How To Connect To John Wayne Airport WiFi | SNA Airport FREE WiFi

John Wayne airport is a well-known airport located in the Los Angeles area.  There’s have been a lot of noise regarding John Wayne airport wifi and how passengers have constantly requested high-speed internet.

And seems like the airport authority is taking those requests seriously considering the not-so-bad experience shared by many these days.

Anyone planning to spend a few hours at the airport needs all the details regarding the Wi-Fi. There is free Wifi as well as paid packages available inside the airport.

A glance at John Wayne Airport

Full nameJohn Wayne Airport (SNA)
LaunchedOn August 15, 1941
CountryUnited States of America
Owner & Operated byOrange County
Passenger10 Million+/Per year
Flight Operations301,098
Toral Runways & TerminalsTwo, Three
Total Gates22
Customer Service Contact        (949) 955-9153
Contact for Lost & Found(949) 252-5140

John Wayne Airport WiFi Details

Here’re all the necessary detail for accessing the WIFI at John Wayne Airport:

Information TypeDetail
WiFi CategoryComplimentary
Duration Limit4 Hours
PasswordNot Required
WiFi Speed5 Megabits to 20 Megabits Per Second

There is another way to use WIFI even after the Time limitation. You will have to purchase a data plan that works inside the airport after finishing the complimentary wifi session provided by the airport.

How To Connect To John Wayne Airport WiFi?

  1. You need to be located at one of the coverage areas that should be given on maps of john Wayne airport.
  2. The device you are trying to connect must be WIFI enabled as well.
  3. Turn your WIFI settings on.
  4. You want to scan for new networks and connect to the ‘JWAFREEWIFI” named WIFI.
  5. Wait until the device connects and then enjoy!

You can use the lounge wireless network after getting the password for those areas. The password can be requested from the lounge’s representative available on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does John Wayne Airport have free WiFi access for everyone?

Yes! Anyone visiting the John Wayne airport can use the free WIFI offered until they are within the internet coverage areas.

Are there charging stations available for electrical devices?

You will find both USB ports as well as electrical outlets available at the terminal called Thomas F. Riley. And those are pretty easy to access. The location is right beneath the seating. Sometimes it can be along with the seatbacks as well.

Are there workstations available?

You can use your devices with WIFI for getting done with some work by visiting the workstations that are available at the airport. You should find them in gate areas as well as terminal C. These workstations won’t cost you anything.

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