LOT Polish Airlines Wi-Fi, Internet & Entertainment Guide 2024

Poland’s national flagship carrier airline, Lot Polish Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world.

To cope with the modern aviation industries, LOT Polish Airlines offers all the contemporary facilities such as inflight entertainment, digital press, and complimentary inflight wifi for entertainment system purposes on selected flights. Boeing 737s aircraft of LOT Polish Airlines is equipped with inflight wifi facilities that will only give access to the LOT Entertainment system.

LOT Polish Airlines serves regular flights to approximately 120 destinations across Asia, Europe, and North America. Warsaw Chopin Airport is the main hub of LOT Polish Airways.

A Glance at LOT Polish Airlines:

Name LOT Polish Airlines
Parent CompanyPolish Aviation Group
AllianceStar Alliance
Headquarter Warsaw, Poland
Focus CitiesKrakow Airport
Main HubWarsaw Chopin Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Only for inflight entertainment systems)
Paid wifi packages No
Passenger Destinations120
Operating Aircraft71
Social MediaFacebook

LOT Polish Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi:

LOT Polish Airlines provides free inflight wifi for accessing the LOT Entertainment website on selected Boeing 737s flights. The Boeing 737s aircraft of LOT Polish Airlines only operates to short-haul destinations so inflight wifi is not available on any long-haul flights of LOT Polish Airlines. But to keep the passengers entertained,  seatback entertainment screens are installed on Boeing 737 Dreamliner LOT Polish aircraft that operate to long-haul destinations. 

The inflight wifi of LOT Polish Airlines can not be used for checking WhatsApp, email, using social media, or browsing the internet. Passengers can use the inflight wifi for accessing to LOT entertainment website and enjoy the latest movies, tv shows, and music onboard for free. 

How to connect to the LOT Polish Inflight WiFi?

Passengers can enjoy various content onboard on their own from devices on the LOT entertainment website using the LOT Polish Airlines inflight wifi. Simply follow the steps to connect to the inflight wifi of  LOT Polish Airlines:

  • Turn on wifi on your device
  • Search for the SSID “LOT Entertainment”
  • Connect to the network
  • After connecting to the network if the login portal does not appear automatically, go to your default browser and search lot.streamonboard.com
  • Click on the terms and condition box after reviewing them.
  • Go to the homepage of the website and enjoy your preferable movies and tv shows. 

LOT Polish Inflight Entertainment:

LOT Polish Airlines have different entertainment arrangements for different flights for ensuring a satisfying experience for the passengers. 

  • Boeing 737 Dreamliner LOT Polish aircraft have installed seatback screens for passengers to enjoy films and music. 
  • Boeing 737s aircraft have inflight wifi for accessing the LOT entertainment system
  • All the flights of LOT Polish airlines have Kaleidoscope Inflight Magazine.
  • LOT Polish Airlines also have a DIGITAL PRESS that will allow passengers to download their favorite paper. Passengers can log in using their booking reference and download their preferable paper 72 hours prior to the departure time. Passengers can use the digital press for up to 6 hours after arriving at their destinations. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Lot Polish Airlines have inflight wifi?

LOT Polish Airlines have free inflight wifi on Boeing 737s aircraft that can only be used to log in to the LOT Entertainment portal.

Can I stream Netflix on LOT of Polish flights?

As LOT Polish Airlines does not have any wireless network service, you can not stream Netflix or any streaming service onboard.

Is there any paid inflight internet package on LOT Polish flights?

Currently, LOT Polish Airlines does not offer any inflight paid internet packages. 

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