A Complete Guide To Gogoair Inflight Internet in 2024

Are you planning on booking a flight on an airline serviced by Gogoair inflight internet? Then, you can purchase a Gogo subscription plan before you board or buy a preferred subscription while aboard your scheduled flight.

However, with these different options are different prices that might be expensive considering the amount of time you spend on air regularly and your need for inflight internet. Therefore, a helpful guide on Gogoair inflight internet is vital for your travel plans.

What Is Gogoair Inflight Internet?

Gogoair inflight internet is an internet service offered by many American airlines with other airlines across the globe. Using Air-to-ground network systems and its faster 2Ku second-generation interconnectivity (since 2014), Gogoair provides inflight internet for passengers aboard its many thousand Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft.

The inflight internet service owned by Gogo is presently under the Intelsat company after a $400 million purchasing deal in December 2020.

Airlines Serviced By Gogoair Inflight Internet

Below are some of the airlines offering Gogoair inflight internet on their aircraft:

In other words, a Gogo-equipped flight on any of the airlines mentioned above offers you internet connectivity while at 35,000 ft above. However, crosscheck with your airline to ensure your specific flight is Wi-Fi-equipped before booking.

Gogoair Inflight Internet Subscription Plans

Gogoair inflight internet offers you pre-purchased internet passes with different subscription plans for your preference; there is an hourly plan, daily, monthly, and an annual plan. These plans are valid only on participant airlines.

However,  you can purchase additional internet plans offered inflight though it might be costlier.

Internet Pass/PlanPrice (in USD)Participant Airlines
One-hour pass (domestic flights)$7.00United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada.
All-day pass (domestic flights)$19.00United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada.
Monthly plan (domestic flights)$49.95Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines.
Two-device monthly plan (domestic flights)$59.95Delta Air Lines, American Airlines.
Monthly Delta Plan (Global)$69.95Delta Air Lines.
Yearly plan$599.00Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines.

Also, Gogoair offers a separate subscription plan for travellers flying on Air Canada flights equipped with Gogoair inflight internet service.

Internet Pass/PlanPrice (in CAD)
One-hour pass$6.50
One-way pass$21.00
Monthly plan$65.95

Asides from the airlines mentioned above, other Gogoair-equipped airlines have various subscription plans for passengers to choose

How To Purchase Gogoair Inflight Internet Plan

Purchasing your subscription plan is simple:

  • Visit www.gogoair.com
  • Click ‘Buy Wi-Fi pass.’
  • Choose your preferred subscription plan.
  • Click on the ‘buy pass or subscribe’ button.
  • Input your details to register or log in to an existing account.
  • Then, make your payment.

Alternatively, you can purchase inflight via these steps:

  • Select sign-in.
  • Register an account or log in to an existing one.
  • Pick your preferred internet pass.
  • Go through the payment process with your credit card.
  • Make your payment.

How To Connect To Gogoair Inflight Internet

Follow these easy steps when you wish to connect to the inflight internet aboard your flight:

  • Connect to your flight’s Wi-Fi.
  • Visit http://wifionboard.com
  • Sign in to your account and then begin to surf the internet.

Features Of Gogoair Inflight Internet

  • Gogoair inflight internet service is available at over 10,000 feet.
  • Domestic flights covered by the inflight internet service include those between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, where there is available network service.
  • The service does not support voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) services like Skype and Viber and streaming live videos from Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.
  • You can access the service using any Wi-Fi-equipped smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Meanwhile, prices for the subscription plans are non-refundable.

Gogoair Inflight Internet For T-Mobile And Sprint Customers

If you are a T-Mobile or a Sprint customer, you have more good news. T-Mobile Inflight partnered with Gogoair Inflight Internet to offer its customers free inflight internet service, messaging, and chat on certain Gogo-equipped airlines and flights to, fro, and within the United States.

Consequently, as a T-Mobile or a Sprint customer, you can freely access Gogoair inflight internet throughout your flight, provided that you are on one of the eligible plans.

T-Mobile Eligible Plans

Eligible T-Mobile and Sprint plans include: 

Eligible T-Mobile and Sprint planSupported services
T-Mobile Magenta, ONE, and Sprint ONE plans.Free Wi-Fi for one hour and limitless texting.
T-Mobile Magenta Plus, One Plus, Plus Up, MAX, and Sprint MAX plans.Unlimited Wi-Fi and texting.

Log into your T-Mobile or Sprint account to upgrade to a supported plan. You can also contact T-Mobile customer support.

Connecting To The Gogoair Inflight Internet With Your T-Mobile Or Sprint Account

  • First, ensure you are on an eligible plan listed above.
  • Switch on Airplane mode and Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Also, ensure you enabled Wi-Fi calling.
  • Choose your flight’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to your device’s browser to view the Gogoair webpage. Alternatively, type in  wifi.gogoinflight.com if you were not redirected to the webpage.
  • Choose ‘T-Mobile and Sprint Free texting and Wi-Fi.’
  • Click on ‘Get Started’ if you encounter a T-Mobile Magenta-only screen.
  • Input your T-Mobile/Sprint phone number.
  • Input the numbers and letters in the CAPTCHA box.
  • Click ‘Get Wi-Fi and Texting.’
  • Input your One-Time-PIN.
  • Confirm your connection on the prompted screen.
  • Start enjoying your free texting and internet while aboard.


Thanks to Gogoair inflight internet service, you can confidently travel by air and remain connected to the internet for your business or leisure. You might even get the service without paying extra if you are on an eligible T-Mobile or Sprint plan.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Reach Gogoair Customer Support?

You can call customer support at 1-877-350-0038, visit the customer support page at https://custhelp.gogoinflight.com/ to chat with them on LIVE HELP,  or email them at customercare@gogoair.com.

What Airlines Provide Gogoair Inflight Internet For T-Mobile or Sprint Customers?

T-Mobile and Sprint customers on eligible plans can enjoy Gogoair inflight internet service on Alaska Airlines, select American Airlines, and most domestic and international Delta flights.
Contact your airline to ensure your flight offers Gogoair inflight internet service.

What Are Devices Supported For T-Mobile And Sprint Customers?

Wi-Fi-equipped smartphones with valid T-Mobile phone numbers are supported for the inflight internet benefits. Devices like watches, tablets, and laptops are not supported.


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