A Proven Guide To JetBlue Airways Wi-Fi & Inflight Entertainment in 2024

Currently, in-flight Wi-Fi is the trendiest technology in the aviation industry. However, providing FREE, FAST Wi-Fi onboard airplanes is among the surest ways to win over more passengers, and JetBlue Airways richly tapped into that niche with its unlimited, free, high-speed Wi-Fi – Fly-Fi.

JetBlue is one of the top airlines of the world. The operating bases of Jetblue are the following airports

About JetBlue’s Fly-Fi

JetBlue claims to be the only airline offering free, speedy in-flight Wi-Fi onboard every aircraft with gate-to-gate interconnectivity. Fly-Fi® is JetBlue’s unlimited free internet Wi-Fi service offered at high speeds. The in-flight Wi-Fi provided by Viasat offers internet services akin to ground networks.

It gives passengers accessibility to browse the internet, shop online, email, play music, text, stream videos from Netflix. Its high speed supports speedy downloading and uploading heavy data while onboard airplanes.

Business Wire reported that the airline first rolled out the in-flight internet service in 2013 on one of its fleets to test-run the service. It completed the Fly-Fi installation in 2017, offering complimentary internet service onboard its entire fleet.

Furthermore, Amazon powers the free-of-charge service onboard JetBlue, gifting passengers three TrueBlue points for each worthy dollar spent while shopping on their site onboard. The service also allows passengers to stream entertainment on Amazon Video from their mobile devices.

Service Provider Of JetBlue’s Fly-Fi

Viasat provides the in-flight connectivity, Fly-Fi, onboard JetBlue’s aircraft. The internet company uses its next-generation Ka-band satellite model to provide Wi-Fi to airplanes.

Ka-band satellite Wi-Fi provides a higher speed, approximately two times the sped of Ku-band Wi-Fi and seven times the speed of air-to-ground Wi-Fi. According to a JetBlue official, the service offers mainly what the airline requested to increase its competitive advantage.

Speed And Coverage Of The Fly-Fi Network

Los Angeles Times reported that the speed of JetBlue’s FlyFi clocks speed of 12 – 15 Mbps, according to HighSpeedInternet.com. The internet speed testing site ranked JetBlue at the top since it offers free high-speed internet Wi-Fi in 100% of its aircraft, unlike other competing airlines.

Since the airline uses Viasat’s Ka-band satellite internet model, the speed offers faster upload and download with supportive heavy data usage. It also promises increased rates, up to eight times, since Viasat is rolling out its ViaSat-3 satellites.

All flights operated by JetBlue offer in-flight Wi-Fi coverage over the contiguous U. S, though the service availability differs with aircraft model and route. The recently rebuilt Airbus A320 and A321neo airplanes offer bandwidth over almost the entire Central America and the Caribbean.

Also, the Airbus A321, operating long-range routes from the U. S to London, offers extensive coverage throughout the flight duration.

Note that weather conditions and other external factors may affect the Wi-Fi service availability during flights.

Cost Of JetBlue’s Fly-Fi

The price for JetBlue’s in-flight Wi-Fi – FlyFi is $0. You read that right. Consequently, passengers enjoy all online activities for free and at a similar speed to what is obtainable on the ground.

How To Connect To JetBlue’s Fly-Fi

Connect to the Fly-Fi network via the following steps:

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Switch ON your device’s Wi-Fi.
  • Find and tap on the “Fly-Fi” network.
  • Join the “Fly-Fi” network.
  • Go to your device’s browser.
  • Follow the login directions.
  • Enjoy your free Fly-Fi.

Features Of The Fly-Fi Network

  • Gate-to-Gate Connectivity

JetBlue’s Fly-Fi provides gate-to-gate internet service onboard every JetBlue aircraft. The gate-to-gate Fly-Fi removes the necessity to connect after reaching the peak height of 10,000 ft. Customers can email, browse, stream, blog, and shop from board time to arrival time.

Fly-Fi®, which is always fast and free, connects customers to the internet on the ground and in the skies, from boarding gate to arrival gate.

