Does Royal Brunei Airlines Have WiFi in 2024? [Guide+Facts+FAQs]

Royal Brunei Airlines is the state-owned national flagship bearer airline of Brunei. Headquartered in Bandar Seri Begawan, Royal Brunei Airlines use Brunei International Airport as its central hub. Royal Brunei Airlines serves regular flights to over 32 destinations around the Middle East, south-east Asia, Oceania, and Europe. 

To keep the passengers entertained throughout the journey Royal Brunei offers complimentary inflight wifi that can only be used to connect with the Royal Brunei app for entertainment purposes. Royal Brunei does not have any paid internet packages for surfing the browser. 

Facts about Royal Brunei Airline:

Name Royal Brunei Airlines
Parent CompanyGovernment of Brunei
Headquarter Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Main HubBrunei International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Only for using the RB Impian app)
Operating Aircraft14
Social MediaFacebook

Royal Brunei Inflight WiFi Service:

Royal Brunei Airlines offer free inflight wifi to all passengers for inflight entertainment purpose only. The inflight wifi of Royal Brunei Airlines can not be used for checking emails, using social media, or surfing the web. 

Passengers have to install the RB Impian app prior to flight boarding. During the flight, passengers can use the inflight wifi of Royal Brunei Airlines to have access to the RB Impian app. Passengers can enjoy the latest Hollywood movies, tv shows, international movies, music, etc. from their own personal devices. There is also a kids and family section in the RB Impian app and passengers are requested to bring their own headphones.

How to Connect to Royal Brunei Airlines WiFi?

Passengers can enjoy various movies, shows, and content onboard on the RB Impian app using the Royal Brunei Airlines inflight wifi. Connecting to the RB Impian app is quite an easy task. Simply follow the tasks:

  • Install the RB Impian app on your personal device before boarding.
  • Turn on wifi and search for the RB Impian wifi network
  • Connect to the SSID of Royal Brunei inflight wifi
  • Go to your device’s default browser
  • Search the website
  • Log in to the website and register to give the necessary information
  • Enjoy the flight while watching your preferable content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Royal Brunei offer free inflight Wi-Fi service?

Royal Brunei Airlines have complimentary wifi on all of their flights that can only be used for having access to the RB Impian app. Passengers can not browse the internet using the Royal Brunei Airlines inflight wifi. 

Does Royal Brunei Airlines have any paid inflight internet packages?

Currently, Royal Brunei Airlines does not offer paid inflight internet packages on any flights.

Can I stream Netflix using the Royal Brunei inflight wifi?

The Royal Brunei inflight wifi does not support any internet-based task including streaming Netflix or any other web-based platforms. Passengers can stream movies, tv shows on the RB Impian app using the Royal Brunei inflight wifi.

Can I use iMessage for free on Royal Brunei flights?

You can not send texts on iMessage, WhatsApp, messenger, or any other messaging app using the Royal Brunei inflight wifi.

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