MKE International Airport WiFi | How to Connect MKE Airport WiFi?

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport or MKE international airport is a joint-use (civil-military) airport located in Wisconsin, United States. It was named after USA General Billy Mitchell. The airport is situated on 2180 acres of land and has five runways. MKE Airport provides both free and paid wifi to its passengers and visitors.

NameMilwaukee Mitchell International Airport
Owner Milwaukee County
OperatorMilwaukee County Airport Department
Aircraft Operations87,457
Wifi serviceYes (Free & Paid)
CountryUnited States of America
Location5300 South Howell AvenueMilwaukee, Wisconsin

Does MKE Airport Have WiFi Access?

Before 2018, MKE airport provided free wifi services for only an hour. After the complimentary time, passengers had to pay $4.95 for one hour, $7.95 for a whole day, and $9.95 for unlimited monthly access to all the Boingo hotspots throughout the country. All these paid packages are still available for faster internet access. 

Now MKE airport offers unlimited free wifi service in the terminal, baggage carousel, boarding gate, mall areas, and throughout the entire airport. For free internet access, you have to watch sponsor ads. Sponsor ad-free paid internet packages are also available. If you want ad-free high-speed internet access, you can purchase the Boingo paid packages.

Internet PackagePriceTime Duration
Unlimited access under the conditionN/A (watch sponsor ads)Unlimited
Boingo one hour4.95 USD1 hour
Boingo AsYouGo7.95 USD24 hour
Boingo Unlimited9.95 USDOne month access (all the USA airports that have Boingo hotspot)

How to connect to the MKE airport WiFi?

Miki airport provides unlimited free wifi access to all their passengers inside the airport premises. For a higher speed, you can always purchase the Bingo paid packages. 

 Connect to the MKE free WiFi service:

  • Turn on Wifi on your device
  • Select “MKE Free WiFi”
  • Launch your browser and it will redirect you to a welcome page that will allow you to enjoy the unlimited wifi service.
  • You have to watch some sponsor ads to be able to enjoy the free service.

Connect to the Boingo Paid Internet: 

  • Enable wifi on your device.
  • Search for “Boingo Hotspot”
  • Connect to ‘Boingo Hotspot’
  • Open your browser. It will redirect you to the portal page.
  • Log in to your Boingo account or create a new one
  • Purchase your preferable package.
  • Enjoy your internet for the time period you paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Milwaukee have free WiFi?

Yes, Milwaukee airport has unlimited free wifi all around the airport premises.

Is MKE airport free wifi fast?

You can enjoy MKE airport’s free wifi service by watching sponsor ads. For high-speed internet access, you have to purchase MKE Boingo paid internet packages.

Can I connect to more than one device using MKE airport free wifi?

You are allowed to connect to as many devices as you want using the free wifi service.

What to do if I can’t connect to the MKE airport wifi?

If you face any trouble connecting your device, you can contact 1-866-3-BOINGO or

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