  • The Fly-Fi network offers free in-flight Wi-Fi service every hour of your flight. It covers domestic flights, North American flights, and the latest London route.
  • Fly-Fi supports the use of multiple Wi-Fi-supported devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
  • It offers unlimited Wi-Fi service, therefore no worry about running out of time.

In-flight Entertainment On JetBlue Airways

Boredom is non-existent onboard JetBlue fleets since the airline offers assorted in-flight entertainment options for passengers on all its aircraft. Each aircraft seat has touchscreens or non-touchscreens, providing a continuous entertainment experience from free movies and television shows to live television channels.

The various in-flight entertainment options include:

  • Free movies from Hollywood to other countries’ entertainment industry. Check each month’s movie offers from the movies page. Seats with touchscreens offer multiple movies on demand, while non-touchscreens provide at least three movie title options.
  • Free T. V shows: Seats having touchscreens provide on-demand full seasonal T. V shows, while T. V shows in non-touchscreens are available only via live television.
  • DirectTV: Through its LiveTV, JetBlue offers your favourite sports and shows via DirecTV at 35,000 ft. Touchscreen flights (A321s) offer up to 100 free channels, while non-touchscreen flights (E190s and A320s) provide up to 36 free television channels.
  • Similarly, flights with touchscreen-enabled T. V also include complimentary on-demand content through various partners like HBO, Disney, Fox, and SHOWTIME.
  • Amazon Entertainment: The Amazon company, responsible for the free Wi-Fi service on JetBlue aircraft, offers passengers free entertainment options on Amazon Video via the Fly-Fi network. Other in-flight entertainment services from Amazon include:
    • PressReader: Passengers enjoy more than 7,000 online magazines and newspapers for free from the comfort of their mobile devices. To access this service, download the PressReader app before your flight or while onboard to begin a free trial. You can also download and store all your favourite publications infinitely.
    • Bloomberg.com: JetBlue gives its customers complimentary, unlimited access to Bloomberg.com throughout their flights. You can enjoy nonstop world business news after connecting to the free Fly-Fi® network.
    • SiriusXM® satellite radio: Freely listen to over 100 music, sports, news, entertainment, and comedy channels on selected JetBlue aircraft. The radio station is unavailable away from the contiguous U. S.
  • JetBlue T. V offers various television programs onboard flights from partners, The  Nantucket Project, Thrillist, PureWow, Food52, Well+Good, and HouzzTV.

More About JetBlue Airways

  • JetBlue Airways is a New York-based airline operating U. S continental flights, along with the Caribbean, Central, and Latin America.
  • JetBlue operates 282 aircraft, with more on the way.
  • The air carrier is the first airline to outfit its entire seat with seat monitors.
  • DirectTV features important channels next like NBC, HGTV, ESPN, National Geographic Channel, Disney,  etc.
  • Likewise, SiriusXM radio features various channels like Radio Disney, SiriusXM Hits 1, Oprah Radio, CNBC, etc.
  • JetBlue has up to 80% of its aircraft outfitted with touchscreens per seat and is rolling out more touchscreens to cover its entire fleet.
  • JetBlue’s passengers enjoy a month’s free pass on SHOWTIME to pay $10.99/month subsequently, free download and storage of publications during flights on PressReader with added 15 downloads for $9.99/month, and free Bloomberg access during flights with subsequent payment of $1.99/month for the first four months or 35% discount off the yearly subscription.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is Fly-Fi Network?

Fly-Fi is named JetBlue’s unlimited free in-flight Wi-Fi service offered at high speeds.

Who Provides The Fly-Fi Network On JetBlue?

The Viasat company provides the Fly-Fi network onboard the entire JetBlue fleet using its next-generation Ka-band satellite technology.

What Is The Cost Of JetBlue’s Fly-Fi?

JetBlue Airways offers its Fly-Fi service free of charge to its customers.

How Fast Is JetBlue’s Fly-Fi?

JetBlue’s Fly-Fi provides speeds of 12 – 15 Mbps capable of supporting heavy data traffic onboard.


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