How To Connect To Nashville Airport WIFI 2023 | BNA Airport Free WiFi

If you need to pass the Nashville airport TSA wait times without being bored, then some public WIFI network would be really helpful. And thankfully the BNA provides pretty enhanced quality internet service for the public visiting the airport space.

The ad-supported WIFI network would be enough to help you browse the internet and check social media as well as an email to pass quite a few minutes.

However, it’s limited and you will require to buy a regular data pack if the long stay is what you plan. That also means, there is free Nashville airport wifi available.

A glance at Nashville Airport

Full NameNashville International Airport (BNA)
City & CountryNashville, United States
Airport CodeBNA
Airlines flew from here16 airlines every day
Flights & Cities585 flights/day & 72 cities
Total Runways4
Terminal1 Terminal
ConcourseA-D Concourse
Far from city5 miles SE of NASHVILLE, TN
Zip Code37217

Nashville Airport WIFI Details

Check the given information for accessing the WIFI at Nashville Airport:

Information TypeDetail
WiFi CategoryComplimentary/Free
RequirementNeed To Watch Ad/Survey Completion/App Downloading
Session RepentanceYes
Duration Limit30 Minutes
Speed5 Mbps
Service ProviderBoingo

There are some minute suites available, and they do offer wi-fi. But that’s not free and you have to pay for spending time inside the minute suites and that includes charges for wifi usage as well. Along with that, you can also avail of the paid plans offered by Boingo for further usage of the internet inside the airport.

Connect Nashville Airport WIFI

  1. Go to the settings of your WIFI-enabled device and turn the WIFI ON.
  2. Next, you need to scan for new networks and wait until ‘Boingo Hotspot’ pops on the screen.
  3. You need to select the SSID, and it will connect after a while.
  4. Next, open a browser of your choice and visit any public website. Select the “get online now” option.
  5. If any popups appear on the screen, you can cross those out.
  6. The internet should be available for you to use then.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas cover the Nashville Airport Wifi for free?

Free WIFI is available in all the areas visited by the public frequently. And this includes the food court, baggage claim, ticketing lobby, gates, and concourses.

Can one charge the mobile device at Nashville airport?

Yes. If you run out of battery by using WIFI then you can use the mobile charging station located at Gate 10.

Is there WIFI available in lounge areas?

There are 3 lounges but only 2 offers with WIFI facilities. These are Delta sky club and American Airlines Admirals Club lounges. Both are only limited to members. After visiting the lounge, the Nashville airport authority present there will provide you with the password to connect to the WIFI.

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