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The 1945 founded airlines, Saudia is known for also being the 3rd hugest one in the middle east. And with that amount of recognition, the Saudia wifi also needs to be up to that standard.

There are several flights that fly both internationally and domestically, all around the globe from here.

For both short and long flights, certain aircraft provide inflight internet-using facilities to the passengers.

Let’s find more on that today!

Saudia WiFi Plans

Saudia manages booking procedures for in-flight Wi-Fi plans online and there are several discounts you can avail of from time to time.

To specifically know whether or not those are available when you are planning to travel, make sure to explore the official website and eye on any offered discount at that moment.

Here are the details of the typical plan to expect on board.

Plan NameLimitationCharge
Flight PlanNot More Than 300MB24.49 Dollars
3 HRS PlanNot More Than 100MB14.49 Dollars
1 HRS PlanNot More Than 50MB9.49 Dollars

However, WiFi is not available for all aircraft. It is limited to only a few. But the airlines are working to install advanced WiFi in more aircraft with passing time.

Here is the list of the ones that do:

Aircraft TypeTotal WiFi Equipped Aircrafts Under the Type

Purchase Method: You can use your credit card for purchasing the plans. Also, it is available through Apple Pay if you are an iOS user.

How to Use Saudia WiFi Free?

There are several fantastic facilities provided to their passengers to make the Saudi airlines experience worthwhile. And in that attempt, Saudia actually even introduced a mobile app. So that passengers can get the in-flight free WiFi connection in the simplest way possible.

This is targeted at all the passengers who need to check their social media or even emails for work purposes. Accessing the internet has become a piece of cake thanks to the provided app, which also, by the way, is the first in the industry.

The app requires the passenger to scan a bar code. And it should be printed right on the boarding pass. This shall trigger the system to provide a special access code. Using the code, passengers can connect with the On-air connectivity portal.

Keep in mind this applies to the international flights that A330s and B777-300s aircraft operate. There’s no such need for a passenger to provide any personal detail to connect.

How to Connect Saudia WiFi?

  • You will need to start by turning on the Airplane mode.
  • Then start the WiFi on your device.
  • Scan for new networks and connect with the UON’s network blip once it appears on the screen.
  • And it should be connected to the onboard WiFi.

Speed Tip – If you want to enjoy with maximum speed make sure there’s no background app running on your device.

Saudia WiFi Inflight Entertainment

Just like how the Saudi airline’s food sounds a necessary thing to check before getting on board you need to find out about the inflight entertainment available as well. Because for long flights, those are going to play a big role in passing your time.

So, Saudia provides WiFi facilities and it accompanies a bunch of entertainment choices from movies to games that you can use from the individual screen on board.

The available individual screen allows you to pick from a wide range of programs. Saudia claims to update those each month. And you can get the available items in so many languages as well.

Contents available for Saudia Wifi Inflight entertainment include different genres of films, at least a dozen of them. There are also radio channels, series, cartoons, and documentaries consisting of TV programs, flight stress relieving relaxation shows, national and international news, interactive games, and Geovision for tracking/locating the aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is Saudia Wifi?

The speed of Saudia airline wifi is around 56kibs per second. However, depending on many other factors on the specific day of usage, it can be slightly more or less.

Who Is Saudia Airline Wifi Provider?

On-air is a well-known WiFi provider that also partners with Saudia for the inflight internet experience passengers get.

Does Saudia Wifi Allows using Netflix?

Yes, you can use Saudia WiFi and stream Netflix with it. You are allowed to watch from any device no matter if it’s a smartphone or a laptop.

Do all their Saudia aircraft consist of an in-flight Wi-Fi service?

Not really! There are specific aircraft that provide WiFi services to the passengers. And the total number of such aircraft is slightly less than 100.

Is Saudia WiFi a non-subscription service?

You will require purchasing a plan to use the in-flight WiFi service. And so, obviously, it is not a non-subscription service.

Do vouchers have a validity time period?

Yes. In most cases, the vouchers you get are available for use until a full year. And it is counted from the issued date.

Can I purchase the Wi-Fi facilities after boarding my aircraft?

Yes, that’s possible. You can board the plane and then purchase the package that suits your preference without any problem.

Can I Get Saudia Airline Wifi Refund?

In most cases, you can. You will need to visit the official airline website and then fill up the contact form with the refund request. The flight number and ticket number would be necessary for you to avail of the refund.

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