A Complete Guide to SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi in 2024 [Completely FREE]

SkyWest Airlines started its inflight Wi-Fi service back in 2011, which is a piece of great news for the passengers. SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi is available for 13 Bombardier-manufactured CRJ700 and CRJ900 airplanes. However, it is not available for smaller CRJ200 airplanes. Whether you are travelling by a CRJ700 or a CRJ900, let me tell you how you can connect to the SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi and enjoy Netflix, Amazon movies, or anything you desire sitting on the plane.

How Does SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi work?

There are two systems by which SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi works. Aeroplanes have transponders attached to their bodies that receive signals from the network towers on the ground. This system of Wi-Fi transmission is known as Air To Ground transmission, which was introduced around 20 years back. Such an inflight Wi-Fi system has a bandwidth of only 3-5 Mbps per second.

But the good news is that Gogo has introduced another inflight Wi-Fi system which is really fast. This system is a satellite-based transmission system known as 2Ku that provides a bandwidth of 50 Mbps to flight passengers. The ATG system doesn’t work over the sea, but 2Ku even works in those areas. Moreover, streaming videos with ATG transmission wasn’t possible, but now it has become possible with 2Ku Wi-Fi.

The inflight Wi-Fi is available on your smartphones, laptops, or any other device that you’ll take with you. You can use it to exchange messages, send an email, or even for entertainment purposes. However, not every device can stream videos with inflight Wi-Fi. You need to have a minimum Android 8.0 version to stream videos on your smartphone.

SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi Plans

Skywest airline’s Wi-Fi plans are available for every budget. Here is the list of plans that you can choose from-

1-Hour Pass$ 7.00
All-Day Pass$ 19.00
Monthly Airline Plan$ 49.95/month
Global Delta Plan$ 69.95/month
Annual Airline Plan$ 599.00/year

How to Connect SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi?

Here are the steps following which you can connect to SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi-

  • First of all, you have to purchase a Gogo Internet pass or a subscription from their official website.
  • When you are on the flight, you have to turn on Airplane mode and then Wi-Fi.
  • Then you have to tap on the network option with the name of Gogo or the airlines. Some airlines have Gogo as the inflight network option; others have the network option under their own name.
  • After that, go to the Gogo homepage of your browser and sign in to your Gogo account. Now you can use SkyWest Airlines Wi-Fi without any hassle.

SkyWest Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Most people mistake inflight Wi-Fi for inflight entertainment, but they aren’t the same. Most aeroplanes, including Skywest Airlines, offer inflight entertainment through a tablet light touch screen fixed at the back of the seats. You can enjoy movies and songs of your choice through it.

SkyWest Airlines offers newly released movies like Commando, A Journal for Jordan, The Hating Game, etc., and songs of famous artists like Alessia Cara for passengers to enjoy on the seatback screen.

When inflight entertainment was first introduced during the early 20th century, it used to be without the touch feature. All the passengers would enjoy the same movie. There was no option of watching a movie of your choice. But due to the touch screen option, you can stream anything of your choice on the IFE tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is inflight Wi-Fi free?

Inflight Wi-Fi requires you to pay a fee. You have to buy a Gogo inflight Wi-Fi pass/plan to use Skywest Airlines Wi-Fi during your flight.

Is there a time limit for using inflight Wi-Fi?

The price of inflight Wi-Fi is determined based on the duration of your flight. So, there’s no time limit on it. You can use Wi-Fi during your entire flight. But it also depends on the pass/subscription plan that you’re buying. There is a 1-hour pass for $7, which you can only use for an hour. Again, there’s an all-day pass for $19, which you can use throughout your flight.

Can I use inflight Wi-Fi on multiple devices?

Skywest airline’s Wi-Fi is available on only two devices as per Gogo’s Acceptable Use Policy.

What is the limitation of Skywest Airlines Wi-Fi?

The airplanes that are connected to Wi-Fi via the ATG system won’t let you stream videos. But if the Wi-Fi is running under the 2Ku satellite system, you can stream videos without any hindrance.

Is Skywest Airlines Wi-Fi available for international flights?

Yes, it is available for both domestic and international flights.

Who is the Wi-Fi provider of Skywest Airlines?

Skywest airlines provide inflight Wi-Fi to its passengers through the Gogo Inflight Network Provider.

So, next time when you fly by a Skywest Airlines flight, don’t forget to buy a Skywest airline’s Wi-Fi subscription to make your journey enjoyable. I hope this guide has helped you get an in-depth understanding of Skywest airline’s Wi-Fi.

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