A Proven Guide To Oakland Airport Wi-Fi 2023 | OAK Wi-Fi

Oakland International Airport (OAK) has free internet Wi-Fi accessible to travelers throughout its terminals serviced by Boingo Wireless.

The Oakland Airport, located in Oakland, California, operates domestic passenger flights (within the US) and international flights (passengers and cargo).

Oakland Airport’s management committee is the Port of Oakland.

The Oakland (OAK) Airport Wi-Fi

The Oakland Airport has free and paid internet Wi-Fi access to its passengers and visitors in its two terminals. 

To improve customer satisfaction, the OAK airport offers different Wi-Fi options to users provided by Boingo Wireless.

The first Wi-Fi speed offer is a complimentary, ad-supported Wi-Fi with 45-minutes free sessions per 30-second advertisement. It implies that customers require to watch a 30-second short ad to access each free 45-minutes session.

Optionally, users can elect to use higher-speed, commercial-free Wi-Fi access for a minimal fee. Users selecting this option need to subscribe to Boingo’s Wi-Fi plans.

Cost Of Oakland Airport Wi-Fi

The complimentary Wi-Fi access in the OAK airport is free of charge, while the paid Wi-Fi access is for a minimal fee. The paid Wi-Fi is ad-free and requires a subscription to Boingo’s Wi-Fi plans.

Connecting To The OAK Airport Wi-Fi

Ensure your device is a Wi-Fi-supported device before connecting. Connect to the OAK airport Wi-Fi via these steps:

  • Open your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • Confirm your device’s Wi-Fi is ON.
  • Get to the “Boingo” hotspot.
  • Tap the “Boingo” hotspot to connect.
  • Open your device’s browser to view the Wi-Fi access webpage.
  • On the webpage, tap on  “Watch an ad to Connect.”
  • Play a 30-second ad.
  • Enjoy your Wi-Fi connection.

For further assistance, reach out to the Boingo customer service at (800) 880-4117 or email support@boingo.com.

Places To Enjoy Free Wi-Fi At OAK Airport

  • Escape Lounge OAK – The Centurion® Studio Partner

Enjoy a free, fast, and privately secured Wi-Fi while you wait for your flight at the Escape Lounge. The lounge is open for booking by any passenger irrespective of the airline, boarding status, or card membership.

You can book online 24 hours ahead of your flight date at a fee of $40 or pay $45 as a walk-in fee. However, the lounge is complimentary to American Express Platinum and Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Card Members (travelling on their scheduled Delta flight date).

Opening hours of the lounge are from 5 AM – 8 PM, and the location is at Terminal 1, post-security between Gates 8 and 8A.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Find Free Wi-Fi At OAK Airport?

Yes. The Oakland Airport (OAK) has free and paid Wi-Fi in all its terminals.

What Is Oakland Airport Wi-Fi Name?

The SSID of the Oakland Airport Wi-Fi is “Boingo.”

Who Provides Wi-Fi At Oakland Airport?

Boingo Wireless is the internet service provider for Oakland Airport Wi-Fi.

How To Connect To The OAK Airport Wi-Fi?

Before you connect, clarify your device is a Wi-Fi-supported device. Find and tap the “Boingo” hotspot on your device. Open your device’s browser to the Wi-Fi access webpage and tap “Watch an ad to connect.” Play a 30-second ad to get connected to the Wi-Fi.


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