Fiji Airways WiFi Guide 2024 | Does Fiji Airways Have WiFi?

Fiji Airways have a total of 100 different destinations in 13 different countries. If you are riding airlines with Fiji and you have worked to do, connecting to the airline Wi-Fi to access the Internet is your only solution.

While this service is not available on most flights, the new A350-900 XWB and B737 MAX-8 are the only ones with a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi isn’t complimentary but can be bought as part of a plan with different prices starting from $2.95 exclusive to the tax.

Which airline has Wi-Fi on Fiji Airways?

Fiji Airways did not have any Wi-Fi connectivity on any of their aeroplanes until a few years ago. Neither were there any paid options nor any free onboard Wi-Fi. It is only recently that they decided to install this service into two new aircraft models- A350-900 XWB and B737 MAX-8.

This service is temporarily closed since the aeroplanes are out of service due to COVID. The Wi-Fi service will be back when these two aeroplanes are reinstated.

Is there any free Wi-Fi onboard?

Fiji Wi-Fi does not provide any free Wi-Fi or any special complimentary deals for any of its passengers, with or without privileges. All the available Wi-Fi packages are paid options.

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Who is the Internet Service Provider?

Fiji Airways has employed Inmarsat, a British satellite company, to provide the Internet onboard for the Wi-Fi. Do note that Inmarsat uses a certain frequency of data transportation which blocks out any other transmissions that use that frequency.

So don’t panic if your message or mail can’t be sent. This is only a momentary problem that will not be there a second time.

Paid Wi-Fi options

Fiji Airways offers four different Wi-Fi plans that differ from each other based on the data limit and prices. However, do note that not all plans are available in all aircraft. These plans have been drawn in detail in the table below:

PlanData LimitDetailsAircraftsPricing
Text20 MBChatting through social media applications.B737 MAX-8 + A350   $ 2.95
Light web60 MBLight browsing, chatting and checking emails.B737 MAX-8 + A350$ 7.95
Standard web120 MBHeavily Surfing the web, access social networks, emailB737 MAX-8 + A350$ 14.95
Web plus200 MBLight streaming, downloads, browsing, and chatting on social media and emailsA350 only$ 24.95

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How To Use Airways WiFi: Optimization of WiFi

As you might have noticed already, the data limit for the plans is quite limited. So if you want to get the best experience out of your limited data, you must optimize your usage. Do remember what you should not do with this Wi-Fi since this will only drain the data faster:

  • Do not stream videos that have a too high resolution.
  • Do not update or download large applications.
  • Do not play online games.
  • Do not access your cloud storage.
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How to connect to Fiji Wi-Fi?

The step-by-step procedure to connect to the onboard Wi-Fi is as follows:

  1. Enable flight mode.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi setting and connect to the Wi-Fi network by inputting the SSID.
  3. Launch your internet browser and enter the web page.
  4. Purchase the internet that you will need and follow the instructions to sign in.


Is Fiji airways onboard WiFi Free?

None of the aeroplanes under Fiji Airways offer any free Wi-Fi. All available Wi-Fi offers must be purchased to be used.

Is Wi-Fi free onboard Fiji Airways?

Yes, you can use Zoom from the onboard Wi-Fi and attend any meetings or conferences.

How many devices can you connect to using the same sign-in credentials?

As long as you have not reached the data limit, you can connect as many devices as you want using the same credentials.

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