An Ultimate Guide To LAX with Free WiFi | Los Angeles Airport WiFi

Passengers and those dropping off or welcoming travelers can enjoy free unlimited WiFi at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

LAX is a major airport in the Los Angeles municipal area. It is the fourth most used airport globally.

The LAX airport is close to the Westside & South Bay cities and is part of the Los Angeles World Airports.

An overview of LAX Airport

NameLos Angeles International Airport
Hub forAlaska Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Polar Air Cargo
United Airlines
Focus city forAllegiant Air
Southwest Airlines
WiFiyes (FREE)
WIFI providerBoingo

LAX Airport WiFi

The LAX WiFi is available all over the baggage claim areas and in the commonplaces of the eight terminals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

The California-based airport offers free and paid unlimited WiFi for passengers’ convenience. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2017 that the WiFi underwent an upgrade and now offers an average download speed of 18 Mbps, a 60% boost from its previous 11 Mbps.

Boingo Wireless is the internet service provider of the LAX airport WiFi.

About LAX Free WiFi

Free WiFi access is available to travelers and other persons passing through the airport for an unlimited number of 45-minutes sessions. At the end of each session, a short ad (15 – 30 seconds) would play before the next.

About LAX Paid WiFi

Optionally, LAX offers premium WiFi access for passengers who require a higher-speed WiFi service at additional costs. This optional service follows Boingo’s WiFi plans.

WiFi PlansPrice (in USD)
Hourly plan (Unlimited use on any four mobile devices).Different prices are based on location.
1-day pass (Unlimited use per day on any four mobile devices).$7.95.
Monthly access (Unlimited access to higher-speed Boingo hotspot for any four mobile devices).$4.98 (for the first month). $14.99 (for subsequent months).

Note that any of these plans give you worldwide access to where the Boingo hotspot is available.

In addition, T-Mobile customers can also access the premium Boingo hotspot in LAX at no cost.

How To Connect To The LAX WiFi?

Follow these steps to connect with the LAX WiFi:

  • Go to your device’s WiFi settings.
  • Toggle to switch on WiFi.
  • Choose ” _LAX Free WiFi” from the options.
  • Open your device browser.
  • On the opened page, tap on “Free Unlimited WiFi.”
  • Play a 30-second ad.
  • Start your unlimited WiFi session.

Connecting To LAX WiFi On iOS Devices

  • Open to WiFi settings from your device’s home screen.
  • Toggle to switch on WiFi.
  • Choose ” _LAX Free WiFi” from the options.
  • Open your device browser.
  • Select “Free Unlimited WiFi” on the prompted page.
  • Watch a 30-second ad.
  • Enjoy your free internet access.

Connecting To LAX WiFi On Android Devices

  • Open Android device settings.
  • Click on WiFi under the “Wireless and Networks” page.
  • Activate WiFi.
  • Choose ” _LAX Free WiFi” and join.
  • Open the device browser.
  • Tap on “Free Unlimited WiFi” on the prompted page.
  • View a 30-second ad.
  • Begin your free session.

Connecting To LAX WiFi On Windows

  • Open to Windows Control Panel.
  • Reach for “Network and Internet” and tap on it.
  • Head to “Network & sharing centre.”
  • Tap to establish a new connection/network.
  • Pick “manually connect to a wireless network.”
  • Input “_LAX Free WiFi” as the name of the network.
  • Choose WPA2-Personal as Security Type.
  • Tap “Start this connection automatically.”
  • Tap on “Next.”

Connecting To The LAX WiFi On Mac

  • Tap on the WiFi bar on the bar menu.
  • Switch on to WiFi.
  • Search and Join “_LAX Free WiFi.”
  • Open your browser to view the prompt page.
  • Watch a short ad.
  • Enjoy your WiFi.

Connecting To Boing Hotspot At LAX (For T-Mobile Customers)

  • Join the “Boingo Hotspot” after enabling WiFi.
  • Connect via the prompted page on your browser.

Other WiFi Networks At LAX

T-Mobile HotSpot

Passengers can connect to high-speed internet with their mobile devices via the T-Mobile hotspot. The hotspot is available in all common areas, from the pavement to the aircraft’s nose.

The T-Mobile HotSpot is a secure network and is available to all passengers (both subscribers and non-subscribers) for a fee.

Hourly pass – $6.00 for the first hour and 10 cents for subsequent minutes.

Daily plan – $9.99 (access to any T-Mobile hotspot).

Neptune Networks

The network owns little shops equipped with computers in all airport terminals. It is available for a fee charge.

Internet Dataport Access

Mostly found in public phone areas in terminals.

First-class & Business-class Lounges

Airlines provide free WiFi access to passengers flying first class or business class in their various lounges.

  • Fly Emirates – Emirates Lounge.
  • Qantas – Qantas First Class Lounge.
  • SkyTeam Alliance – SkyTeam Lounge.
  • OneWorld – OneWorld Business Lounge.
  • United Airlines – United Club (in Terminal 7).
  • American Airlines – Admirals Club.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does LAX Offer Free WFi?

Yes. LAX offers free WiFi to the public. You can also purchase higher-speed WiFi from Boingo.

Is LAX WiFi Limited?

No. LAX has unlimited data WiFi for 45-minutes sessions.

What Is LAX WiFi Password?

LAX WiFi requires no passwords for connecting.

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