Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane? | Things You Must Know!

Many travelers are fond of sewing, crafting, or quilting. And they want to enjoy their flight time by doing these. Whether you do crafting or sewing, scissors are a mandatory element to do all these. So these types of travelers’ common query are, “Can you bring scissors on a plane?”

The answer is yes! According to the TSA rules, you can bring scissors in your carry-on bags following special instructions. Your scissor size must be less than 4 inches from its pivot point.

However, in the case of checked bags, you can bring larger size scissors. But in your checked bags, you must securely wrap the scissor to prevent possible injuries.

Today’s guide will take you through every rule and regulation about bringing scissors on a plane. Thus, keep reading!

Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane?

Yes! According to the TSA rules, you can bring scissors on a plane in your checked bags and carry-on bags. But you must follow special instructions to bring scissors in your Carry On Bags. From the pivot point, your scissors must be under 4 inches if you pack them in your carry-on bags.

In addition, in the case of checked bags, you should securely wrap or sheath scissors as it’s a sharp object. Securely wrapping the scissor will prevent the inspector’s or baggage handler’s injury.

Remember that even after following the TSA rules, the TSA officer can sometimes prevent you from taking scissors. The TSA officer takes the final decision regarding which item can go through the checkpoint.

The TSA’s general rules for sharp objects also cover the rules for scissors. The sharp object or longer-size scissors can be used as a weapon. For this reason, the TSA imposes strict rules on carrying scissors.

Regarding international and domestic flights, the TSA rules are the same. So even on your international flight, you can bring scissors in your check-on bag.

On A Plane Can You Use Scissors?

If your scissor’s size is less than 4 inches following the TSA rules, you can use it on a flight. Using the scissors you can enjoy sewing, crafting, or quilting. Also, during your flight, you can use cuticle scissors for a relaxing manicure.

Why Do People Bring Scissors On A Plane?

Plenty of people, especially women, find flying tedious. So to spend their long flight time, they like to do small crafts or stitching. Believe us; most people bring scissors in their bags for this purpose. People want to carry scissors in their bags as their personal items.

But the problem is that airport security cannot allow you to take scissors with you if you don’t follow the TSA rules. So before packing scissors in your travel bag, fully understand the TSA rules.

The TSA has clear liquid rules for toiletries, sharp objects, or food items. All these rules specify what you can carry on a plane and what you cannot.

What Happens If You Don’t Follow The TSA Rules of Bringing Scissors On A Plane?

It’s not uncommon that you can forget about the TSA rules and keep larger scissors in your hand luggage. Even if you accidentally put the larger scissors in the bag, they will be confiscated, as shown on the airport’s X-ray machine.

Consider another example. Suppose in your pocket there are a pair of scissors, and you forget to remove them. In this case, once you walk through the airport’s metal detector, it will detect the scissor.

After the detection, the TSA agent for a pat-down search will pull you aside. After that, they will scan your pocket with a metal-detecting wand. If they find a scissor in your pocket too large, they will confiscate it. Sometimes, the TSA agent can take you to scan your full body.

The TSA agent strictly enforced all the sharp items related rules mentioned on the TSA website. Similarly, you must securely wrap and sheath knives if you carry them in the check bags.

What Sharp Objects Can You Bring In A Carry-On Baggage?

TSA has specific rules about carrying sharp objects on a plane. So according to the TSA rules, you can bring several sharp objects in your hand luggage along with scissors. And the airport security won’t prevent you from taking the following sharp objects on the plane:

  • Manicure scissors
  • Nail clippers and other nail care tools
  • Cuticle cutters
  • Disposable razors
  • Brow tweezers
  • Crochet hooks
  • Knitting needles or sewing needles
  • Medical scissors
  • Nail scissors
  • Child scissors

What Types Of Scissors Can’t You Bring On A Plane?

You can’t bring the following types of scissors with you on a plane:

  • Long blades scissor
  • Serrated blades with a pair of shears
  • Pointy blades scissors
  • Larger scissor whose blade is longer than 4 inches

Why TSA Imposes Restrictions On Bringing More Than 4 Inches Size Scissors On Plane?

TSA strictly restricts taking larger scissors of more than 4 inches on a plane. The reason is that scissors have sharp blades. So anyone can use the larger scissor blade as a weapon. Therefore there is a crime risk in the plane.

You are allowed to bring 4 inches of scissors in your carry-on bag. But in your checked baggage, you can take a larger one.


Can You Bring Scissors In Hand Luggage?

Yes! According to the TSA rules, you can bring scissors of less than 4 inches in your hand luggage through the security checkpoints.

Why Are Scissors Not Allowed On Planes?

Anyone can use scissors as a weapon because their blades are sharp and pointy. That’s why the authority doesn’t allow a scissor of more than 4 inches on a plane.

Can you take nail scissors in checked luggage?

Nail scissors, tweezers, and nail clippers are common everyday items allowed to take in your checked luggage.

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