Icelandair Wi-Fi Guide 2024 | How To Connect Icelandair Wi-Fi?

Icelandair is a pioneer airline company of Iceland that was established in 1937. They are offering Icelandair WiFi service for their Boeing 757, 767, and 737 aircraft. You can access Icelandair’s WiFi network from the moment you get into their plane until landing.

You can stay connected to the world while being on an Icelandair plane. Enjoy a complimentary WiFi network in their Premium Class seats, and if you are a part of their Icelandair Saga Club, you can use Icelandair WiFi using your Saga Points.

Access the Icelandair WiFi network for a small fee in Economy Class. Passengers boarding in Saga Premium and Saga Premium Flex can enjoy free WiFi access for any two devices.

Icelandair WiFi At A Glance

Airline NameIcelandair
HeadquarterReykjavík, Iceland
WiFiAvailable (Paid)
WiFi ProviderRow44
Origin CountryIceland
Number Of Planes Active29
Contact Number(00) 1-800-223-5500 +354 505 0100
Social MediaFacebook 

How Do I Connect To Icelandair WiFi?

Here is how you can connect your device to Icelandair WiFi-

  • While keeping your mobile in airplane mode, activate the WiFi option from your settings.
  • In the list of available WiFi networks, you can see “Icelandair Internet Access.”
  • To connect to Icelandair WiFi, open the browser on your device and go to
  • Through this portal, you will be given instructions.
  • After following the instructions, you will be connected to Icelandair WiFi and can start browsing.

How Many Devices Does Icelandair WiFi Support?

In Economy Class, you can access Icelandair WiFi for one device. For Saga Premium, Saga Premium Flex, and Economy Flex, you get access to more devices.

How Is The Connection Speed Of Icelandair WiFi?

Icelandair WiFi connection speed depends on their aircraft. Let’s see what Icelandair WiFi offers each of their aircraft.

Boeing 737 MAXBoeing 757/767
Broadband connection speed, fast and uninterrupted3G connection speed
Browse the web, send messages and emails, and media content streamingNot applicable for media streaming, emails and messages can be exchanged
Strong Icelandair WiFi network regardless of the number of usersThe number of users may affect the Icelandair WiFi quality
Icelandair WiFi available from takeoff to landingWiFi network available from takeoff to landing

What Is The Cost Of Icelandair WiFi?

The Icelandair WiFi costs are different for their different aircraft, and their services also vary. The costs are as follows-

Boeing 737 MAX (media streaming, email, message):

From Iceland to Europe10 euro
From Iceland to North America20 euro

Boeing 757/ 767 (browsing, message):

From Iceland to Europe6 euro
From Iceland to North America12 euro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Icelandair WiFi Available on Inflight?

Yes, you can access the Icelandair WiFi network inflight from takeoff to landing.

Is Icelandair WiFi Free?

No, Icelandair WiFi is not free. However, certain memberships offer complimentary Icelandair WiFi access.

Which Aircraft Have Icelandair WiFi Network?

Icelandair WiFi is available in their Boeing 737, Boeing 757, and Boeing 757 aircraft.

Does Icelandair WiFi Have Limited Usage?

No, Icelandair WiFi has an unlimited data usage facility.

Who Is Icelandair WiFi Provider?

Row44 is the provider of Icelandair WiFi.

What Is The Name Of The Icelandair WiFi Network?

The name of the WiFi network is “Icelandair Internet Access.”

What Can Icelandair WiFi Use For?

Icelandair WiFi can be used for browsing, emails, social media, etc.

Is Icelandair WiFi Safe?

Yes, Icelandair WiFi is safe. However, it would be best if you remained extra careful while using the public network for sharing sensitive files. 

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