Turkish Airlines WiFi Guide 2024 | How To Connect To TK WiFi?

Turkish Airlines is the flag airline of Turkey. It operates scheduled flights to 315 destinations. This airline is popular for its onboard inflight connectivity.

Turkish Airlines provide complimentary wifi to business class passengers and specific cardholders. On the other hand, economy class passengers can purchase inflight wifi starting with $2.99 (20MB)

A Quick Look

NameTurkish Airlines
wifi providerTürk Telekom infrastructure

Turkish Airlines Complimentary WiFi Plans:

Turkish airlines wifi is provided by Türk Telekom infrastructure. The policy for business class pax and Miles&Smiles cardholders are different from economy class pax. Travellers can choose packages from web pages.

Business class+Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus Card HoldersUnlimited
Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus Card Holders400 MB
Miles&Smiles Classic and Classic Plus Card Holders10 MB

Turkish airlines paid wifi plans

If you fully consume complimentary wifi, then you can purchase more MBPS to stay connected. and economy class passengers can also use and purchase paid wifi plans from below

20 MB2,99 USD
50 MB4,99 USD
100 MB7,99 USD
250 MB14,99 USD
500 MB24,99 USD

Important Note:

We described above the complimentary and paid wifi plans. in addition to this, passengers who travel with A350, A330, B787 and B777 type aircraft can also use and watch live TV and roaming services. You can watch 6 international TV onboard by using this service.

Which of the aircraft have WiFi?

Turkish Airline’s official website ensures us that the following aircraft have a wifi system:

  • A350,
  • A330,
  • A321 NEO,
  • B787,
  • B777 and
  • B737

How to connect to Turkish WiFi?

Yes, you have known enough things about Turkish airlines wifi. Now you need to connect it. Follow this process.

  • Ensure your device have wifi system
  • Enable flight mode on your device
  • Enable Wifi and tap on it
  • You will see Turkish airline wifi access
  • Connect with it and
  • Now you are ready to browse.
  • Just open your browser and choose your package


Which of the Devices and how many devices I can use WiFi?

You can use inflight wifi by laptop, tablet, or smartphone. no problem.

Who is the wifi provider in Turkish airlines?

The wifi provider company is Türk Telekom infrastructure. You can browse more about them through google.

Can I use NetFlix onboard in Turkish?

Yes, You can use Netflix and all social media if you have data. If you do not understand anything, then do not hesitate to talk with the air hostess. They are ready to help you.

What kind of Inflight entertainment have in TK?

You can watch classic movies, listen to songs and connect with the land by internet connection.

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