Frontier Carry On Size, Weight, and Fees: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

Travelling hassle-free needs you to check on more than a number of things. One would be regarding the airlines. If you have a recent flight to take with frontier airlines, one of the many popular ones, then scanning their rulings and policies comes first.

And finding the frontier carry on size should be on that list. Today let’s give you some information on rules regarding the carry on size of the frontier that you can follow for the packing plans.

So, as you can see, the requirement for carry-on bag dimension as well as its weight is specific to the airlines. Your bag should not cross 35 pounds of weight and a dimension of 16x10x24 inches (Length x Width x Height). And if you don’t follow them and it makes the luggage checkers suspicious, they might call you for checking.

Frontier Carry on Size Allowance:

The Frontier size for carrying on bag basically refers to perfectly fitting in the overhead compartment. It can also go under your seat. And that’s why you can actually bring quite different types of bags including backpacks, duffels as well as suitcases. Also, keep in mind, that the dimensions would include bag wheels, handles, and straps.

Specification of BagFrontier Carry on Size.
Height24 inches
Width10 inches
Length16 inches
Weight35 pounds

Now you could be wondering what happens if you fail to follow the dimension and weight rules specified by them. Well, you get fined! Yap, you would have to pay additional charges based on how much you cross the given dimension and weight. 

Frontier Carry on Bag Fees:

Weight, height, width, or length, no matter what you exceed, additional charges will be applicable. Also, the charges are usually added based on how many pounds you cross in terms of weight.

Typically, frontier carry-on price depends on a few more factors too. These are:

  • The route you are taking for the flight.
  • If you are booking online or through the call centre prior to the flight.
  • Premium membership with airlines.

Well, as you can see there’s quite a bit of difference depending on several situations. Now if you make the payment at the time of booking, it should cost you around 36-40 dollars.

Before 24 hours, booking online would need you to pay around 42 dollars. Quite similar when trying web check-in. However, if you do the booking by calling their call centre, the fees go down to 25 dollars.

Keep in mind:

  • You should be buying quite close to purchasing the flight-taking date to enjoy that price.
  • The more you keep it for later, the costlier it would get.
  • It can go up to 55 dollars, by the way.

If you are paying at the ticket counter of the airport, then a carry-on bag would cost you around 55 dollars. While the cost would be beneath 60 dollars in case of paying at the gate.

There is a premium membership that would allow you to enjoy free carry-on bags. That’s a treat for you to maintain a close relationship with the airlines, others do it too.

Here’s a table to refer, to for understanding the Frontier Carry on Size on different types based on what you might need to pay.

Type of Carry-on BagFee
Pre-booked Type.30-55 dollars.
Checked at Gate Type60 dollars.
Online Booking42 dollars
Web check-in43 dollars.
Call Center Booking25-55 dollars
Paid at Ticket Counter55 dollars

Other Frontier Carry on Size & Weight-Related Policies:

There are several rules on the frontier personal item and carry on bag and we felt it’s important to give you some insights on other ones too. This segment shall help.

There’s complexity with frontier carry-on size free availing, however, you can bring a few items as personal items without cost. For example, a briefcase, laptop bag, or purse. You can bring only one personal item.

There are a few items that do not fall under the carry-on allowance. These are:

  • Any type of assistive device such as strollers, restraint seats, walkers, wheelchairs, and also crutches.
  • You cannot also bring a diaper bag, umbrella, or any jacket as a carry-on.
  • Duty-free items shall also not be included.

Some seats would not have enough storage underneath. For example, the bulkhead seats. In such a case, you must put the carry-on bag following frontier size allowance on the overhead bin.

Personal Item Details:

Personal items are allowed on flights and you don’t have to pay anything for them. However,

  • You can bring only one personal item.
  • The measurement cannot exceed 8X18X14 inches (Length X Width X Height).
  • Should fit within the bag sizer’s personal item segment.
  • These include a purse, laptop bag, briefcase, kids backpack, totes, diaper bags, and so on.

Frontier Checked Bag Allowance & Fees:

Frontier would allow bags that has a weight of not more than 50 pounds. Also, measurement-wise, it should be 62 inches in total. This means the sum of that bag’s length, width and height should be within 62 inches.

The charges could be between 30-55 dollars and vary a lot, depending on:

  • If it’s paid at the airport.
  • Or the bags are pre-paid.
  • The type of fare class.
  • Flier status and frequency.
  • The route.

For most flights that are taken within the US, here’s the charge idea.

Type Of Checked BagFee RangeLength + Width + HeightWeight
1st Bag30-50 Dollars62 Inches50 lbs.
2nd Bag45 to 55 Dollars62 Inches50 lbs.
3rd & More Bags5 to 95 Dollars62 Inches50 lbs.

Special Items & Sports Equipment:

Any sporting equipment that a passenger wants to bring would have to maintain the weight limits and size. Also, it will be counted as a hold/checked bag. This list includes lacrosse equipment, fishing equipment, skis, golf bags, and hockey.

In terms of special items, it could be free as well as paid. Consider these:

  • If it’s a diaper bag, stroller, or car seat, then these are free as children’s special items.
  • You have to pay for golf equipment, snowboards, and skis are paid special items.

Firearm & Ammunition:

You can bring firearms & ammunition for US domestic flights alone and it would be checked baggage. However, you cannot do that with international flights. Also, you must be at least 18 years old to bring a firearm.

Refer to the pointers to understand the allowance.

  • Paintball guns, BB guns, handguns, compressed air guns, shotguns, and so on are allowed.
  • Needs proper packaging with a container that included a lock and has hard sides.
  • Have to sign the declaration that confirms firearms are unloaded. It shall be packed along with the checked bag.
  • With carrying ammunition, one must bring it within the original manufacturer’s packaging.
  • Can use a box made of fibre, metal, or wood with cartridges storable in separate segments.
  • Each passenger can bring not more than 4.9 kilograms.
  • Firearm and ammunition are fine to pack together.

Smart Bags Rules:

You can bring smart bags of those that are operated by the removal battery type. However, if it comes with a lithium battery that is not detachable, then those are not allowed for you to bring. Also, keep in mind:

  • Bringing it as a hand baggage item needs you to detach the battery.
  • Carry the batteries with you in the cabin while checking in.
  • Each battery needs separate packing in a plastic bag after taping terminals. This will prevent short-circuiting.

Damaged & Lost Baggage:

The airlines usually take no responsibility for a few items, which could be inside your check bags. And these are musical instruments, business documents, jewellery, money, medals, keys, accessories, and equipment for computers, paintings, and so on.  

In terms of damaged or lost bags the airline’s liability is limited within:

  • Trips covered under Montreal Convection and Warsaw convention are fine.
  • International and domestic flights.
  • Must be reported within 4 hours after the arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bag is free on Frontier?

Anyone who purchases the frontier basic fare ticket would be fine to bring one personal item for free. And this is applicable for a bag as well that does not cross the 14x18x8 inches dimension. Keep in mind this is a different matter to frontier carry on size-based allowance, it’s basically about the personal item.  

Is a backpack considered a carry-on Frontier?

Yes, backpacks are also considered a carry-on. Especially the ones that are thick and large. The same goes for suitcases or duffel bags.

How strict is Frontier with a carry-on?

Compared to other airlines, you can say that frontier is quite strict with their personal items as well as carry-on luggage rules. So, it’s best to stick with their provided guidelines when bringing carry-on luggage.

How does Frontier know if you paid for carry-on?

As soon as you make a payment for the carry-on, you’ll receive a tag for the luggage from Frontier. And that’s basically how they identify carry-ons.

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