and thus, TSA imposes no restrictions on it.

How do you travel with a bar of soap?

Traveling with a bar of soap is easier. Just before packing the soap, let it dry. Then put it off with your towel or any other cloth. And ensure it is nicely sealed. Afterward, put it in a soap-saver bag to carry in your luggage.

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