An Upgraded Guide To London Heathrow Airport WiFi & Internet | LHR FREE WIFI

In this technological era, you can’t even imagine a minute without the internet. Then, how could a journey be possible to accept any internet connection? If you are flying with Heathrow airport, you need not worry about the internet.

Because London Heathrow airport, Europe’s busiest airport, provides free Wi-Fi on all premises. You can get free Wi-Fi access at Heathrow airport as long as you want.

An overview of Heathrow Airport

NameHeathrow Airport
Airport TypePublic
Wi-Fi ServiceFree
Free Wi-Fi Time LimitUnlimited
Wi-Fi ProviderBoingo
Wi-Fi Troubleshoot Helpline08081891365
Hub ForBritish Airways, Virgin Atlantic
Focus forVirginia Atlantic
ServesLondon, Berkshire, Southern Buckinghamshire, etc.
CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationHillingdon, London, England.
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter

Heathrow Airport Free Wi-fi service

Heathrow airport has four terminals in total, and an internet connection is available in every terminal. There are also internet terminals available through which passengers can use a computer desk and free internet access.

Wi-Fi service provider ‘Boingo’ enhances the free Wi-Fi experience by ensuring high-speed internet. The upload and download speeds are 100 Mbps which is good enough to surf the internet seamlessly. You can check your emails, browse websites or book Airbnb for the next destination.

How to connect to Heathrow Airport Free Wi-Fi?

To get access to the free Wi-Fi at Heathrow Airport, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to your device settings and turn on the Wi-Fi
  • Choose the network _Heathrow Wi-Fi.
  • The selected network will automatically open up an internet browser and reach you on the landing page of Heathrow Airport.
  • If the browser doesn’t open, then you have to open it manually.
  • Visit and sign in with your preferred option.
  • Now, you have to fill up the registration details and agree with the terms and condition section where it is necessary.
  • After completing the registration process, you will be connected to the free Wi-Fi network.
  • This free Wi-Fi network will work for the duration of your stay.

Special Note:

  • Heathrow airport has named the free Wi-Fi service as Family friendly Wi-Fi. They particularly provide this service for children and families. Wi-fi providers can control inappropriate content that is harmful to children. 
  • Heathrow Rewards Loyalty program offers a reward point system that enables new users to earn points and lets them enjoy cost-free super-fast internet.
  • You can find the latest updates of Heathrow Airport on the Heathrow app.
  • If you find any network error or connection-related problem on the computer, you must switch on the wireless adapters radio. In case you don’t find out, contact the multilingual support desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does Heathrow Airport have free Wi-Fi service?

Yes, Heathrow provides high-speed Wi-Fi service that is completely free.

What is the time limit for the free Wi-Fi at Heathrow Airport?

There is no time limit. The free Wi-Fi is unlimited at Heathrow Airport.

Do I need to register for the free Wi-Fi at Heathrow airport?

Yes, you have to register to get free access to Heathrow Wi-Fi.

What devices allow free access to the free Wi-Fi of Heathrow airport?

You can use a mobile phone, computer, tab, or desktop to connect to the free Wi-Fi at Heathrow airport.

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