Does Omni Air International Have Wi-Fi & Inflight Entertainment 2023

Notwithstanding that in-flight Wi-Fi is a growing trend in the aviation industry, you would not get it in airlines like Omni Air International.

Omni Air International is a private, for-lease carrier with an operational base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.

It offers passenger and governmental leasing services worldwide with a fleet size of 15 Boeing aircraft.

With certifications from IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), ARGUS, and two other safety regulatory bodies, their services include:

  • Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance (ACMI) Services
  • Short-notice Charter Services
  • Airline Startup and Development
  • Aircraft Management

Omni Air International In-flight Wi-Fi Services

Omni Air International does not provide in-flight Wi-Fi on any of its fleets. None of their seat classes (first, premium, business, or economy class) has accessible in-flight  Wi-Fi.

One could hardly blame them as the expenses accrued in equipping aeroplanes with in-flight Wi-Fi is much and unaffordable to some airlines.

Passengers also might be dissatisfied with the quality of Wi-Fi speed available during flights, as in-flight Wi-Fi is known to be much slower than on-ground

Furthermore, Omni Air International is a private airline that generates revenue mainly from leasing its aircraft to corporate clients, the US, and other affiliated governments. It also accepts contracts like evacuation, rescue, emergency, and general transportation services.

Consequently, that might be why the management is yet to see the need to install in-flight Wi-Fi technology onboard for passengers.

In-flight Entertainment (IFE) On Omni Air International

Though without in-flight Wi-Fi, Omni Air International offers wireless in-flight entertainment services for passengers during flights.

The airline provides a variety of individual RAVE seatback entertainment on all their aircraft, courtesy of Safran Passenger Innovations. The in-flight entertainment content includes a selection of movies, TVshows, music videos and games.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does Omni Air International have Wi-Fi?

No. Omni Air International is yet to equip its aircraft with in-flight Wi-Fi.

How Fast Is Omni Air International Wi-Fi?

Inflight Wi-Fi service is not available on any of Omni Air International flights.

Does Omni Air International Wi-Fi Support Netflix?

Omni Air International Wi-Fi does not support Netflix as there is no Wi-Fi service available on any of its flights.

How Do I Connect to Omni Air International Wi-Fi?

You can not connect to in-flight Wi-Fi on Omni Air International as the service is unavailable.

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