Sun Country Airlines Carry On Size, Weight, Fees, Limits & Restrictions 2023

How many carry-on items are allowed by Sun Country Airlines, and what are their dimensions? Sun Country Airlines allows every passenger one carry-on item and one personal item. The dimension of the personal item is 17inch x 13inch x 9inch. And the maximum weight of the carry-on bag is 35 pounds; the maximum dimension is 24inch x 16inch x 11inch tall.

Sun Country Carry-on Baggage:

Sun Country Airlines allows every passenger one carry-on item and one personal item. The personal item has to fit under the seat. The carry-on bag is to be put in the bin over the head. Otherwise, the bag will get checked.

Personal item: 

Although the personal item which is allowed is not charged in Sun Country Airlines, the carry-on bag, and the checked bags are all charged. The dimension of the personal item is 17inch x 13inch x 9inch. The measurement of the personal item:

Measurement of personal item:

Side of the personal itemMaximum size
  • A personal item includes a purse, laptop, or an item of a similar size.
  • Only one personal item is allowed and it does not get charged.
  • The personal item should be able to adjust under the seat.

Things that do not count in your carry-on allowance:

  1. A jacket
  2. Umbrella
  3. Diaper bag
  4. Devices such as wheelchairs, child restraint seats, walkers, crutches, strollers, etc.

Carry-on bag:

Sun Country airlines only allow one carry-on bag. The maximum dimension of the carry-on bag is 24inch x 16inch x 11inch tall, and the maximum weight is 35 pounds. The maximum allowed measurements of the carry-on bags are shown in the chart below:

Measurement of the carry-on bag:

Sides and weight of the carry-on bagMaximum allowed measurement
Weight35 pounds
  • Carry-on baggage fee: Fees vary based on when the passenger purchases and are non-refundable.
  • Depending on the destination of the passenger, the following fees that the passenger has to pay for the carry-on bags are:

Carry-on Baggage Fee:

DestinationsCarry-on baggage fee
At the time of bookingup to USD 30
Before and at the time of online checkingUSD 35
At AirportUSD 40

Rules regarding Carry-on liquids:

The rules regarding carrying liquids as carry-on items are not instructed by Sun Country airlines. The rules are set by TSA and FAA. The rule “TSA 3-1-1” regarding the quantity of liquid allowed on board is followed by Sun Country Airlines.

  • The rule says that a passenger can carry liquid and gel-like substances as long as they are in travel-sized containers.
  • These containers can hold 3.4 ounces or less.
  • The containers must fit in a resealable bag that is quart-size.

*Note: 1 passenger is allowed to have only one such resealable bag.

Allowed Foods in Carry-On Bag:

Allowed FoodNecessary instructions/ comments
Alcoholic beverages, GravyYes, it is allowed as long as its quantity is less than or equivalent to 3.4 oz/ 100 ml.
Baby FoodYes, it is allowed but in reasonable quantities. Remove these items from carry-on bags while screening to be checked separately.
Baby FormulaYes, it is allowed but in reasonable quantities. Remove these items from carry-on bags while screening as food will get checked separately.
Bottled waterYes, it is allowed as long as its quantity is less than or equivalent to 3.4 oz/ 100 ml.
Bread, Cooked Food (Meat, vegetables, seafood)Solid or dry food such as bread can be transported both in carry-on or checked bags.
Candys, Cereals, Cookies, Crackers, Dry fruits, Fresh eggs, GumsSince these are dry food, they are allowed.
Cheese, ChocolateIt is to be mentioned that if the cheese/ chocolate is creamy, it will be allowed as long as the quantity is not more than 3.4 oz/ 100 ml. The quantity is not of concern if the cheese/ chocolate is solid.
Live LobsterIt needs to be checked with the airline.

*Special Instructions for Carrying Fresh meat, seafood, and frozen food:

Seafood and meat are allowed both in carry-on and checked bags.

  • If the food is frozen and brought with ice packs, the ice packs are to be completely frozen when brought through screening.
  • Frozen food will not be permitted to be brought on board if the ice melts partially and has water at the container’s bottom.
  • In carry-on, you are allowed to pack frozen perishables in dry ice.
  • You are limited to five pounds of dry ice by FAA. It has to be adequately packaged and marked.

Sun Country Airlines Carry-On Pet Policy:

  • Pets are not allowed to be checked as baggage.
  • Small dogs/cats are allowed in the passenger section but within the USA.
  • The pet should be able to fit in a ventilated pet carrier and be able to fit under your front seat.
  • The maximum dimension of the pet carrier is 16inch x 10inch x 8inch.
  • A maximum number of 4 pets are allowed on a flight.
  • You need to sure that there is space for your pet on the flight.
  • A passenger can bring only one pet onboard.
  • Pet fees are charged each way. For a one-way flight, the advance reservation costs USD 75, and the reservation, if made at check-in, costs USD 100.

Checked Baggage:

Checked baggage can have a maximum of 62 linear inches, that is, the total summation of length, breadth and height can be no greater than 62inches. The maximum weight that is allowed without additional charges is 50 pounds.

  • Checked bags weighing 51-99 pounds will be allowed with the additional fee as per the weight charge chart provided below:

Extra Baggage Fee

Weight/ Linear inches of a checked oversized bagAdditional Charges
51-60 pounds+ $20
61-99 pounds+ $60
63+ linear inches+ $100
Special Sporting Equipment+ $100
  • Exception: Checked bags that are 70 pounds or more, will not be allowed on a flight if the flight is to/from Jamaica and Puerto Rico.
  • No Sun Country flight will allow checked bags that weigh 100 pounds or more.

Other things that need to be mentioned:

  • If you are checking four bags or more, you need to call reservations.
  • You should mark your name clearly on your checked bags.


What will happen if the carry-on item does not fit below the front seat on Sun Country Airlines?

 If the carry-on item does not fit below the seat in front of you, you will have to pay an additional $25-$40 for the item. Carry-on items can have a maximum dimension of 24 x 16 x 11 inches, including wheels and handles.

How do I get an additional checked bag free of charge on Sun Country?

On Sun Country airlines, selective passengers such as active U.S. military and Sun Country Airlines® Visa Signature® Cardholders get free checked luggage. The rest of the travellers need to pay for a checked bag.

What can a passenger carry in her purse on a Sun Country plane?

She can carry most toiletries and cosmetics in her purse, but liquid-gel substances are allowed as long as these are not more than 3.4 ounces. She can carry dry stuff, such as mint, gum, etc.

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