Thai Airways Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees 2023

Thai Airways have always been one of the world’s best leading airway company based in Thailand. Where ever you are going to go around the world, there is a high chance that Thai airways could be your companion in your journey.

If you have bought a ticket for a ride with Thai airways or thinking of buying one- you should take note of the baggage allowance and requirements that the airline brand follows. If you are on the economy ride, you will be given one carry-on bag complimentary with your purchased ticket. The bag can be of a maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm (22 x 18 x 10 in).

Thai Airways Carry-on baggage allowance

The carry-on allowance for Thai airways is pretty lax since they have a high weight and size allowance compared to most other airline brands. The baggage restrictions apply to all classes without any discrimination. These restrictions are:

  • The maximum dimensions of the standard carry-on must be 56 x 45 x 25 cm. This dimension includes the wheels, handle, and any other retractable features.
  • The maximum dimension of the small bag or purse that you are allowed to carry is 37.5 x 25 x 12.5 cm.
  • The total weight of the carry-on bag must 7 kg while the additional small bag cannot exceed 1.5 kg.
  • The small bag can only have notebooks, laptops, important documents and baby food if needed.

In addition to the baggage that is mentioned above, you can also bring in walking sticks or crutches if a passenger happens to be elderly, handicapped or sick with some disease.

Thai Airways Checked-in baggage allowance

Thai airways follow different regulations for all seat types depending on the route it takes. The regulation also differs depending on the seating types. The checked-in baggage allowances are given below.

For domestic routes:

ClassMaximum weight
Royal Silk Class  40 kg (88 pounds)  
Premium Economy Class  30 kg (66 pounds)  
Economy Class  30 kg (66 pounds)  
-Infant not occupying a seat  10 kg (22 pounds)  

For domestic flights, VIP cardholders have an access to some more weight privileges.

  • Star alliance gold members can take 20 kg extra.
  • Royal Orchid gold members can take 30 kg extra.
  • ROP silver members can take 20 kg extra.

For international flights between Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East:

Royal First Class  50 kg (110 pounds)  
Royal Silk Class  40 kg (88 pounds)  
Premium Economy Class  40 kg (88 pounds)  
SAVER Economy Class  20 kg (44 pounds)  
FLEXI Economy Class  30 kg (66 pounds)  
FULL FLEXI Economy Class  35 kg (77 pounds)  
Infant not occupying a seat  10 kg (22 pounds)  

  In addition to the restrictions mentioned above, the points below must also be taken into consideration:

  • Economy class passengers are only allowed two pieces of baggage that must be within a size limit of 158 linear cm (62 inches).
  • The royal class and royal silk passengers can bring in two pieces of baggage within a size limit of 158 cm (62 inches).
  • VIP cardholders can bring in more extra weight in their baggage ranging from 10-30 more kilos depending on their cards.

For international flights between US/ Canada:

ClassMaximum WeightDimensionsNumber of bags
First (Royal First)32 kg (70 lbs)158 cm2
Business(Royal Silk)32 kg (70 lbs)158 cm2
Economy23 kg (50 lbs)158 cm2
Infant not occupying a seat23 kg (50 lbs)115 cm1

Excess baggage fee

The excess baggage differs between both domestic and international flights. Even in international flights, the excess payment range differs depending on the zone where you’re taking your flight from and where exactly.

Domestic travel:

All the fees are in THBChiang RaiKhon KaenSurat ThaniUdon ThaniChiang MaiHat YaiKrabiPhuketUbon Ratchathani
Chiang Mai125

For international flights:

 To Zone 1To Zone 2To Zone 3To Zone 4To Zone 5To Zone 6
From Zone 112 USD / kg15 USD / kg40 USD / kg45 USD / kg70 USD / kg180 USD / piece
From Zone 215 USD / kg40 USD / kg45 USD / kg55 USD / kg70 USD / kg180 USD / piece
From Zone 340 USD / kg45 USD / kg55 USD / kg60 USD / kg70 USD / kg180 USD / piece
From Zone 445 USD / kg55 USD / kg60 USD / kg70 USD / kg70 USD / kg180 USD / piece
From Zone 570 USD / kg70 USD / kg70 USD / kg70 USD / kg70 USD/ kg180 USD / piece
From Zone 6180 USD / piece180 USD / piece180 USD / piece180 USD / piece180 USD / piece180 USD / piece

The zones are used to represent different countries. For instance, Zone 1 is used for Asia, while Zone 2 is used for Southeast Asia. Zone 3 represents the Middle East. Russia and some parts of Europe and Northern Africa, and Australia fall under Zone 4. The rest of Europe and South Africa falls for Zone 5. USA and Canada are represented by Zone 6.  


Which items are considered restricted?

The airlines themselves do not have a list of restricted items. However, everything that is restricted to be carried like knives, weapons, electric batteries, etc will not be tolerated under any means. The rules are the same as other airlines.

How to transport sporting or musical instruments?

The special equipment will not be given any special consideration but will be counted together with the checked baggage. Of course, you could also buy extra transportation rights for your instrument package.

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