Philippines Airlines WiFi & Inflight Entertainment Guide

Philippines Airlines (PAL) is the first airline in Asia. It is the oldest commercial airline among the Asian countries, and it is the flag carrier airline of the Philippines.

Philippines Airlines WiFi has attractive data plans for its passengers. You can purchase their package, which starts from just $3, or you can also enjoy free WiFi up to 100 MB in Business Class seats. 

Philippines Airlines WiFi is their inflight WiFi service. The WiFi connection is fast, and reliable, and it is free for initial usage for all classes of passengers. Here we will discuss everything that you need to know about Philippines Airlines WiFi. You have come to the right place if you want to know in-depth information about the airline and its services.

Philippines Airlines (PAL) At A Glance

Airlines NamePhilippines Airlines (PAL)
HeadquarterPNB Financial Centre, Macapagal Boulevard, Bay City, Pasay, Philippines.
WiFiInflight WiFi available (paid/free)
WiFi ProviderSITAOANIR’s Internet OnAir
Inflight EntertainmentAvailable
Contact Number+632) 8556-2151 1-800-435-9725 (USA/Canada)
WebsitePhilippines Airlines
Social MediaFacebook  Twitter  Instagram

Philippines Airlines Entertainment myPAL eSuit

You will never be bored while travelling on Philippines Airlines. The airline is offering a unique and extensive entertainment service for its passengers. With the myPAL eSuite, you can choose from 300 hours of the latest movies, TV shows, music, games, and more, all from your seatback TV screen.

Philippines Airlines Mobile App myPAL Player

You can download the myPAL Player App for inflight streaming. Download it prior to your flight from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Enjoy all sorts of latest entertainment in the comfort of your own device while on board with the help of Philippines Airlines WiFi.

Philippines Airlines WiFi

Philippines Airlines WiFi gives you free 3 MB data packs for every class of seats. However, you can not view photos and videos in the pack. If you are travelling in Business Class, you can enjoy free Philippines Airlines WiFi for up to 100 MB. To access the package, all you have to do is input the promo code given in their scratch cards.

For more comfortable data usage, you can buy packages from their WiFi plans. The WiFi plans are applicable for anyone device at a time and for single time use.

They offer three data plans at an affordable cost. Here are the details-

PackagesDataCosts ($)
Chat Plan5 MB3
WiFi Plan100 MB10
WiFi PlanUnlimited40

Steps To Connect Philippines Airlines WiFi

  • Make sure your mobile is in airplane mode and only take it out once it is safe.
  • Turn on the WiFi from network settings keeping the device in airplane mode.
  • From the list of available WiFi networks, choose ‘myPAL’ and click connect.
  • Open the web browser, and it will automatically take you to the login portal.
  • If it does not show, go to
  • Follow the steps, and click on ‘Go Online.’
  • Enjoy inflight Philippines Airlines WiFi.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Inflight WiFi Available In Philippines Airlines (PAL)?

Yes, Philippines Airlines WiFi is available for its inflight passengers.

Can I Do Zoom Meetings Using Philippines Airlines WiFi?

No, Zoom calls or video calls can not be performed using Philippines Airlines WiFi.

Can I Stream Netflix Using Philippines Airlines WiFi?

Yes, Netflix streaming is permissible under Philippines Airlines WiFi. You can even use your seatback TV screens.

Can I Voice Call People Inland Using Philippines Airlines WiFi?

Yes, you can make voice calls using Philippines Airlines WiFi.

Is Philippines Airlines WiFi Free?

Philippines Airlines WiFi is free for a very limited time. For comfortable WiFi usage, you can purchase from their data packs.

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