Lufthansa Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Fees

With Lufthansa airlines, you can enjoy travelling anywhere around the world with a pleasant and comfortable journey. So if you are thinking of taking a ride with Lufthansa airlines, you should first have a clear idea about the baggage regulations, restrictions, etc.

Lufthansa allows its economy class passengers to take a single standard complimentary carry-on bag. The bag must have maximum dimensions within 21.6 x 15.7 x 9 inches (55 x 40 x 23 cm).  In addition, they can also bring along another small personal bag, purse or laptop bag. This personal bag must be within 11.8 x 15.7 x 3.9 inches (30 x 40 x 10 cm). The net weight of all the bags must not exceed 8 kg.

Carry-on baggage allowance

Lufthansa airlines have made passenger’s safety their first priority. They might have a lot of restrictions and policies to follow, but they are all to keep you safe from any potential harm. The airline authorizes has bag allowance which differs for all seat classes which are: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First.

The baggage allowance allocation of the airlines is given in the table below:

ClassNumber of BagsWeight
Premium Economy18kg
Business28 kg/ bag
First-class28 kg/ bag

The size restriction for all classes is the same and must be within 21.6 x 15.7 x 9 inches. In addition, you can also bring in a small laptop bag or a foldable garment bag depending on your need and preference. The laptop bag must be within a size limit of 11.8 x 15.7 x 3.9 inches. The size allocation for the foldable garment bag is 11.8 x 15.7 x 3.9 inches.

If you have an infant with you, Lufthansa airlines has the following policies when dealing with infants and such children:

  • Children under the age of 2 will have a single carry-on baggage allowance. This must be within a maximum weight of 23 kg. However, this is not applicable for Economy seat for flights within Europe. 
  •  You may carry a buggy or car-seat with you free of charge.
  • You can only carry 1 stroller free of charge, and that must be checked and authorized by the flight attendants before the start of the flight.

Checked-in baggage allowance

Lufthansa Airlines has a specific policy for its checked baggage. This baggage allowance depends on the seat class that you have taken.  However, regardless of your class the maximum size of your baggage must be within 62 inches (158 cm). If any of the bags exceed this size, an extra fee will be imposed on the said baggage.

In addition to cards, VIP cardholders are also allowed special privileges like taking more bags with them irrespective of the seating class. The restrictions imposed by class have been drawn in the following table:

GeneralFrequent travellerSenators/ HON Circle Members/ Star Alliance Gold MembersSWISS Golf Club Members
Economy Class1 bag up to 23 kg2 bags up to 23 kg each2 bags up to 23 kg each1 bag up to 23 kg
Business Class 2 bags up to 32 kg each2 bags up to 32 kg each3 bags up to 32 kg each2 bags up to 32 kg each
First Class3 bags up to 32 kg each3 bags up to 32 kg each4 bags up to 32 kg each3 bags up to 32 kg each

Excess baggage fees

If your bag/s exceeds the allocated weight or size limit that has been imposed on them, you will need to pay extra. The extra fee is determined by the route you’re taking. However, only a maximum of 32 kg and 159 cm will be allowed. Any more than that will not be transported as per the airline regulations.

RouteEconomy and Premium Economy FaresEconomy and Premium Economy FaresBusiness and First Class Fares
 Larger or HeavierLarger and heavierLarger
Domestic (within Germany)€40 (~$46)€80 (~$92)€40 (~$46)
Within Europe€50 (~$57)€100 (~$114)€50 (~$57)
To/from North Africa, Central Asia, and eastern Mediterranean Coast€75 (~$86)€150 (~$173)€75 (~$86)
Short intercontinental routes€100 (~$115)€200 (~$230)€100 (~$115)
Long intercontinental routes€150 (~$173)€300 (~$345)€150 (~$173)
Medium intercontinental routes€120 (~$138)€240 (~$276)€120 (~$138)
To/from JapanHeavier: €100 (~$150)
Larger: €200 (~$300)
€300 (~$400)€200 (~$300)

If you are going to be purchasing extra baggage rights beforehand, you won’t need to pay more for them. On domestic flights, the fee for extra baggage ranges from 15 to 90 Euros depending on how many bags you are going to take and the sizes of each bag.

It costs far more to buy extra baggage rights on international flights. However, if you notify the airport authorities in advance you will be eligible for various discounts that will bring down the price of the bags.  

Pet transportation policies

Lufthansa airline charges you extra if you are going to carry pets with you. The level of the applicable charge is decided on the total weight of your pet and crate. As long as the pets are properly vaccinated the airline authorities will allow you to take them with you. However, they will be considered as extra baggage under all circumstances.

Rates per animalWithin GermanyWithin Europe and third-world countriesIntercontinental
Small: Animals in the cabin. Max. 8 kg35 EUR, 50 USD50 EUR, 70 USD70 EUR, 100 USD
Medium: Animals in the hold.70 EUR, 100 USD1000 EUR, 150 USD150 EUR, 200 USD
Large: Animals in the hold.150 EUR, 200 USD200 EUR, 300 USD300 EUR, 400 USD

Restricted items

  • Pointy or sharp items like knives and harpoons.
  • Toxic and poisonous chemicals and substances like pesticides.
  • Medicine unless you have the right prescription to show the authorities.
  • Firearms and fire hazard objects.
  • Lighters and matchsticks.
  • Battery operated machines, even if the battery is removed.


Does Lufthansa charge for baggage?

Each seating class comes with their own complimentary baggage allowance. If your baggage/s fit the allocations you will not need to make any payment. Only if the bag/s exceeds the restrictions will you need to pay.

Can you take a handbag along with carry-on luggage onboard?

Yes, you are allowed to take in a small handbag along. This bag can only carry important documents that you might need or a laptop or baby food if required.

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