A Complete Guide To Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi 2024

Hainan Airlines is one of the largest airlines located in Haikou, the People’s Republic of China. Considering the fleet size, it is the fourth-largest airline in China and the tenth-largest in Asia that operates flights both internationally and domestically on 500 routes. Hainan Airline provides inflight wifi for free with a speed of nearly 500-600 Kibibits per second for downloads and 300 Kibibits per second for uploads.

We are going to note detailed information about Hainan Airlines in the table below.

NameHainan Airlines Co
HeadquarterNo. 7 Guoxing Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou, Hainan
Frequent-flyer programFortune Wings Club
Fleet Size221
Parent CompanyFangda Group
Phone Number1 888 688 8813

Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi

Alongside many different services, Hainan Airlines offers completely free in-flight Wi-Fi to its passengers. This service is provided on the 787-9 aircraft by a famous Wi-Fi provider called Gogo Air.

The customers are able to use the Wi-Fi for different purposes such as email, social media, games, and streaming various platforms. They are not restricted regarding data usage, so they have the possibility to be connected to the network for the entire flight.

As for the speed, Hainan Airlines provides Wi-fi with a speed of nearly 500-600 Kibibits per second for downloads and 300 Kibibits per second for uploads. This means that the passengers will have a pleasant experience during their flight.

How to Connet to Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi?

When you will take your seat, you will see that there is a seat pocket in front of you where the airline magazine is placed. Generally, these magazines contain detailed instructions about how to connect to Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi including their password and application.

However, if your seat pocket does not provide a magazine, then we will teach you how to connect to Wi-fi –

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your device and go to Settings
  • You will see the SSID of Hainan Airlines
  • Select Hainan Airlines to connect
  • Follow the instructions and enjoy browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hainan Airlines Provide Wi-Fi?

Yes, Hainan Airlines offers high-quality wireless service to its customers.

Is Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi Free?

Yes, Hainan Airlines Wi-fi is absolutely free and every passenger can enjoy it.

Who Is the Provider for Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi?

Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi is provided by a well-known Wi-Fi provider named Gogo Air.

How Fast Is the Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi?

The speed of Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi is approximately 500-600 Kibibits per second for downloads and 300 Kibibits per second for uploads.

Does Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi Support Netflix?

Yes, Hainan Airlines Wi-Fi supports Netflix and gives you the possibility to stream movies on your smart devices while flying.

Is There Any Restriction Regarding the Data Usage?

No, you are able to consume as much data as you wish and use Wi-Fi throughout the whole flight.

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